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quarta-feira, 31 de julho de 2013


Se voce receber uma mensagem de um destes emails abaixo , tenha certeza que voce está diante de um golpista e criminoso virtual
Envie-nos o email recebido para: , e adicionaremos a nossa database antiscam diaria
Depois disto delete esta mensagem recebida
e, se possivel, bloqueie o safado golpista



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Anam Salim <>

Dear Friend,

I hope my mail will fine you and your family in good health. My

name is Anam Salim, I know it will be a big surprise for you to

receive my email because email like these fly over the internet

telling people about funds and every other things. but myself

always receives offer from the internet which I normally delete

because I believe it will be scam letter but please I beg you

and I swear to the Allah I worship that what am telling you is

not a joke, if you follow everything I have said in my letter

both of us will be happy for the rest of our life.

I am from Libya and my husband is one of the late Gaddafi sons

drivers. It was my husband who took Gaddafi family to Niger and

Algeria when they ran from Libya. But he came back to Libya and

died when their convoy was hit by NATO bomb. But he told me

something very important when he was alive. He told me how he

took some money from Gaddafi son and kept it in a secret place.

He said the money is in us Dollars 20.9 million Us Dollars and

all kept in a big suitcase kept in a secret hide out. And also

100 kilos of gold which he kept somewhere else. I will give you

information about all what am saying because seeing is

believing. I am presently out of Libya because we ran out

during the war.

Why am written you is because I want you to take ownership of

the funds and gold which my husband kept because if people

knows that it belongs to my late husband they will size it and

report to the Libyan government. My husband fights and died for

his master so please I have to keep everything secret until I

hear from you. And please all what is saying is just known by

the both of us and nobody else.

I have 3 children for my husband and nothing to feed them here

until I can get hold of what I just told you but I still have

to be very carefully not to lose the money or the gold. I will

give you 20% of the fund if you will assist me. I will tell you

how you can receive the money and the gold when I hear from

you. Also every other detail will be given when I see your

seriousness to help us receive the both items. Please send me

your direct details and phone number so we can talk. My first

son speaks English very well. Please reply with your

information. I also want you to know that the money and the

gold are not in Libya both of them are kept in different

countries. I will let you know the countries as soon as I hear

from you; I will wait for your response.

Please contact me with this Email (

your truly
Anam Salim


Hola querida

Disculpe cómo me puse en contacto con usted porque no puedo

demasiado tiempo.
Sé que es difícil tomar esta decisión, pero estoy sin

porque no tengo más remedio que decidí poner todo mi propiedad

o de
su material o financiera a su disposición, incluida una

cantidad €
800,000 que se encuentra en un caso en uno de los bancos de

Soy Dominique Viuda Florencia PATROZA sin hijos. Actualmente

hospitalizado en un hospital de Inglaterra tras su dirección
completa: QUEEN ELISABETH Inglaterra Hospital de Whitechapel,
Londres E1 1BB Londres, Por lo tanto, lo que quiero hacer con

propiedades para que pueda configurar un proyecto para ayudar a

huérfanos necesitados y pobres, porque si no lo hago no hay

persona que se beneficiarán por lo que quiero hacer bien con

así que quiero que mi propiedad.
Aquí está mi dirección de correo electrónico:

(sem assunto)

Me LACHANVRE Justine -

Je suis LACHANVRE  Justine, avocate exerçant  en république du

Bénin. Je
travaillais avec l'un des  membres  de  votre famille ici  à

Cotonou en
République du Bénin. C'est un partenariat gagnant gagnant que

je désirais vous
proposer car  des  informations qui vont  vous  intéresser.

Répondez moi a mon
e-mail je  vais  vous 


 Urgent Respond With Trust and Understanding
Adams Saad

The Chief Auditor/Information manager,
In-Charge of Foreign Unit
African Development Bank Group,
Ouaga. Burkina-Faso.

Dear Good Friend,

I am Mr.Adams Saad, The Chief Auditor/Information  Manager,

In-Charge of Foreign Unit of our bank and i have  had the

intent to contact you over this financial  transaction/transfer

worth the sum of Ten Million Four  Hundred Thousand U.S Dollars

(US$10.5M)for our progress  and richness.This is an abandoned

sum that belongs to our  late foreign customer (an

International Billionaire  French Businessman) who died in

plane crash disaster  since three years ago along with his


I was opportuned to see the deceased deposit file bearing  this

huge amount of money when i was inspecting the dated  and

current customers files in other to sign and submit  to the

entire bank management for an official validation  /
re-documentation against the statement approval
to the account holders for the year. In a swift  investigation

carried out by me, i found out that non of  the deceased

relative is aware of the abandoned fund  except his late wife.

As a result of that, it is an extremely confidential  matter

between me and you.
Hence you are a foreigner to our country, you are  authorized

by our Banking law to apply and claim the fund  into your

account as the NEXT-OF-KIN to the deceased. For  assisting me

to get the fund transferred into your bank  account, the ratio

of 40% of the total sum is for your  share whereas 60% is for

me as business pioneer.

Please i need your urgent response on assurance of trust  that

you will not deny my right of the share once the  fund gets

into your account because i am a poor civil  servant who depend

on little monthly salary. That you are  the one who will help

me to get visa to your country  immediately i resign from my

work on the instant of the  transfer into
your account.

If you are realy sure of your integerity, trustworthy,  and

reply urgently and to prove that, include your  particulars as


Your name in full?..................................
Private telephone and fax numbers?..........
Country of Origin?.................................
Your occupation?..................................
Your official age?...................................
Your passport or ID card number?.............

In sincerity,
Mr.Adams Saad
please call me with this phone number ( + 226 61055848 )
(sem assunto)

Me LACHANVRE Justine -

Je suis LACHANVRE  Justine, avocate exerçant  en république du

Bénin. Je
travaillais avec l'un des  membres  de  votre famille ici  à

Cotonou en
République du Bénin. C'est un partenariat gagnant gagnant que

je désirais vous
proposer car  des  informations qui vont  vous  intéresser.

Répondez moi a mon
e-mail je  vais  vous 


Je me nomme DUROLE, je suis secrétaire dans une entreprise

d'origine canadienne, résidant actuellement à Londres pour une

mission où j'en ai pour quelques jours.J'ai reçu ton mail sur

internet; ainsi je profite de cette occasion pour correspondre

avec toi, sans complexe, dans l'espoir d'échanger et d'établir

si possible une relation plus affinée à divers niveaux.J'espère

donc si possible ton mail à mon courriel personnel:
la prochaine fois, je t'enverrai avec bien sure ton

consentement mes photos en espérant bien sure les tiennes si

possible.Prends soin de toi
responder para -


Mr.Karim Ibrahim -
Dear Friend ,

Good day and compliment.

I know that you will be surprise to hear about this transaction

since we dont know each other before but it was due to the

urgency of this transaction makes me to contact you through

email please accept my apology.

 I am the interim Bank Manager under political appointment in

this Bank(BANK OF AFRICA.BOA) I need your urgent assistance in

transferring this sum of (US$ 6.3 million dollars) to a foreign

account before i step down end of this AUGUST 2013 , please

would you be interested to assist me with your account to

received this fund?  let it be what i achieved  this few period


Take note: You will have 40% of the above mentioned sum if you

agree , I look forward to receive your return mail for more

details on how to execute the transfer to your account.

With my position i assure you that this transaction is 100%

risk free. Send me your information as follows.

1. Name in full:.................
2. Address:......................
3. Nationality:..................
4. Age:..........................
5. Sex...........................
6. Occupation:...................
7. Marital status:...............
8. Your cell N0:.................

Thanks and have a great day.

NB.For security reason,You are advised to reply me here (
Mr. Benneth Douglas -

Hello Sir,

I crave your indulgence to kindly attend to this in good faith.

i do not mean any disrespect approaching you through this

medium,it's due to time constrain on  the matter. my partners

and i are active management officials of the Nigerian federal

ministry of works and housing/urban development (FMWH/UD).

Firstly, i am Ben Eng with the above mentioned

ministry.we would like to employ your efforts to act as the

receiver/beneficiary of a contract sum.The money legally

belongs to us; being proceeds from  over invoicing  of contract

executed in our ministry over the years. we happen to be the

members of the contract awarding committee which made us

negotiate with the original contractor to add 10% of the

contract sum.confirm your interest for more update.Kindly

respond to

Ben Douglas.

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From:Mr Salif Yacouba,

Mr Salif Yacouba -

From:Mr Salif Yacouba

Do you know that for the past 10 years now more than 95Million

has being diverted and stolen by some greedy and corrupt

politicians by the help of their influential and powerful

colleagues who has help them to launder and transfer this fund

through our bank to the Overseas? These funds were derived from

the sales of Gold and Crude oil and the fund was meant to be

used for the development of the Africa nations and the

continent at large. As a banker working in the Foreign

Remittance Department, I want you to know that I have acted as

the Account Officer to most of these politicians,

So I have being involved and participated in the many financial

transfer transaction done by this corrupt politicians several

times to the Overseas. When I now discover that this

politicians were using me to achieve their aims by transferring

this huge amount of fund through our bank to the Overseas, I

decided to use my opportunity as a top bank official to divert

the sum of 4.8Million to an Escrow Account belonging to no one

in the bank and then clean up the records and files concerning

this 4.8Million from our Bank's Computerize Data-base

Processing Financial Deposit so that there will be no trace of

this fund. Now the reason why I have contacted you is this; the

bank's management are now anxious to know who owns this account

that has this fund (4.8Million) because the bank has benefited

and made lot of profits from this fund for almost six years

now. I need a trustworthy and honest foreign partner that I

will present to the bank as the owner of the account having

this said fund (4.8Million).

This is how we are going to do it, you will have to send your

personal information’s to me which I will have to program as

the owner of the fund (4.8Million) in our Bank's Computerized

Data-base Processing Financial Deposit, then later you will

write to apologize to the management of the bank and thereafter

instruct the bank to transfer the fund to you through the

Automated Transferred Money (ATM) Visa Card Account bearing

your name. So, if you are interested kindly send the following

information to me immediately:

1). your full name (as it is written in your id card or

passport). .............................

2). your contact address with phone and fax


5). Marital status (Married or Single).



3). your age.



4). Your



Immediately I received this listed above information from you,

I will proceed to programmed this information’s in our Bank's

Computerize Data-base Processing Financial Deposit as the real

owner of this fund (4.8 Million) in the Escrow Account of the


Yours sincerely

From:Mr Salif Yacouba
responder para -

United Nations/World Bank Reimbursement Payment

Valerie Amos   

United Nations Compensation Unit, In Affiliation with World

Bank Our Ref: U.N/WBO/04/2013.

Congratulations Beneficiary,

You may not understand why this mail came to you. We have been

having a meeting for quit sometime now and we just came to a

logical conclusion few days ago in affiliation with the World

Bank president. This email is to few well listed people that

have been scammed in any part of the world, the UNITED NATIONS

in Affiliation with WORLD BANK have agreed to compensate them

with the sum of USD500,000.00 Dollars each.

These includes every foreign contractors that may have not

received their contract sum, and people that have had an

unfinished transaction or international businesses that failed

due to Government problems etc. We found your email in the list

of those who are to benefit from these compensation exercise

and that is why we are contacting you, this have been agreed

upon and have been signed.

You are advised to contact Dr. Jim Ovia of our paying Bank in

Africa, as he is our representative in Africa. Contact him

immediately for your Cheque/ International Bank Draft of

USD500,000.00 Dollars.Your payment is in form of a Bank Draft

for security purpose, he will send it to you and you can clear

it in any bank of your choice. Therefore, you should send him

your full Name and telephone number your correct mailing

address where you want him to send the Draft to you. Contact

Dr. Jim Ovia of ZENITH BANK PLC with your payment code:

/09/05/1982/ immediately for your Cheque at the given address


Contact Official: Dr. Jim Ovia


Phone: +2348183400711

I apologize on behalf of the United Nation organization for any

delay you might have encountered in receiving your fund in the

past. Thanks and God bless you and your family. Hoping to hear

from you as soon as you cash your Bank Draft. Making the world

a better place. You are required to contact the above person

and furnish him with the following of your information that

will be required to avoid any mistakes:-

1. Your Full name:

2. Your Country:

3. Contact Address:

4. Telephone Number:

5. Fax Number:

6. Marital Status:

7. Occupation:

8. Sex:

9. Age:

Congratulations, and I look forward to hear from you as soon as

you confirm your payment making the world a better place.


Ms. Valerie Amos.
United Nations Secretary General for Humanitarian Affairs,
Emergency Relief Coordinator.
> De: Liberty Credit Union <>
> Data: 31 de Julho de 2013 13:49:20 WEST
> Para: undisclosed-recipients:;
> Assunto: emprestimo
> Responder-Para: Liberty Credit Union <>
> Bom dia senhor / senhora:
>    Eu sou Susanna Roland, uma cabeça financeira de uma

agência de crédito privado, a liberdade Credit Union Reino

Unido. Estou aqui para apresentar um programa de empréstimo que

vai ajudar a melhorar a sua situação económica e financeira e

aliviar-vos de toda a crise financeira / problema.
>  Oferecemos empréstimo a curto e longo prazo para os clientes

a uma taxa de 3%, como o empréstimo de carro, empréstimo

pessoal, empréstimo empresa, etc. Damos um mínimo de empréstimo

de 5.000 € e um máximo de €50.000.000.
>  Se você estiver interessado em receber um empréstimo de nós,

você pode entrar em contato conosco através deste e-mail: ou Tel: +447045734550.
>  Também fornecendo consultoria para preencher o formulário de

inscrição abaixo:
>  nome:
>  sexo:
>  País / endereço
>  Montante necessário:
>  Duração do empréstimo:
>  Finalidade do empréstimo:
>  Tel:
> Obrigado para seu patrocínio,
> Susanna Roland
Från America Online Company.
Från America Online Company -

Från America Online Company.
Uk Filial Adress: 80 Hammer smith Road,
London, W14 8UD
Förenade kungariket,

America Online Foundation, grundades 1983 av en amerikansk

miljoner dollar grupper, och nu stöds för närvarande av Förenta
nationerna (FN), Europeiska unionen (EU). Och mat och jordbruk
Organizations (FAO).

För att fira 29 års jubileum programmet America Internetfonden

Branch, tillsammans med flera nationella företag och andra

myndigheters gett ut en donation på £700.000,00 GBP Brittiska

pund (sju
hundra tusen Great British Pounds) vardera till åtta lyckliga

Du har valt bland de lyckliga mottagarna att få utmärkelsen

summan av £
700.000,00 GBP som välgörenhet stöd från America Online

Company för att lindra den finansiella olycka orsakad av den

ekonomiska härdsmältan.

Företag och sponsorer som sponsrar denna utmärkelse är enligt


Dell Computer Company.
Toyota Company.
Heineken Company.
Coca-Cola Company.
BellSouth Technology.

Privata individuella sponsorer.

1) Warren Buffett i (USA).
2) Roman Abramovich av (Ryska federationen).
3) Hennes Majestät Drottning Elizabeth II av (Storbritannien

4) Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal Alsaud av (Saudiarabien).

Detta online drar genomfördes av ett slumpmässigt urval av
e-postadresser från en exklusiv lista över 129.031.000 E-

till privatpersoner och juridiska personer plockas av en

automatiserad slumpmässig dator sökning från Internet.

Men inga biljetter sålts men alla e-postadresser tilldelades

biljett nummer för representation och integritet.

För att börja Fordringar, Vänligen Kontakta förvaltnings Agent

för ditt

Kontakt Personal: barrister WILLIAMS.M.CHRISTOPHER
Regional patentkraven Agent. (RCA)
Telefon: +2348033634239

Du måste fram emot din agent med följande information:

Mottagarens Fullständigt namn: .........................
Mottagarens adress: ...........................
Mottagarens Country .............................
Mottagarens Yrke ..........................
Mottagarens Tel: .............................
Mottagarens Ålder: ...............................
Mottagarens Kön: ...............................

Biljett / Lotto nummer: LBH 441 337 465 305,
Vinnande nummer: AOL1229/USLP
Serienummer: LWH 5/745/228

Obs: Håll din vinnande informationen mycket hemligt tills din

fond överförs till dig. Detta för att undvika dubbla anspråk på


Se också till att du kontrollerar din e-post ofta för att

en snabb överföring av din vinnande pengar till dig.

Kontrollera din
inkorg, skräp och spam eftersom din e-postadress får tas emot i
antingen Inkorgen eller skräp eller spam på grund av



Chief Operating Officer America Online / VD för Media Networks


Steve Case
Medgrundare, tidigare vd och styrelseordförande för America

Online (AOL
From Miss. Esther Edward

From Miss. Esther Edward                  

Abidjan , Ivory Coast ,

Good day my dear,

In confidence, I have to introduce myself for i am Miss. Esther

Edward, 21 years old; I am the only child of late Mr & Mrs.

Edward Emmanuel. I prayed before contacting you, please for God

sake does not see my mail as embarrassment as we do not know

each other.

I wish to request for your assistance in my efforts to procure

the transfer of my inherited money for investment ventures

under your care and directive, while i continue my education of

there in your country. I inherited Three Million, Five Hundred

Thousand Dollars ($3,500,000.00) here in my name with one of

the prime bank in my country and I will require your assistance

in receiving the transfer of my inherited money in your local

account for investment purposes, as it is my wish to come over

to your country to further my education while y ou take care of

the investment of the money.

Please i am an orphan and i need your assistance to transfer my

inherited money to your country and also your assistance to

secure a nice school for me in your country where I will

continue my education,

Please I am waiting to hear from you soonest

Yours sincerely,

Miss. Esther Edward
Quotation Needed

Hassan Khilji -
Dear Sir/Madam,

I'm interested in some products, please click on the link below

to find my sample and quote me the best price and MOQ.



Hope to hear from you soon.

Best Regards,

Hassan Khilji

Mobile 3014609098
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Kingdom 2013
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question given
below, with your personal details (Full Name:., Address:.,

Sex:., Age:.,
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the London 2012 Olympic?

(C)United Kingdom
(D)United State of American

Mr.Owen Williams

This message has been scanned for viruses and
dangerous content by MailScanner, and is
believed to be clean.
Invitation: "YOU WON 2.800.000.00 USD VIA WESTERN UNION" @ Wed

Jul 31, 2013



Attn: Email ID Owner


We are here to notify you that the sum of US$2,800,000.00 was

generated and awarded to you by the United Arab Emirates , West

Africa commission and the Western Union Foundation as one of

the customers who uses Western Union in their business


This award was been selected through the internet, where your

e-mail address was indicated and notified.The Western Union

Foundation and the United Arab Emirates commission collects all

the email addresses of the people that are active online,among

the millions of our customers who use Western Union in their

business transactions. Four people are selected yearly to

benefit from this promotion and you are one of the Selected


Therefore,be informed that we have already sent your money to

Western union as we have been given the mandate to transfer

your full payment total sum of US$2,800,000.00 U.S.Dollars via

western union.

So,contact the Western union Agent: Mr. Vincent Rex. His Tel:

+226 79-03-22-24 and Email Tell him to give you

the MTCN number ,Sender name,text Question and answer to pick

up your first payment of $5,000.Dollar.

Make sure you send the following information to the western

union office to enable them verify and be sure that you are the

real beneficiary:

Your Full name:
Home Address:
Phone number:
Please,contact Mr.Vincent Rex of the western Union office now

so that he will issue to you the full payment information.
Yours Faithfully,
Mr. Peter Gambo.Awards Coordinator United Arab Emirate

Commission/WEST AFRICA AND Western Union Foundation

    Wed Jul 31, 2013 12pm – 1pm GMT (no daylight saving)
Donación de Mrs.Esther Edward
esther.edward15 <>

Donación de Mrs.Esther Edward

Mi estimado en el señor,

Te saludo en nombre de nuestro señor Jesús Cristo nuestro señor

que soy señora Esther Edward de Angola, yo me caso con Sr. Paul

Edward, para quien trabajó con la embajada de Angola en Ivory

Coast nueve años antes de que él murió en 12/01/2004.

Nos casaron por once años sin un niño. Él murió después de una

breve enfermedad que duró por solamente cuatro días. Antes de

su muerte éramos ambos otra vez nacido cristiano. Puesto que su

muerte que decidía no casar otra vez o no conseguir a un niño

fuera de mi hogar contra el cual la biblia está.
Cuando mi tardío marido estaba vivo él depositó la suma de

$3.500 millón de dólares una de la empresa de seguridad

principal aquí en la Costa de Marfil Abidjan, África

Occidental. Ahora, este dinero es todavía en la seguridad

compnay. Recientemente, mi doctor me dijo que no v oy a para

durar durante próximos ocho meses debido al problema del

El que me disturba es más mi enfermedad del movimiento.

Sabiendo mi condición decidía donar este fondo a una

organización de la caridad qu e utilizará este dinero la manera

que voy a mandar adjunto.Deseo una organización que utilice

este fondo para los orphanages, escuelas, iglesias, viudas,

propagando la palabra del dios y se esfuerce que la casa del

dios está mantenida. La biblia nos hizo para entender que

“bendecida es la mano que da”.

Tomé esta decisión porque no tengo ningún niño que herede este

dinero y mis parientes del marido no son cristianos y no deseo

los esfuerzos de mi marido de ser utilizado por la gente que no

cree en dios.

No deseo una situación donde este dinero será utilizado en una

manera diabólica. Esta es la razón por la cual estoy tomando

esta decisión. No estoy asustado de muerte por lo tanto que sé

adónde voy. Sé que voy a est ar en el pecho del señor. El éxodo

1 4 CONTRA 14 dice que “el señor luchará mi caso y yo llevará a

cabo mi paz”.

No necesito ninguna comunicación del teléfono en este respeto

debido a mi salud por lo tanto la presencia de los parientes de

mi marido alrededor de mí siempre. No quisiera que supieran

sobre este desarrollo. Con el dios todas las cosas son

posibles. Tan pronto como reciba tu contestación te daré el

contacto del la empresa de seguridad principal aquí en la Costa

de Marfil Abidjan, África Occidental.

También te publicaré una letra que te pruebe el actual

beneficiario de este fondo del ministerio federal de la

justicia, Cote D'Ivoire. Quisiera que tú y la iglesia rogaran

siempre para mí porque el señor es mi pastor. Mi felicidad es

que viví una vida de un cristiano digno.

Quienquiera que desea servir al señor debe servirlo en verdad.

Rogar por favor siempre todos con tu vida. Entrarme en contacto

con en e l email arriba, cualquier retrasa en tu contestación

me dará el sitio en sourcing otra iglesia para este mismo

propósito. Asegurarme por favor que actuarás por consiguiente

como indiqué adjunto. El esperar recibir tu contestación

Por favor, no me la respuesta a mi correo electrónico privet
Abidján, Cote d'Ivoire
África occidental
04 pb mancory 14

Atentamente en Cristo,
La señora Esther Edward
Bringing Borrowers and Lenders Together.
Mr. Morrison B. Anderson -

Attn: xxxxxxx,

We are a Private funds and Investment Organization. Presently,

we are affiliated to a reputable financial institution and also

we have some clients (Investors) who have shown interest in

doing business overseas.

And having gone through your profile we decided to approach you

to request for you to explore this lending/investment


 We are willing, able and ready to lend/finance huge projects

with good return on investment (ROI) we have understanding with

these lenders and investors.

If you are interested in the above kindly open communication to

actualize your lending/investment needs.

 Do not hesitate to revert to us with your recommended projects

details (The Executive Summary) for our perusals.

Thanks for your co-operation.

Yours Faithfully,
Mr. Morrison B. Anderson.


Re: wrote:‏‏‎

Donation -

Dear Email ower,
We have a Donation for you reply to (

With Regards,
Dave and Angela Dawes
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National Lottery -

Your Email address has won 800,000GBP.For more information

please Contact
The Promo Manager-via e-mail with your full Names

,sex and switchboard number
(90661 230 67544)


James Brown
U.N -

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Transaction business

email -


With due respect to your person and  much sincerity of purpose

I make this contact with you as I believe that you can be
of great assistance to me. My name is MR BABU ALI. i am from

Benin Republic born and bread in Republic of Gabon, I am
formal Director BICIG bank of Gabon and also Financial Adviser

to the late richest and longest Africa President Omar
Bongo. Presently i work with BANK OF AFRICA ECOWAS as telex

managing Director. I do not know whether this is your
correct email address or not because I only used your name

initials to search for your contact .In case you are not the
person I am supposed to contact, please see this as a

confidential message and do not reveal it to another person but

you are not the intended receiver, do let me know whether you

can be of assistance regarding my proposal below because
it is top secret.

I am about to retire from active Bank service to start a new

life but I am sceptical to reveal this particular secret to
a stranger. You must assure me that everything will be handled


It has been 10 years now that most of the greedy African

Politicians used our bank to Launder money overseas through the
help of their Political advisers. Most of the funds which they

transferred out of the shores of Africa was gold and oil
money that was supposed to have been used to develop the

continent. Their Political advisers always inflated the amounts
before transfer to foreign accounts so I also used the

opportunity to divert part of the funds hence I am aware that
there is no official trace of how much was transferred as all

the accounts used for such transfers were being closed
after transfer.

I worked as personal Bank Officer to most of the politicians

and when I discovered that they were using me to succeed in
their greedy act, I also cleaned some of their banking records

from the Bank files and no one cared to ask me because
the money was too much for them to control. They laundered over

$700,000,000,00(seven hundred million) united states
Dollars oil and Gold money during the process. As I am sending

this message to you, I was able to divert sixty five
Million American Dollars ($65m) to an escrow account belonging

to no one in the bank. The bank is anxious now to know
who is the beneficiary to the funds because they have made a

lot of profits with the funds.

It is more than  Eight years now and most of the politicians

are no longer using our bank to transfer funds overseas.
The sixty five Million  Us Dollars  ($65m)  has been lying

waste but I don't want to retire from the bank without
transferring the funds to a foreigner who has account, to

enable me share the profits/percentage with the receiver. The
money will be shared 60% for me and 40% for you.

There is no one coming to ask you about the funds because

President Omar Bongo is dead and i am the only person who
knows about this money. I secured everything with original

document to back you up when you declare your interest. I
only want you to assist me by providing a bank account where

the funds can be transferred, as soon as i get your mail i
will use my influence to wire the fund into your Bank Account

in tranches to avoid attraction from our bank over there.
You are not to face any difficulties or legal implications as I

am going to handle the transfer personally with every
legitimate Documents and right which can protect us against any

breach of law between your Government and my. If you are
capable of receiving the funds, do let me know immediately to

enable me give you a detailed information on what to do.

For me, I have not stolen the money from anyone because the

other people that took the whole money did not face any
problems. This is my chance also to grab my own but you must

keep the details of the funds secret to avoid leakages as
no one in the bank knows about the rightful beneficiary.
I expect your urgent communication. Upon your response and

strong assurance that you will not let me down when this fund
gets into your Bank Account, as soon as you declare your

interest I will let you know what to do and the transfer
procedures without delay. for more details call me with this

telephone line +229 68789283,


1) Your Full Name:-....................
2) Your Age:-.....................
3) Marital Status:-...............
4) Your Cell Phone Number:-..................
5) Your Fax Number:-...................
6) Your Country:-.................
7) Your Occupation:-..............
9)Your Religion:-....................
10) Your Private E-mail Address:...............

Thanks for your maximum co-operation,
Yours Sincerely,
+229 68789283   

International Conference Invitation 2013,

Lilian Donald -

Dear Colleague,

The International Youth & Women Foundation (I.Y.W.F) is pleased

to invite
you to participate in our forth-coming International Conference

on (Child
Abuse, HIV/AIDS, Racism And Human Trafficking). This event will

begins from
(September 17th-20th 2013) in California, United State of

America and
(September 24th-27th
2013) in Dakar, Senegal. I am honored to invite you to attend

conference as my guest.

For more details and requirement for your registration, kindly

contact the
secretariat office via Mr. John Brown E-mail:
.Also feel free to contact me if you need any further details

related to
this events. Endeavor to inform the secretariat that you were

invited to
participate by (Ms. Lilian Donald) a staff member of the

Youth & Woman's Foundation.

Note that the Organizing Committee and Our donor sponsors will

take the
full responsibility of all registered participants Visa

processing for the
United States & Senegal respectively. That will include your

Round trip air
tickets to both events. While delegates will only be

responsible for
his/her own hotel accommodation in Dakar,Senegal were the

second phase of
the event will take place. I do hope you can make time in your

schedule to attend these conference and share your ideas on

this topic on
the panel!

Please let me know whether you can make it as soon as you can,

through my
personal e-mail: (


Ms. Lilian Donald
International Youth & Women Foundation
los angeles, california
United State of America.
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Investment Request..
Mr. Ahmed Al-Dam -

Dear Prospective,

 Greetings to you and your family and I hope this letter meets

you in good health. My name is Mr. Ahmed Al-Dam, a
freelance independent investment broker in Johannesburg.

Previously I was consulted by an erstwhile top-ranking
member of a front line liberation movement in Liberia, whose

organization had engaged the Liberian government in a
protracted civil war since 1985. My client now wishes to

channel his funds into a productive or real estate ventures
business instead of war. He intends to make this investment

discreetly and under discretionary asset management
arrangement and I am seeking for a very reliable and honest

person who will be capable to handle the project.

I have contacted you on the consideration that we could discuss

the possibility of my client placing his money with
you for management, either in your existing establishment or

other venture to be undertaken at your discretion under
terms to be agreed upon. However, he prefers that this

investment be made in your country and I will be expecting your
response in order to discuss further in details.

Sincerely Yours,
Mr. Ahmed Al-Dam


A link to the following article(s) from has been sent to you by SAFIA FARKASH (


I am SAFIA FARKASH, wife of former Libyan leader, late Col. Moammar Kadhafi, who was brutally murdered by National Transition council's(NTC) fighter in his place of birth Sirte. I need your urgent assistance regarding an investment/Cash Movement which I would want you to handle. Send your reply for further detailed update or we could possibly arrange for a meeting . Email

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Wang Guoliang -

Wang Guoliang
Financial Officer - CNPC
China National Petroleum Corporation
9 Dongzhimen North Street, Dongcheng
District, Beijing, P.R.China | Postcode: 100007

Letter of Intent

Dear Esteemed Colleague,

I hope this email find you in good health. In view of my correspondence with you, I unassumingly solicit for your utmost consideration, as this letter serves as my formal notice of my intent to go into a multinational investment with you in your country.

This is Mr. Wang Guoliang, Financial CNPC (China National Petroleum Corporation)

In an open minded manner, I purposefully contact you to negotiate my proposition for investment of multinational companies and industries with you in your country, if you willingly accept my proffer I shall provide you with the relevant details for the investment funds and our procedures in sequence.

Furthermore, I want every of my dealings with you to be carried out legally, genuinely and transparent.

Looking forward to hearing from you and to establish a joint cooperation with long term credible business relation.

Email contact: -

Best regards,
Wang Guoliang
Financial Officer - CNPC

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