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sexta-feira, 19 de julho de 2013


_____SCAMMER MARK ZORAK__________


Subject: hi love
Date: Tue, 16 Jul 2013 19:33:55 +0000

I am indeed very grateful about your lovely message, to tell you more about me i am single man i got divorced 4 years ago my ex wife slept with her boss, i am originally from phoenix, i was a business man before i joined military i deal with gemstones and jewelries, i have been in military for long now and I'm willing to retire from it next year and resume back to my business, I'm willing to settle down in Brazil because i so much love Brazil when i used a month in sao paulo  it is a lovely place to be and it is a good place to live i am willing to learn Portuguese because i know it will really help me to communicate with people i meet there, i am a God fearing man and i am very honest and caring i am ready to give my best to any woman who is decent and going to be my wife i hate lies and my favourite colour is blue, i love to eat pasta and fruits and i love to go to beach and take a walk with who i love, i love watching movies also and listening to good music, to tell you more about my job i was working in USA before i got my deployment to Afghanistan for peace keeping, i am  LIEUTENANT DAVID MARK ZORAK, i am willing to make any right woman i meet happy forever, thanks so much dear God bless you hope to hear from you soon......

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  1. El tambien me Dijo que me queria y que yo iva ser su esposa. Todo era mentira? Que lastima y que tonta era yo a pensar que me queria


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