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segunda-feira, 3 de junho de 2013

DENUNCIAS DO DIA - 04/06/2013


Subject: More about me and My Pictures
Date: Thu,

With regards to my previous message i will like to tell you more about myself. sorry for my slow response, I was very tired yesterday when i came back from work so i slept off.

My parents are from Texas, they are both dead now, i am the only child. I have no siblings and most times i feel so lonely just wish i had siblings. I was born in 7 Oct 1962,  My full name are CHAPPELLE DEREK CHARLES.

Prior to food, i don't have any favorite food. I don't have any close friends, since i have been betrayed and disappointed twice by people i call my friends in the past so i decided not to have any close friends. I enjoy the weekends with my daughter Shirley , we visit the beach, i love to swim. I do watch some interesting movies, i attend live musical concerts and i go to other nice and interesting places. During weekends is a lot of fun here in Austin Texas.

I love traveling, i have been to different countries, I have been to Poland , Canada, France, Thailand, Egypt, Belgium, New Zealand, England , Turkey, Greece, Dubai and China. I do travel to those countries to buy products for my gallery.I deal on carved wooden works, metal, paint works, sculptured works and antiques. I organize exhibitions once in a while to showcase my products to customers. It is a very interesting business i enjoy doing it. I take time to explain most of the works to prospective buyers.

Regard Music, i like rock music and alternative metals, i am not sure you will know about them. I also listen to R n B and rap music too. I like to watch the salsa dance .I enjoy American movies, action movies. I also watch some Latin and Philippines movies. I like to read also and listen to news. I love soccer, scrabble, swimming, Golf and snorkeling.

I want you to know that looks are not important to me, but what matter most to me is personality and character is what I will fall in love with, I'm very faithful and want my partner to be as well

I will like you to tell me the things you love to do, the type of sport you play and the places you go to have fun.
Thanks for dedicating your time in reading my message.

Attached to this message are my pictures.Please send me your pictures.



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gabriella83 -

Dearest Friend,
My name is Miss gabriella Rella,am from italy.I am the only surviving child of my late parents,my daddy and my mummy
was killed by my daddy business associate in benin.It was not an easy thing for me to see my both two parents been laid to rest the same day,infact at a time i was asking my self what is the meaning of all this things?But my parents has already WILL some of their properties to me with the some of $15.680 million dollas which is in a private security firm in Africa.I need a God fearing person that will marry me first? and after that hecan still help me to claim this funds that is in a private security firm in republique du benin.However i will send you my pictures for you to know me in person in your next reply. Lastly,i wish you well in all your good endaviours.Till i hear from you. Best regards Miss gabriella.


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