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quinta-feira, 6 de junho de 2013


_______SCAMMER RICHARD SMITH___________

Hello dear,, how are you doing? I was browsing through so I got in touch with

your profile, and what i saw there motivated me to ask for your friendship,, you

really do have a nice picture and I want to be in touch by mail with you, if you

grant my permission of being a friend then kindly send me your email id for a

better communication. Thanks

richard simth -
how are you to day hope everything is fine. let me start by introducing my self to you. My name is Richard Smith i am from London. i am 47 yrs born in the family of two i am the second with a sister who is married. i am a Marine engineer and will retire very soon.I am a man who loves the lord and desires to accomplish his will.I am easy going person, affectionate, have a great sense of humor, i like fun, i am open minded person, romantic at heart and believe women should be treated like queens and i love spoiling my loved one.My aspiration is to become great in life, take good care of my wife and kids as much as i can and then be the best man I can be to my family.My favorite colors is purple I like movies especially scary ones, bowling, dancing, and amusement parks anything fun... I am honest, and do not play any games, don’t have time for that. I do not like liars or cheaters.I enjoy pampering, surprising from my partner and also surprise my partner and I also love to be nurtured in return. Sensuality is important to me, some of my favorite things are the salty taste of lobster simmering in a blurred blanch sauce, the smell of the ocean mixed with suntan lotion on a summer day, the cool, velvety softness of well-worn cotton sheets on a hot summer night, the gentle touch of a lover, the beauty of a home which has been designed to be inviting and welcoming, the sound of leaves rustling beneath your feet in the Fall. I am here to look for the real woman who can bring out the best from me.A woman that will share the solid foundation of relationship with me, which is, trust, love, relationship, companion, compromise, understanding, friendship, sincere of, who has the spirit of given.A woman that know what is in my mind when she look at my face.One that will share my sorrows with me.   I believe that faith can lead us to a very beautiful direction. That eventually we might end up with each other someday as we hold untold our faith. can you please tell me more about your self.
With love

____________SCAMMER ERIN COLE____________

 erincole's Last photo   

erincole said on 05/06/13 5:36 AM

Hello My dear, how are you doing today my name is Miss Erin, i come across your profile today which looks nice to me and i am interested to have good relationship with you. I will tell you more about me and send my pictures to you as soon as you reply my letter to my private email. ( i will be waiting for your mail soon.Yours Sincerely Erin,Please reply me through my email id ( from miss Erin,


karumenorah's Last photo    

karumenorah said on  3:55 PM

Hello My name is Miss Glory,I love your profile here i will like us to be friends Please mail me at ( for my photos and detail,i have a reason of selecting you as my friend,pls if you wish to know my reasons try contact me through this my email, Please do not contact me in this site, just contact me direct in my private email (
_________SCAMMER LORETTAI___________

 lorettai's Last photo   

lorettai said on 20/05/13 6:18 AM

Hello Dear My name is Miss Loretta, I saw your profile here and who are interested to know and be friends with you, so please contact me through my email address ( so that i will send my picture to you, or you send his email to me, that I will send a photo.thanks loretta

___________SCAMMER STELLA MULBAH___________

steloveman's Last photo    

steloveman said on 21/05/13 1:02 PM

مرحبا عزيزي. كيف حالك اليوم، وأنا أتمنى أن تكون اسم fine.My هو ستيلا فتاة واحدة رأيت ملفك الشخصي س ( )، وأنا أصبحت مهتمة لكم، يرجى ط سوف مثلك في الاتصال بي من خلال عنوان بريدي الإلكتروني ( لدي شيء مهم أن أقول لكم. نأمل أن نسمع منك قريبا Your.s في الحب ستيلا. Hello Dear. How are you today,i hope you are fine.My Name is Stella a single girl I saw your profile o( ),and i became interested in you,please i will like you to contact me through my email address ( I have something important to tell you. Hope to hear from you soon Your.s in love Stella.
________SCAMMER JENIFFER__________

singlejenifer said on 07/05/13 5:25 PM

How are you today, Hope all is well with you and your family? My name is Miss Jenifer. However it really pleases me to write you for a lovely and sincere friendship even if we haven’t meet or seen each other before. I will so much appreciate to see your reply soon so that we can share pictures and know more about ourselves. I shall appreciate an urgent response from you, because i have something to discuss with you.please i will like you to contact me direct to my email address. ( With lots of love from your new friend, Miss Jenifer

____________SCAMMER JOHNSON MILLER___________


59 Hi, pretty lady,

It’s really a pleasure to come along your contact on this(Zorpia) I Am Johnson Miller by name, i am widower from Arizona U.S, currently work in Libya for peace keeping,

Please I hope distance will not distract you from me? If you are not in a
relationship already…it would be an honor to know you, maybe we start from
friendship to know whether we can establish a good partnership..

Though i don’t want to bother your privacy but I feel that it would be better we
talk through private mail as to know ourselves well and better.

Just write me through my email ( ), or you provide yours so that I
will write to you.

Thank hope to hear from you,
Johnson Miller



Passo a seguir dados do "ADVOGADO" que manteve contato no Brasil:


Celular: (11)98783-2837


Dados da conta corrente: Banco do Brasil, c/c: 20048-4, ag 4226-9 em nome de Jeferson de Jesus Costa, CPF: 234.222.168-12



2 comentários:

  1. Si un persona fue estafada y utilizaron la imagen de una persona importante, como un político por ejemplo, que se debe hacer?


    [15:45:00] Miller Paul: Enter a message to introduce yourself. Hello my dear, how are you today? I hope you are okay. I'm so sorry to

    bother you. I read your profile and got fascinated with it and I decided to write to you.I'm looking for a good woman whom I could have an affair with. A woman who would take care of my home when I'm not around. A woman that would love and cherish me. I hope you will not feel embarrased with my request. I'm sorry for bothering you. You can contact me through my and I will tell you more details of me and also send some of my pictures to you.

    Thank you.

    Paul Miller.
    [16:20:30] Miller Paul: Eu sou Paul Miller ea busca de procurar o amor verdadeiro me fez ir em busca do que quando meu amigo que encontrou sua esposa através de skype me pedir para fazer o mesmo. Eu procurei e quando me deparei com o seu nome, eu fiquei fascinado com ele e decidiu enviar um pedido para você.
    [16:21:46] Miller Paul: Eu espero que você não está envergonhado com isso. Eu sinto muito se eu tiver ofendido com isso. Por favor, me perdoe.
    [16:21:46] Miller Paul: Eu espero que você não está envergonhado com isso. Eu sinto muito se eu tiver ofendido com isso. Por favor, me perdoe.
    [16:25:36] Miller Paul: Devido à natureza do meu trabalho, eu não posso colocar minha foto. Mas se você me der o seu endereço de e-mail, eu posso enviá-lo para o seu endereço de e-mail e também lhe dizer mais sobre mim mesmo.
    Saúdo-vos, minha querida.

    Como estão você e sua linda família? Espero que esteja tudo bem em nome de Deus. Querida, isso é tudo que você precisa saber sobre mim agora. Portanto, se você ainda precisa saber mais sobre mim, você pode me perguntar. Peço a Deus que era claro para nós, para que possamos alcançar nossos objetivos.

    Eu sou Paul Miller pelo nome e eu tenho 50 anos de idade. Atualmente estou em uma missão no Paquistão. Eu não tenho esposa, minha ex-esposa, minha filha e minha única irmã morreu há quatro anos em um acidente de carro.
    Eu tenho um filho que me ama, e vai BE14 anos em breve. Ele está agora em uma escola em Londres. Eu tenho uma carreira militar, agora a nossa base no Paquistão, e estamos lutando acampamento terrorista. Eu tenho a casa onde eu moro em Londres.

    Eu sou um homem tranquilo, honesto, atencioso, carinhoso, obediente, doce, e isso é tudo, você deve saber me por agora, se há outras coisas que você quer saber, não hesite em perguntar. Na esperança de ouvir de você com seus próprios dados e algumas de suas fotos também. Tenha um dia maravilhoso. beijos doces.

    Atenciosamente Paul Mille


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