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Data: 15/06/2013 17:46:47
Assunto: Nova mensagem de Daniel Whales

Thank you so much for your message, I have...
Daniel Whales  15 de Junho de 2013 17:16
Thank you so much for your message, I have read it over and over again and it gives a lot of joy into my heart. Please send me a message in your email with photos and tell me more about yourself
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Daniel Whales
Daniel Whales  19 de abril de 2013 19:34
Hello, I know this will come as a surprise to you but first
let me start by introducing myself; I am Major Daniel Brauch
Whales from the US Army, I am a widower from Oklahoma, USA.
I found your profile and picture here while searching for my
old school friend and when I did I could not let my eyes of
the beauty in your eyes. Presently am working with the UNO
on a peace and security in the war region of Darfur and hope
to retire as soon as my mission is over here. Please tell me
more about yourself, the nature of your job, your likes and
dislikes. Please send your yahoo or MSN email so that we can
chat and share picture.
Your quick response will be highly appreciated.
zzzzzzz 11 de Junho de 2013 15:12
How you found my profile? Is me you're looking for? My name is zzzzzz, and I live in Brazil. And I don't write so well in english. I only see your message now. Sorry.
Daniel Whales
Daniel Whales  11 de Junho de 2013 17:43
Am so happy to have you here with me, you are such a beautiful woman and i am here to tell you anything you wish to know about me. I want you to know that life can only be beautiful when shared with people that loves and appreciate you for who you are. Love is not about finding the right person but creating the right relationship. I want to get more closer to you as see what the future holds for us. I was born and raised in Oklahoma, city, Oklahoma. I am an expert in war and Strategy and over the years i have traveled across the world in my peace keeping mission. My father was a Major General in the US Army and my mother was a Nurse but they are both dead now. I am an honest man and all my life I have been living in service to God and humanity. My email address is brauchwhalesdaniel11@yahoo.com please send your email address, add me to your messenger or send your email address so we can chat and share photos. You are welcome into my world of beauty and love where a woman is treated with love and respect.
zzzzzz  14 de Junho de 2013 09:56
Hi, Daniel.
Sorry, but I'm very very busy at this week. I go to send you in you email adress as soon as possible. Thanks for your nice words. If you want, you add me in your Facebook profile. Now I must get out. Nice weekend.
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De: Danielbrauch Whales
Data: 22/06/2013 06:53:04
Assunto: Re: Res: Re: Think on you

You are so romantic my love and i can not wait to hold you in my arms, kiss you and make love to you. We need to make it work my love, this is the best time we can do it. It requires an official leave processing for me to visit you. I love you and i want to seen you as soon as possible.

miller_rose22 said on 26/06/13 4:03 PM

I am ememson rose , 32yrs old single a simple lady who enjoy with the simplest thingsf this life, but I need a man to share with me this nice life. good relationship and good sex, I just want to love and be loved, Honesty, respect. Easy, pleasant, interesting I don´t look for any adventure; I would like to meet a true man. The important thing is that we have understanding, respect, love and care for each other to share together needs, wants, desires and to make our plans, hopes, dreams come true. I have a full of heart to share with the right man. Very willing to keep a warm friendly home. I`m an extremely romantic, passionate and affectionate woman and i will like to meet you..have some different sex styles with you, like 69 style, doggies style and straight sex. I am looking for a romantic, caring and loving man, I want him to have a good sense of humor...he must be honest and faithful............I am looking for a serious match for good sex, and if you are the man , I look forward to hearing from you. I seldom come on here. so please feel free to contact me on my email(miller_rose24@yahoo.com) I would love to know more about your opinion Kira.

nafygirl125 said on 26/06/13 8:14 AM

nafydosi@yahoo.com Hello How are you today, I hope all is well with you, My name is Miss Nafy Dosi ,i am a single girl never been married, i am interested in having a relationship with you, I will also like to know you the more, please kindly write to me through this my private email i have something very important i want to discuss with you (nafydosi@yahoo.com)i will send to you more details about myself Including my picture, Yours Sincerely Miss Nafy Dosi nafydosi/yahoo./com


 michele94 said on 26/06/13 5:43 PM

well any one here who will love to have a long chat so we can get to know each other more is welcome and can add me on facebook or my ID smithmichele94@yahoo.com....thank you all hope to hear from any of you to see where this leads as too......

  michele94 said on 26/06/13 4:58 PM

hello, am michele. thanks for your friendly request if you wish we talk more get to know each other more you can add me on smithmichele94@yahoo.com...


afton4love said .....

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recheal00 said on

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zenababy said on 25/06/13 4:51 PM
HELLO, My name is Peace.i saw your profile here And i became interested to be friend with you, please contact me through my private email at{ peace_4loveu@yahoo.com }i have something very important i would like to discus with you and to send you more pictures if i see your reply to my email OK THANK YOU, From Peace....... peace_4loveu@yahoo.com

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