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Depois disto delete esta mensagem recebida
e, se possivel, bloqueie o safado golpista

I am Mrs. Janet Yaradua
JANET YARADUA - jyaradua@yahoo.com.ph
Dear Good day!

I am Mrs. Janet Yaradua, the second wife of the late President

Musa Yaradua: "I am currently in the United States of America,

I'm looking for a good reliable person in your country people

like you that will In particular assists and help me pass this

very fund of $9.5 million of my money from Nigeria to your

country, this money was deposited with the zenith Bank of

Nigeria Lagos when my late husband had been in power in 2010.My

late husband died of cancer, and the world knew about it, and

this money is my last hope in my life to take care of my four

little children left behind by my late husband, Mr.yaradua,as

soon as you reply to me, all the documents that were used for

the deposit of the fund with zenith bank will be change in Your

name and favor. and as soon as the fund gets to you I would like

you to advice me on what business to invest my fund under your

help  or any country in which you want i offer you 40% for

assisting me in transfer of the fund to your account of th!
 e total a
mount for assisting me in transferring this fund into your

nominated account. I want you to send me the full information

about your bank address so that we can start a bank transfer.

complete Col um below

(1) Your full name
(2) your full address and your country.
(3) Your age
(4) Your occupation
(5) Your phone number and phone for easy contact.
(6) Your bank account where the fund will be connected to
(7) the name of your company or your name business

Ms. Janet Yaradua

email me back to my direct response to: jyaradua@yahoo.com.ph
You can vie burial of my late husband



offre d'investissement et de partenariat
ATOGAN MARCEL - atogan.marcel@gmail.com


 Je suis investisseur privé basé à Cotonou (République du Bénin)

Afrique de l'Ouest.

J'ai l'ambition légitime d'investir dans tous les domaines

et dans les pays économiquement et politiquement stables et dont

lois et les règlements protègent et sécurisent les investisseurs
étrangers c'est pour toutes ces considérations que je viens
respectueusement solliciter votre franche et sincère

dans le cadre de toutes activités rentables du secteur privé.

Accepteriez-vous ma collaboration dont je vous offre

Avez-vous des recommandations à me faire ? Je suis dès lors

disposé à
financer toute entreprise privée répondant à des critères

suivants :

-1 Le placement de mes fonds en activité bénéfique
-2 la sauvegarde d'un commun profit
-3 si ces critères ci- dessus énumérés rencontrent votre

parfaite et
sincère adhésion, je serai ravi de connaître sans délai votre
Informations relatives à ses activités, ses expériences
professionnelles éventuelles en matière d'affaires.

Pour plus d'amples de compréhension, veuillez bien me donner

numéro de téléphone direct dans votre réponse  sur mon adresse

atogan.marcel@gmail.com afin de pouvoir vous

Dans l'espoir dune suite attrayante, je vous prie de croire
l'expression de mes sentiments profonds. Gratitude à travers une
parfaite et sincère collaboration.


- Return-Path: - nilcosme@linux.nrserver9.net

Job Offer
Alex Michael kensington_hotel@london.com

Good day , After thoughtful consideration we have come to the

decision of recruiting more manpower to our company as we have

more vacancies available to be filled up .We require the

services of devoted and hardworking workers, who are ready to

relocate to London and to work at The Kensington Hotel from

after undergoing enlistment training in current job

opportunities at our 5 star hotel, as the management intends to

increase its man power base due to an increase in the number of

customers. Employment Type: Full Time Basic Monthly Salary:

£2,500GBP - £6,000GBP depending on level of experience and

position being offered. Available Positions are; Conference &

Banqueting Operations Manager, Food & Beverage Team Manager,

Account Manager, Cashier, Bartender, Assistant Manager of Front

Office, Receptionist, Guest Relation Assistant, Room Attendant,

Foreign/International Language Interpreter, Marketing Assistant

Manager, Cafe Attendant/Manager, Computer Operator, Internet

Service Expert & Casino Dealer. The Hotel Management would be

responsible to cover the expenses for your Flight Ticket. All

other information about benefits & accommodation would be given

when your application has been received. Interested candidates

should kindly send his/her CV/Resume via email to The Kensington

Hotel.( Kensington_hotel@london.com) Best Regards, ALEX MICHAEL

Human Resource Manager The Millbridge 50 Beeston Street, London

SW1W 0JW Telephone:+447012904339 Email:


Bailey Carter - baileycarter@hotmail.com
Compliments of the day,

My company asked me to make inquiries about the purchase of your

company’s product. I wish to know the originality of this

product because we are aware that there are fake products also.

So we want to know how genuine this product is and its warranty,

as we wish to make large amount of purchase of this product.

We are looking forward to hear from you.


Mrs Bailey Carter.

Marketing & General Manager.

Mekcop, Gram & Bameh Universal Ltd.

5575 Mitchell Avenue, Riverside

California 92505

United States

Tel: +1 409 234 6296
responder para - muhamadmateenamin@yahoo.es

Mateen Amin - maxim808@sage.ocn.ne.jp

Dear Sir/Madam,

I write to you based on a request by an investor and his need

for investment/funding in your country. My name is Muhamad

Mateen , a financial consultant with with a reputable financial

services firm here in United Arab Emirates.

My company most times represents the interests of very wealthy

investors.  Due to the Sensitivity of the position they hold in

their society and the unstable investment environment of their

country, they evacuate majority of their funds into more stable

economies and developed nations where they can get good yield

for their money.

A  reserved Client, whom I had personally worked with a few

years ago with a proposal, recently approached me. What he

request is an individual such as yourself, who will be willing

to receive money on his behalf abroad, and put it to good use

for a period not exceeding 6 years for a start.

The client has offered these terms:

1. 5% commission paid to me and my foreign partner of the total

funds successfully evacuated. The funds in question  is about   

$160 Million US Dollars.

2. The funds will be used by the foreign partner for six years

as a loan without any interest. That is, you do not pay         

 any interest on the money but you give the client 50% of all

profits after tax that accrued from the use of the funds.

If these terms are agreeable to you, kindly let me know and I

will provide you with all necessary information and procedures

involved. All reply should be sent to this Email: for urgent


Sincerely yours,

Muhamad Mateen Amin

Consultant Officer

PS* The client is willing to make available the fund to your

possession and in your

country within 14days of confirmation of your capabilities.
 RESPONDER PARA - wum.toff@yahoo.fr

Good day
REV DR.JOHN RACE - simone.basegio@alice.it

Dear Valued Customer,

This is Albert Alfred Alson MD of the Western Union department

and we have
sent your first installment payment today according to the

instructions of the

**Enlisted  is the info for your payments**
1. https://wumt.westernunion.com/asp/orderStatus.asp?

country=BJ2. Sender....
Edwin Manafa
3. Amount ...$5,000 USD
4. MTCN....6941311961 (Available)

Meanwhile; You can not cash the $5,000 now, contact
us on (wum.toff@yahoo.fr) for update on how to cash it

immediately through any
nearest Western Union around you.

Meanwhile below is the details of the information needed from

you for
Name, Age, telephone, Country, occupation, passport .

Best Regard,

+229 -68877517

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: LOAN DEPARTMENT OFFFER <pizzaiola@singnet.com.sg>
Date: 2013/6/28
To: loanoffer@gmail.com

Turgut Özal Bulvari 17.Cd.No.87
Phone: +90863477864

We are a fully registered loan agaency, we give out loans to all

in need of help
across the globe. Our loan takes a maximum of 1 working days to

get to approved
to customers across the globe. We offer lowest interest rate 3%

and its fixed
with best match loan including loans for applicants with

impaired or bad
credit, Pay off existing debts, reduce your monthly outgoings by

any existing personal loans and credit card debts. Our offer

loan amount ranging
from $2,000.00 to a maximum of $(500,000,00)only united state

America dollar acepted

Please fill in the short form below

Full Name:
Amount to borrow:
Loan Duration:
Purpose of Loan:
Country of Residence:
Mobile No:

In acknowledgment to these details,We will send you a well

Terms and Conditions which will include the agreement.

Mr.grey johnson
Investment opportunity

JERRY EDWARD - jerryedward23@gmail.com

07:38 (3 horas atrás)
para Cco:mim
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I am seeking an investment opportunity around the globe.Do you

any investment idea worthy for investment purpose?Please respond

to me
for discussion.

Waiting for your response,


web_bbclottery.claim@libero.it - web_bbclottery.claim@libero.it


bbc.doc    bbc.doc
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newoffice2013a42013@libero.it - newoffice2013a42013@libero.it

nok.doc    nok.doc
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Votre Facture Sur internet

SFR  - webmail@home.pl  

Votre conseiller sfr


Votre Espace Client espace Client
RESPONDER PARA - wwesternu_nionmotransfer11@hotmail.com

Contact the Western Union Agent to transfer your MTCN fund


Your 2 payment $5000/$5000 each was sent to you today out of

your total $2.5 Million through western union and this is the

information to pick it up, Test Question--In God? answer-We

Trust,Amount-$5,000,00,Mtcn--6850395616 / Mtcn--056-939-7621/

Senders Name;Ani Mike, you can also track it through western

union WEBSITE;


However, contact Patrick Jean Morris, with total sum of

$57,00,to use it retrieve your MTCN before post the payment to

you, here on his email:( wwesternu_nionmotransfer11@hotmail.com

) Or call him immediately on this phone (+)229-98-277331 for him

to post you information upon send them $57,00,moreover,remember

also to forward him your full details information such as your

address and phone number for them to channel your payment in

your western union area code. Best Regards

Mrs John Green.

You Won £500,000.00 From BMW Send Details to DIRECT


Dale Boudreaux - dboudreaux@ochsner.org

Dale G. Boudreaux, R.Ph.,M.S.
Assistant Director of Pharmacy
Ochsner Clinic Foundation

para esther_3jomkoma

From Miss Esther Jomkoma
Abidjan Cote de Ivoire
West Africa

Dearest one.

Good day and how are you, together with your family?

I am writing this mail to you with tears and sorrow from my

heart. With due respect trust and humanity, I know this mail

will come to you as a surprise since we haven't known or come

across each other before, considering the fact that I sourced

your email contact through the Internet in search of trusted

person who can be trusted and assist us.

I am Miss Esther with my younger brother Jones Jomkoma. We are

orphans, being that we lost our parents during the political

crises in this country in the year 2010. The war has just

started again, the whole World knows about this news. Of which

you can bear me witness if you have been listening to BBC, CNN,

CBS, FRANCE 24 and AFRICA 24, on international news about


Our father was a serving director general of SOTRA transports

Cooperation until his death, a government owned transportation

in the city of Abidjan, Ivory Coast.

He was assassinated by the rebel during the political crises in

my country. Before his death on December 2010, he called me and

informed me that he has the sum of Twelve Million, five hundred

thousand dollars.
($12 , 500,000.00) left in one of the security centers here in

the country. He further told me that he deposited the money at

the security centre using my names and address as his next of

kin and ben eficiary to the money. He also gave me all the

necessary but legal documents that cover this fund at the

security center

I am a university undergraduate and really don't know what to

do, because since the death of our father my brother and I

stopped schooling for security reasons.

Now I want an account overseas where I can transfer this funds

and after the transaction I and my younger brother will come and

reside permanently in your country till such a time that it will

be convenient for us to handle the investment by ourselves if I

so desire.

This is because our lives are in danger with the killings here

and there in the city of Abidjan every blessed day, and we have

suffered a lot of setbacks as a result of incessant political

crisis her e in Ivory Coast.

The death of our father actually brought sorrow to our lives. I

also want to invest the fund under your care because we our

ignorant of business world.

I am in a sincere desire of your humble assistance in this

regards. Your suggestions and ideas will be highly regarded.

Now permit me to ask these few questions:

1. Can you honestly help us from your heart?

2. Can I completely trust you?

3.What percentage of the total amount in question will be good

for you after the money is in your account through your


Please, consider this and get back to me as soon as possible,

Immediately I confirm your willingness, I will send to you in

detail of the whole information about the fund.

Kind Regards,
Miss Esther Jomkoma
responder para - tapiag1@yahoo.com

Apostolic Greetings From Mrs.Grace Tapia
Mrs Grace Tapia gracetapia0@yahoo.co.jp

Apostolic Greetings From Mrs.Grace Tapia

My Beloved,Endeavor to use the Fund as i stated herein!!!

With due Respect and Humanity I write to donate and hand over

this fund to you for orphanages and widows / less privileged and

propagate the gospel of God(US$5.8M) Five million eight hundred

thousand dollars deposited in a security firm in Cote d'Ivoire

by my late husband. I,Mrs.Grace Tapia, actress, 73 years old

without a child, married to late Engr.Ramsey Tapia from Israel

who worked with Oil company(PETROCI) Cote d'Ivoire before he

died in the year 2009 after a Cardiac Arteries Operation,

presently my doctor said I will not last for three months due to

terminal brain cancer, So you are requested to send your full

information such as:


Please always remember me in your daily prayers and assure me

that you will act accordingly as I have Stated herein.

Thanks and waiting your quick response.

God bless us,

Mrs Grace Tapia.

COCA COLA COMPANY UK® - ukcocacola_claimdept@hotmail.co.uk
PO Box 1010, Liverpool
L70 1NL, United Kingdom,


Dear Lucky Winner,

This is to inform you that you have won a prize money of

£500,000.00( Five Hundred Thousand Pounds) for the Yearly Coca-

Cola Lottery promotion United Kingdom which is organized by

Coca-Cola in conjunction with Chevron Texaco Oil and Gas

Company, "Your Email Address" were selected through a computer

ballot system drawn from Nine hundred thousand email from

Canada, Australia, United States, Asia, Europe, Middle East,

Africa and Oceanic as part of our international promotions

program which is conducted annually, we have only selected 20

people as our winners, through electronic ballot System without

the winner applying.

These are your identification numbers:
Ticket Number: 011425896/2013
Serial Number: 3872/506
Lucky Numbers:7/4/88/28/01/40



1. Full name: ................................................
2. Address: ...................................................
3. Sex: ......................................................
4. Age: ......................................................
5. Telephone Number: .........................................
6. Occupation: ...............................................
7. State: .....................................................
8. Country: ..................................................

To file for your claim, please fill and submit your verification

form to our Foreign Service manager immediately via email.

Dr. Smith Anderson
Foreign Service Manager
Coca-Cola Lottery (Pty) Ltd.
Tel: +44-7010083021, +44-7010052496
Email: ukcocacola_claimdept@hotmail.co.uk

I want to Congratulate You In Advance and Please Do Not Forget

to Help the Poor in the Society When Coca-Cola Makes You a

Beneficiary Of their World of Wealth.

Congratulations once again on your winnings!!!

Yours Faithfully,

Dr. Robert Wilson
For the Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
Coca-Cola Lottery Company
(sin asunto)

John P. Goldman - secyt@formosa.gov.ar
 I am barrister and as such I am current disposed £15,000,000.00

Fifteen Million Great Britain pounds Sterlings) belonging to a

late client
of mine who died since 2005 without a surviving beneficiary. I

need your
partnership in procurement as the legal owner for investment.

shall be shared between us 50% each (equally) Reply for details,

as it is a
100% legal.

John P. Goldman (Investment Attorney)
Please Call +44 702 409 0820 (office)
My Dear,

Mr.Anthony Pezza. - mmiliakwa@cantv.net
My Dear,

I have deposited the check as we agreed with western Union. All

you have to do is to contact them at E-mail

they will give you direction on how you will be receiving the

funds daily.

My agreement with them is 5,000 USD two time daily until the

whole of US$1.8M is transferred. You are not expected to pay for

the transfer charge as that will bemusement deducted from the

funds once the remittance is done.

The only fee you will send to them before the transfer is US$95

for paper work and remittance.

E-mail them with above address, the Contact western Union now:


contact person is Mr Anthony Pezza with phone number:- +229-

9948-6992 E-mail: moneytransfer118@wss-id.org
 Do you need a loan to clear your debts/bills, View your

Services Loans - richarson@cantv.net

OUR OFFER@ MF..doc    OUR OFFER@ MF..doc
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Hilton Hotel Employment Job In UK

hiltonhotelpole@adinet.com.uy <
Hilton Hotel Employment Job In UK.

I am Mrs Elaine Mary Hayes the manager of Hilton Hotel London, I

wish to inform
you about the current job vacancies in our hotel.The Hotel needs

workers to
fill in different categories of job openings. The Hotel

management will take
care of your air ticket, feeding and accommodation in the Hotel

you will take care of your processing visa,If you have

interest,contact us back
with your C.V. via E-mail: hiltonhotelvacancyjob@yahoo.co.uk

Mrs Elaine Mary Hayes
  responder para - edgarpetervan@gmail.com

charity organizations of fourteen million dollars ($14m)

As you read this, I don't want you to feel sorry for me,

because, I believe everyone will die someday. My name is Peter

Van Edgar, a merchant in Dubai, in the U.A.E.I have been

diagnosed with Esophageal Cancer which was discovered very late,

due to my laxity in carrying for my health. It has defiled all

forms of medicine, and right now I have only about a few months

to live, according to medical experts.

I have not particularly lived my life so well, as I never really

cared for anyone not even myself but my business. Though I am

very rich, I was never generous, I was always hostile to people

and only focus on my business as that was the only thing I cared

for. But now I regret all this as I now know that there is more

to life than just wanting to have or make all the money in the

world. I believe when God gives me a second chance to come to

this world I would live my life a different way from how I have

lived it.Now that God ! has called me, I have willed and given

most of my properties and assets to my immediate and extended

family members and as well as a few close friends. I want God to

be merciful to me and accept my soul and so, I have decided to

give arms to charity organizations and give succour and confort

to the less priviledged in our societies, as I want this to be

one of the last good deeds I do on earth.

So far, I have distributed money to some charity organizations

in the U.A.E, Algeria and Malaysia. Now that my healthhas

deteriorated so badly, I cannot do this my self anymore. I once

asked members of my family to close one of my accounts and

distribute the money which I have there to charity organization

and to the less priviledged in Bulgaria and Pakistan, they

refused and kept the money to themselves. Hence, I do not trust

them anymore, as they seem not to be contended with what I have

left for them.

The last of my money which no one knows of is the huge cash

deposit of fourteen million dollars($14m) that I have with a

Security Company in Europe for safe keeping. I will want you to

help me collect this deposit and disburse it to some charity

organizations and to the less priviledged.

N/B:Kindly note that  35% of this funds must go to victims of

Tsunami, Hurricane Katrina , Hurricane Wilma and South Asia

Earthquake ,50% to other Charity Organizations around the World

and 15%  for your effort and time.

I cannot talk much on the phone due to my health situation, as I

am using my Lap Top Computer to communicate with you. You should

respond to this e-mail edgarpetervan@gmail.com  if you are

interested in carrying out this assignment on my behalf.
Please send me a mail to indicate if you will assist me in this

disbursement. I await to hear from you, may God be with you and

your entire family.
Remain Blessed, Peter Van Edgar.
e-mail ; edgarpetervan@gmail.com


James Clark Chambers - james_clark61@yahoo.co.uk

Hello, I am James Clark - Senior Attorney From James Clark

Chambers here in south Africa and United Kingdom.I got your

contact through Public Sector Information. There is a

possibility that you maybe related to our late client Mr Thomas

Stephane, a national from your country whom this chambers owes a

legal obligation.If you are not, I may still be able to work out

modalities for transferring his estates still under custody of

this chambers and funds still deposited in Amsterdam - The

Netherlands and London United Kingdom in your name as

beneficiary so all heredity may be in your favor. If you can

stand as beneficiary,I will pronounce you as the legal

beneficiary and process change of ownership status to enable the

funds and estates be transferred to your name.
The detailed total amount in deposit and estates cannot be

stated in this mail until you will provide a more direct means

of communicating by either fax or phone so we can be sure to go

into the claims arrangement.I want to insist that I transact

with you directly, so do provide your number and I shall call

you immediately I receive your response and provide you with the


I expect you to indicate your interest in going further .PLEASE

Yours Sincerely,
James Clark
RESPONDER PARA - ronbalsley@aol.com

 H. Kupari <lyndylynk@aol.com>



GET BACK ON.EMAIL:douglasmr.paul552@yahoo.com.hk


H. Kupari

DIRECTION CIC -farmacia.lombardi@alice.it

Ce message vous a été adressé par le service d'information d'une

grande entreprise dénommée CIC «Citoyenneté Immigration Canada »

récemment inaugurée au Canada, elle est dotée de beaucoup de

service flambant neuf. Mais avant que nous démarrions nos

activités, nous avons besoin de  personnels. Nous avions fait

une réunion et le conseil a décidé d'offrir cette opportunité à

plusieurs personnes sans distinction de race, de 
nationalité, ni de sexe de part le monde.
Pour plus d'information veuillez vous adressez à la direction

générale à l'adresse suivante: bureaudirectioncic@yahoo.ca  

tout en précisant votre Nom, Prénom, pays de résidence .
Merci et franche collaboration
RESPONDER PARA - mrmathewthompson@admin.in.th

CALL ME +229 96358358
Mr. Ban Ki-moon - officeoffice22@cantv.net

We have been having a meetings for the past (6) months United

Nations Office have agreed to Compensate you with sum of

$980,000.00 and the fund have been arrange through MasterCard

ATM which is the latest instruction from Mr. Ban Ki-moon UN

Secretary General
Therefore be advice to contact our representative Mr. Mathew

Thompson for the shipping of your MasterCard ATM kindly forward

your full delivery details to him:
Email: (mrmathewthompson@admin.in.th) +229 96358358

1 Full Name:....
2 Country:.....
3 Delivery Address:......
4 Telephone.....
5 Your Age....

Thanks H.E. Mr. Jan Eliasson
CC: Jim Yong Kim World Bank president
CC: Mr. Ban Ki-moon UN Secretary General

Marie Brigitte Prouvost - tamara.kaskova@alice.it

Je me nomme Marie Brigitte Prouvost originaire de la France,

hospitalisée dans
un hôpital ici a Londres suite a une maladie incurable laquelle

mon médecin ma
dit si je croie en Dieu
je serais peut être sauvé. Je souffre de la tumeur du cerveau

qui se traite
depuis plus de 7 mois aujourd’hui.
Je ne comprends plus rien de ma vie. Cela vous semblera un peu

suspect. Je suis
veuve et je n'ai pas d'enfant.
Je recherche un âme frère et âme sœur a qui je peut confié tout

mes biens.Pour
qu'il a y aider les orphelins et aux sans abri.
J'ai en ce moment dans une mallette,une somme de (1.500.000 € )

que j'ai déposé
C'est un don de Dieu que je vous fais et sans rien vous demander

en retour.
Émail : (brigitte-prouvost@laposte.net)

charity organizations of fourteen million dollars ($14m)

As you read this, I don't want you to feel sorry for me,

because, I believe everyone will die someday. My name is Peter

Van Edgar, a merchant in Dubai, in the U.A.E.I have been

diagnosed with Esophageal Cancer which was discovered very late,

due to my laxity in carrying for my health. It has defiled all

forms of medicine, and right now I have only about a few months

to live, according to medical experts.

I have not particularly lived my life so well, as I never really

cared for anyone not even myself but my business. Though I am

very rich, I was never generous, I was always hostile to people

and only focus on my business as that was the only thing I cared

for. But now I regret all this as I now know that there is more

to life than just wanting to have or make all the money in the

world. I believe when God gives me a second chance to come to

this world I would live my life a different way from how I have

lived it.Now that God ! has called me, I have willed and given

most of my properties and assets to my immediate and extended

family members and as well as a few close friends. I want God to

be merciful to me and accept my soul and so, I have decided to

give arms to charity organizations and give succour and confort

to the less priviledged in our societies, as I want this to be

one of the last good deeds I do on earth.

So far, I have distributed money to some charity organizations

in the U.A.E, Algeria and Malaysia. Now that my healthhas

deteriorated so badly, I cannot do this my self anymore. I once

asked members of my family to close one of my accounts and

distribute the money which I have there to charity organization

and to the less priviledged in Bulgaria and Pakistan, they

refused and kept the money to themselves. Hence, I do not trust

them anymore, as they seem not to be contended with what I have

left for them.

The last of my money which no one knows of is the huge cash

deposit of fourteen million dollars($14m) that I have with a

Security Company in Europe for safe keeping. I will want you to

help me collect this deposit and disburse it to some charity

organizations and to the less priviledged.

N/B:Kindly note that  35% of this funds must go to victims of

Tsunami, Hurricane Katrina , Hurricane Wilma and South Asia

Earthquake ,50% to other Charity Organizations around the World

and 15%  for your effort and time.

I cannot talk much on the phone due to my health situation, as I

am using my Lap Top Computer to communicate with you. You should

respond to this e-mail edgarpetervan@gmail.com  if you are

interested in carrying out this assignment on my behalf.
Please send me a mail to indicate if you will assist me in this

disbursement. I await to hear from you, may God be with you and

your entire family.
Remain Blessed, Peter Van Edgar.
e-mail ; edgarpetervan@gmail.com


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connu le vrai bonheur, celui du mariage avec un Canadien qui

travaillait aussi dans ce pays.

Malheureusement nous n'avons pas eu la chance d'avoir d'enfants.

Après six (06) années de vie commune, mon époux a perdu la vie

suite a une longue maladie. Ainsi je suis restée à nouveau seule

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My Dearest,

My name is Christy Walton, a widow and businesswoman, an

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treatment. Expert diagnosis has shown that I have few months to


The intention of this email is to employ the expertise of a

Charity minded individual, who can identify a viable and

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To prevent any more mishaps, my attorney will act as a check,

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Dear Friend,
Greetings to you and your family.

My name is Mrs Monate Adama, the current Chief Auditor of a

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I have a transaction worth of 12.5 Million U.S dollars for

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Further details about the fund, its source and the

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Thanks and Regards,

Mrs Monate Adama.
Asalaam Alaikum


Asalaam Alaikum

I am Mrs Abeedah Ahmed from switzerland I am married to Late

Mr.Mustafa Ahmed who is a wealthy business man here in London uk

we were married for 14 years with out a child before he died

after a brief illness

Before his surden death we where devoted muslim When my late

husband was alive he deposited the sum of three Million uk

pounds (£ in one of the prime bank here in london

Presently this money is still with the Bank,

and i am very sick from cancer and fibroid that i may not last

till the next two months according to my doctor so i decided to

donate this money to a muslim individual who will use it to work

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and i have choosen you after going through y our profile.

I want this money to be as i have said since i do not have any

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belivers and i don't want our hard earn money to be used by


the reason for taking this bold decision. I know that after

death I will be with Allah the most holy and the most merciful

as soon as i read from you i will give you more details on how

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i need your urgent respone as i dont know what tomorrow will


Your Sister
Mrs Abeedah Ahmed.



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I am Mr.Micheal Driver board of members and executives in

American Libyan
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hand to hand
with the late son of late President Muammar Gaddafi of Libya. My

profile stated to you here is for your confirmation before

interest for your record purposes and of whom you are about

dealing with.

Both of us shared a Private account where I do move funds around

for him
with some security company's in Asia continent of his choice.

Some of
different fund amounting to the worth of $110.500, 000. (One

hundred and
Ten Million Five Hundred US Dollars) for investment without any
beneficiary or identification of the principal was pended in

security Institution waiting for claim.

Sir, because of my serious health condition of Leukemia and some

reason around me, I cannot be able to move around to move the

fund for an
investment, I decided to ask for your assistance for the claim

of the fund
since one of the institution where an amount of 10m.dollars was

has asked me to provide for a beneficiary for the fund before

they will
get it confiscated without no trace.

If you can assist me in this transaction by receiving the badge
10m.dollars as the beneficiary, I will compensate you with 30%

of the
total amount and you will also get benefit from the investment.

More details will be sending to you when I receive your interest


Please for the good interest of this transaction to go well, you

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Thanks and best regards,

Micheal Driver

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Permettez-moi de vous informer de mon désir d'entrée dans un

rapport d'affaires avec vous.J'ai priée pendant plusieurs jours

et après cela j'ai choisi de vous contacter
parmis plusieurs autres personnes.Je pense que vous êtes digne

de la recommandation de ma prière, donc une personne honorable

de confiance avec qui
je peux faire des affaires. Ainsi je n'ai aucune hésitation à me

fier à vous pour des affaires simples et sincères.

Je suis FARIDA AZEEZ et DEVIS AZEEZ mon petit frere enfants

unique de nos défunts parents Mr.et Mme HAMSON AZEEZ. Mon père

était un négociant de cacao et exploitant d'or à Abidjan la

capital économique de la Côte d'Ivoire, mon père a été

empoisonné à la pénurie par ses associés d'affaires au cours de

l'un de leurs voyages d'affaires.

Ma mère est morte quand j'étais tout petit et depuislors mon

père m'a pris en charge.  Avant la mort de mon père en novembre

2006 dans un hô pital privé d'Abidjan, il m'a
secrètement appelé à côté de son lit et m'a indiqué qu'il a la

somme de douze millions cinq cents mille dollars americains USD

($12,500.000) dans une compagnie de sécurité
ici à Abidjan, et qu'il avait utilisé mon nom en tant que sa

seule fille et benéficiaire de ces fonds pendant qu'il les

déposait dans cette compagnie de sécurité.

Il m’a également expliqué que c'était en raison de cette

richesse qu'il a été empoisonné par ses associés d'affaires. Il

à aussi souhaité que je cherche un associé
étranger dans un pays de mon choix où je transférerai cet argent

et l'emploierai dans des investissements tel que la gestion de

biens immobiliers ou la gestion d'hôtels.

Monsieur, je demande honorablement votre aide de la manière

(1) Pour me fournir un compte bancaire sur lequel transférer cet


(2) Pour servir de gardien de ces fonds puisque j’ai seul e ment

22 ans.

(3) Pour m’aider à immigré dans votre pays avec une
attestation de résidence afin que je puisse poursuivre mes

études. Ainsi dit,  je suis disposé à vous offrir 15% de mon

héritage en compensation pour votre effort après le
retrait de ces fonds de la sécurité compagnie et son transfert

dans votre compte bancaire.

En outre, vous indiquez vos options pour m'aider sachant que

pour moi, j’ai la foi que cette transaction peut se faire le

plus vite possible. J’aimerai avoir votre point de vue sur cette

question et cela selon votre disponibilité.Vous pourrez me

joindre dès réception du présent message a mon


Merci , et que Dieu vous bénisse.
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MarDr. Jimk. - renaldo.henry@gmail.com

Dear Good Friend happy new year with good news,

I'm happy to inform you that I have succeeded in getting thunder

coopere fund transferredation of a new partner from Japan, right

now I'm in Japan for investment purpose but I have already

obtained an irrevocable payment guarantee for your compensation

through UBA BANK New ATM CARD system which you can use to

withdraw your compensation $6.4m in any ATM Machine around your


Therefore, contact the accountant Manager with your full contact

information such as bellow.

Forward the above information to Mr. Douglas Andrew with his

private E-mail as bellow (mikejackson292@yahoo.com then let me

know once you receive your ATM package.
May God establish you with this little compensation in Jesus

name Amen

You’re sincerely,
my MarDr. Jimk.
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I have decided to WILL/donate the sum of $17,250,000 to you for

the poor.‏
Mrs Patricia Botin - mrspatrica44@outlook.com

Hello Dear,

Though this medium internet has been greatly abused, but I chose

reach you through it because it still remains the fastest medium

communication .However, this correspondent is unofficial and

Please give me this little chance to explain myself to you, I

have like to meet you face to face before departing from this

earth but my illness continue to deprive the chance, but I know

I am
strong even if I die on the process of this operation I will

praise ALMIGHTY.

My name is Mrs. Patricia Botin I am a dying woman and i decided

donate what I have to you which is to be used to assist poor

and charity homes. I am 60 years old and I was diagnosed for

for about 2 years ago, immediately after the death of my

husband, who
has left me everything he worked for and because the doctors

told me I
will not live longer than some weeks because of my health, I

to WILL/donate the sum of $17,250,000(Seventeen  million two

and fifty thousand dollars) to you for the good work of the

lord, and
also to help the motherless and less privilege and also for the
assistance of the widows in general.

I wish you all the best and may the good Lord bless you

and please use the funds well and always extend the good work to
others should encase I did not survive this major operation I am

to go through now, but all I need now is prayers.

I will like you to Contact my lawyer for all the assistance you

to get this money transferred to you. (Bar John Edward, E-mail:
barrjohnedward12@gmail.com) with his specified contact and let

knows all I just said about this money, ($17,250,000.00)

although he
is aware of my intention. Please send him all the below

for easy communication.

Your full name...........

Your mobile number............

Your age.......................

Your sex...........................

Your identification proof ....................

Your occupation....................

Your country and city.......................

NB: I will appreciate your utmost confidentiality and trust in

matter to accomplish my heart desire, as I don't want anything

will jeopardize my last wish.

Thanks and God bless.

From Mrs. Patricia.
RESPONDER PARA - mr.diagodani@yahoo.com


Mr.Diago Dani. ohtabrown03@gmail.com

Dear Friend,

                  How are you today with your family, Hope all

is well? Please, It's my great pleasure to contact you today. I

am Mr.Diago Dani from Burkina-Faso.

I know that this message will come to you at uttermost surprise.

Please, I want to transfer the sum of (US$10.5M) into your bank

account. The money belongs to one of our deceased costumer who

died with his entire family in Iraq war 2006. Since his death no

body has ever come for the claim of his abandoned fund.

This business is 100% risk free. Your share will be 40% while

60% for me.
More details will be forwarded to you immediately I receive your

urgent response.

If interested, kindly forward the following informations:

1) Your Full Name................................
2) Your Private Telephone No..............
3) Your Home Address..........................
4) Your Receiving Country........................
5) Your Age.................................................
6) Your Occupation......................................

Thank you for your anticipated co-operation.

Yours Sincerely,
Mr.Diago Dani.
RESPONDER PARA -reinechervalier@yahoo.fr

De la part du Mme Reine Chervalier
Reine Chervalier - us.sebinia@alice.it

Je suis REINE CHERVALIER de nationalité Française.
J’ai pu avoir votre adresse mail grâce a mon Robot électronique

sécurisé de
mon Ordinateur PC.WC.8AR. Si je vous adresse ce mail, sachiez

que c'est l'œuvre
de DIEU qui m'a amené à vous choisir parmi tant de mails

archives sur le net
pour vous confier cette grande responsabilité dont je suis

convaincu que vous
allez prendre comme une bénédiction et un don venu d'une femme

de bonne foi.
Bien vrai que je ne vous connais pas, ce que je demande à DIEU,

Je voudrais que
tu réalise mes projets pour moi. Je me sens si mal chaque jour

car je ne sais
pas si je vais survivre suite aux différentes
opérations. Je n’ai pas eu d'enfant mais au moins j'ai

l'affection provenant de
votre part et cela me réjouit tellement que vous ayez pensé à

moi en ces
moments difficiles. Je ne sais comment vous remercier mais Dieu

seul vous le
rendra au centuple.
Mon plus grand souhait que vous pouvez m'apporter est de rester

en prière avec
moi car je sais que vous êtes un croyant de Dieu. Je ne voulais

pas quitter
cette terre sans se rendre compte que mon argent a servis aux

enfants démunis,
pauvres, orphelins et autres, un grand soulagement. Cette

responsabilité est
lourde à prendre mais je vous offre cette somme (Un million 

vingt cinq mille
dollars ) 1 025 000$ pour que vous la gérer comme si c'était la

votre dans l’
intérêt de réaliser mes vœux les plus chers au monde. Parfois,

je me demande
pourquoi mon existence sur la planète terre car
j’ai vécu inutilement bien aimé. Je suis hospitalisée dans un

hôpital en
Angleterre. Écrivez moi directement à mon adresse mail le plus

consulter que
voici l'adresse: reinechervalier@yahoo.fr

 Can I count on you?
Norhaliza McCormick - cormicn.walker@gmail.com

I'm Norhaliza by name, I am in the hospital due to my cancer and

my doctor told me that I will die in less three months time so

as the treatments is going on am looking of a friend who can

take up my charity project that I have be wanting to start but

at this moment I cannot do it since I have a severe case of

Oesophagus cancer.

I would like to leave my life savings for a humanitarian

organization or an individual who s' willing to come up with a

charity organization to cater for the less fortunes kids and

orphans who have lost their parents due to natural causes. I I’m

convinced that you can handle this MULTIMILLION Project as a

Foreigner. You Will take 20% of my funds and 80% will be used

for the project. I also grew up as an orphan and I don’t have

family member or friend to trust to take care of this project.

Like they say, the angel you know is worse than the devil you

Know. I will provide you with detailed information once you

indicate your wiliness.
Yours sincerely

view the important document
Doc - asabramsdds@aol.com

CLICK HERE to view the important document I uploaded for you.
Google Docs: create, share, and keep all your stuff in one

place.     Logo for Google Drive


From: blessingwilliams2012@live.com
Date: Sat, 29 Jun 2013 08:08:22 +0000

Dear Friend,

This is Blessing, who contacted you some time ago by the

transfer of the fund to your account as mentioned in the

proposal, I am sending you this mail to remind you of how I

concluded that the transfer of money, but you know very well

that you showed concerns by providing the necessary assistance

you could. Thank you so much for the little help that you gave

me and for this, I plan to repay good for good. I am very

successful with the transfer of funds that I contacted you for

the support that has been accomplished.

I am pleased to announce that on hearing that me and my new

husband lives in Holland as the transfer is complete. On your

page, I compensate you with the sum of ($ 500,000.00) $ 500,000

of care. Please I want you to accept this as a gift from my

heart I would have sent this message earlier, but because of how

quickly my trip with my husband to Holland was, and since then

he mornitoring my motion, I signed a check of $ 500,000.00.

dollars on your behalf when I succeed with this transfer.

I would like you to contact Pastor Chris Johnson for the

collection of this control. It is my desire to fulfill my dreams

in life and humanity, therefore get alternate which came from my

true heart.

Contact him via his email address below.
Name: Pastor Chris Johnson

E-mail: revchris29@yahoo.com

Phone: +221 766322621

My dear, I would not be able to send mail to you again as my

husband sees my movement.All contact should be between you and

Pastor Chris Johnson.You can send me email to tell us what he

said when you contact him.

Thanks again and God bless you and your whole family.
Mrs. Blessing.

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