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DENUNCIAS DO DIA -08/06/2013

 _______SCAMMER GARY DAVID_______


gary arvid - garyarvid1984@hotmail.com

How are you doing?it is nice to be talking to here.well,here is a bit about of who Gary is.I was born and raised in Stockholm(Sweden).my dad and mom are Swedish origin.i came from a very small family and death has reduce the number in the past few years.......I lost my dad exactly ten years ago to a car accident while my only sister died December 2011.she was a single mother before her death.so i am just left with my aged mom and my sister two kids.they live in Stockholm but i visit them often..................A friend introduce me to the site but i guess i am going to terminate my account there because it is not what i was thinking.this is my first time of coming online in search of soul mate......Now tell me,have you dated someone you met online before?because it is kind of strange to me.

Well,let me stop here for now.i will be glad if you can write me about your self and origin.

 ________SCAMMER DONNA FAZIO______

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Gentleheart9873 said on 29/05/13 6:53 PM

Hello how are you,i mean how is your family and work hope they are all doing great.hopefully its is,,My name is Donna,was checking somethings on here when i come across your profile,just wanna say hi to you and hope you don´t mind me?,,i´m a new member on this site am always a busy woman as well but you can always email or chat with me via my yahoo email address..

Gentleheart2013@yahoo.com i will be looking forward to hear from you.thanks and be safe. I present you the best regard towards you. Donna Fazio
___________SCAMMER JESSICA ASARE______________


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jessica110 said on 27/05/13 3:49 AM

I am looking for a serious and sincere man who is not going to play games with me and who will not have few women at the same time and then saying me that he could not choose the right one. I am serious and one lover, I look for one love and forever am Jessica 35years old single not married my work hair dresser jessicaasare79@yahoo.com

______________SCAMMER GLADYS UOMOH____________


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gladys400 said on 14/04/13 1:08 AM

Hello, I am happy to meet you. Am GLADYS, I will be very happy if i can be your friend please add my yahoo messenger so we can know each other. ( gladysumoh230@yahoo.com) Yours gladys

__________SCAMMER PATRICK FLANDER_____________

Mais um golpista na área: Patrick Flander (flanderpatrick@yahoo.com)
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