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DENUNCIAS DO DIA - 11/07/2013

Se você receber uma mensagem de um destes emails abaixo , tenha certeza que voce está diante de um golpista e criminoso virtual
Envie-nos o email recebido para:  golpesvirtuais@gmail.com , e adicionaremos a nossa database antiscam diária
Depois disto delete esta mensagem recebida
e, se possível, bloqueie o safado golpista


From: Jerry Harold Simon
To: Sent:
Subject: Olá minha linda esposa eu te liguei no telefone eo telefone estava tocando e você não conseguir pegar a ligar para minha esposa

Olá minha linda esposa eu te liguei no telefone eo telefone estava tocando e você não conseguir pegar a ligar para minha esposa

Eu te amo muito doce coração e você significa o mundo para mim e eu te amo para sempre meu anjo

eu te amo muito minha esposa e eu queria ouvir a sua voz a minha rainha ok mel

mil beijos de mel


Ele me encontrou no parferfeito, site de relacionamento.ja vi em neste site a mesma apresentação extorquir uma mulher.como posso denuncia-lo por ainda não fui lesada graças a Deus.  nome dele agora e´Jerry Harold Simon - jerryharold30@live.com -  telefone-+447045741055
 foto da suposta filha Angela  -obviamente roubada
 Fotos da "galeria de arte" do scammer....FOTO ROUBADA



Fui vítima de um Scammers nos últimos dias. Se apresentou no Facebook como Alex Morgan. Depois de tentar me enganar com uma conversa sem lógica tentou me tirar dinheiro. Diz ser militar, que vai se aposentar no próximo mês, promete amor incondicional. Depois me pediu dinheiro (4.300) para me enviar uma mala com  1.800.000,00 dólares e 15kg de ouro apreendido em Kabul dos talebãs. Quando viu que não cai na dele excluiu o facebook e ficou bravo. Me "deu uma segunda chance" pedindo dinheiro para uma passagem. Preciso divulgar a foto! O fato ocorreu até a semana passada.

 From: alexmorgan4321@hotmail.com
To: xxxxxx
Subject: Hi!!!
Date: Mon, xxxx
Hi very

How are you today? very thanks for having accepting my best friend.
I'm Alex Morgan, I am a native of America.

 My father's name is Benjamin Morgan, who lived in Atlanta Georgia, while I grew up in Atlanta, I am the only surviving child of my parents, late Benjamin Morgan. I am a graduate of a history of international relations, military went after my graduation and rose to the rank of Colonel in the U.S. Army.

I got married 14 years ago and had a child, she is 13 now her name is Morgan Annette, i lost her mother three years ago in a car accident near New Jersey.
presciently my daughter's education in London, UK. i was moved to Kabul Afghanistan past 18 months as officer in charge Detective signal.

I want to follow the trail of my father, he was a great man when he was alive, I want to keep my integrity and reputation, despite any circumstance.

I like outdoor games and relax by the beach. I have respect for any woman I love.

I'm promising that I'll never disappoint you or allow any discomfort on your side. as a personality with a great reputation and wealth I will live up to expectations.

 I like sincerity and trust in woman, I like decency and humility, please talk about you, my dear, I'll be happy if you tell me everything, be careful.

I'm hoping . miss you

 From: alexmorgan4321@hotmail.com
To: Subject:  you
Date: Sun, 3
My dear love

your prayers saved my life today , our van was hit by RPG and the power turned, I took a bullet that got stuck with no way out, received heavy fire and secured a safe position until our team came to our aid along with 1 hour 23 bullets ,  all of which, with the sound of bullets throughout this time , face to face with death I never stopped thinking about you , I wanted to go see another day for you ,

I'm OK , the bullet went through my laps , nothing to fear, it's just a cut of meat, at least now I'll be out of action for at least a week , I took a walk up to the control room just to write you this message now .  honey i lost my credit card and my i d card .

I read your email and cried  , I never felt this honey for a very long time , as I wanted you here by my side to make love to me now and nurse my wound ,,,,,

the image in the picture is i and my colleagues with they money and they Gold .

Today some wonderful happened , something that will change our lives forever, but then this can only happen if you love me as strong as I do , I know you really love me and that's why I'll let you in every part of my heart for you to see the whole secret inside .

During our patrol our Intel got information about the village and the strategy to enter there, the confrontation was too sudden , and to our great surprise we discovered their hide out , a lot of ammunition was hidden there , the were planning for a suicide attack against our base , we discover sophisticated ammunition , a huge amount of money in dollars and Gold . we pursued them to the tale end of the desert , killed many of them and the killed only 5 of our soldiers , but we came back with their corpse .

Those people are terrible , how can one be planning to kill a fellow human being for no reason . it's unbelievable .

On our way back to the camp , we stopped and our head team mapped out part of the money for our well-being , i can not say no , he shared it among the 7 of us left , the reality of the fact that I'll be leaving the Army began to unfold , I remembered so many good comfort that money will go when I leave the Army , I took the money ,

I have with me , as I am sending this email  the sum of $ 1.8 million dollars , one million eight hundred thousand U.S. dollars , my fear now is that this money can not be safe in the camp ,

Who do I send it to , whom can i trust to keep it for me , my love ,  faith brought us together for a purpose , I strongly believe in my heart that we are made for each other , I keep wondering why now , only one month of leaving the Army , only now that I'm in love ,

My dear angel sent from heaven , from the time the bag was delivered to me and the question of who will keep it for me , the moment when his thought came into my mind , I nursed without fear, I felt without a doubt , I believe it will be safe with you , there will be no problem , all you need to do is to get the bag and keep it safe until I come in  before 2 weeks from now  , I know that we belong to each other and if you accept me as life partner that this money will provide good comfort to us ,

Do not say a word about it to anyone , the only problem will be when you tell people the will envy you and will want to steal the money from you by all means .

My beautiful love , is not safe until i confirm that you have gotten it , Our medical source will be coming at any moment from now , all i need to do is to deliver the bag and it will stay with you , we the seven soldier arrange with the red cross member to help us take the money to a delivery company with the names that we will forward the money to . i gave them your name as my wife . they company is demanding for your full data

honey  please leave me your address, which will be delivered to you in just a few days and the story of our lives will change forever.

(1) your full name.

(2) Your Home Address.

(3) Telephone Number.

(4) Your Private E-mail.

i am going in to they hospital now , send it fast now to they company . they company's email address is: info.delivery@consultant.com

their head office is at London , their number is +44790589912 . please my dear love contact they company now , write them and give them your data  so that they will not delay in there movement .

 i want you to write them as soon as you get this message to avoid delay . follow their instructions and make sure they money , the 15 kg gold and my certificates gets to you safely . i am waiting for your responds .

I love you so much my true love , God bless you my wife .

Alex .


3 comentários:

  1. Tambien nos intento estafar el jerry harold simon en colombia.. increible que gente tan sinverguenza.

  2. este Jerry continua na ativa, principalmente atraves do Psr perfeito. Cuidado, ele usa as mesmas fotos acima e os mesmos e-mails.Não deixem que a carencia ocupe o lugar da sua inteligencia e amor proprio!!

  3. Este Jerry é o maior picareta,golpista,e a policia não prende nem ele nem a quadrilha que ele faz parte,o site de relacionamento PAR PERFEITO,tá cheio deles.tenham cuidado,são perigosos.


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