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DENUNCIA DO DIA - 09/07/2013

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_________________DENUNCIA DO DIA____________________________

De: Miracle Mokan -
Enviadas: Terça-feira, 2 de Julho de 2013 11:12
Assunto: My Dear xxxxx..Please Help Me For The Sake of Allah

Hello Dearest xxxxx,

Compliments of the day, I am Miss.Miracle Mokan, 24 years old single never married I'm from Ivory Cost in west Africa, a social science student from University of Liberia the only child of late Dr.Johnson Mokan, a very wealthy cocoa merchant in Abidjan the economic capital city of Ivory Cost in west Africa who was killed by the rebels as a result of war under the leadership of Former President Laurent Gbagbo who is now facing charges at the international court of justice for war crime and abusing human rights. And my mother died when I was very tender which made my late Father took me so spacial. but I am constrained to contact you because of the maltreatment I am receiving from my step-mother who planned to take away all my late fathers treasury and assets from me since the unexpected death of my Family. Meanwhile I wanted to travel to Europe but she hide my international passport and other valuable traveling documents but fortunately to me she couldn't discover where I kept my late fathers file. I am now writing you from Dakar the capital city of Senegal in west Africa where I escaped for my life and now seeking asylum in a private charity organization under St Peter's Catholic Church here in Senegal.

In search for a reliable person to help me relocate in any of the western world for a better life and to continue my studies, I have chosen to contact you after getting your profile through a dating site and I believe you are a reliable person who will not betray my trust and love. I know you may wonder why I am telling you about all this secret without meeting or knowing you fully but as a result of my bad situation when I saw your profile I hope you will not do me any wrong. Briefly, I would like to disclose little more about myself to you and see if you can help me to relocate to your country for a continues life, studies and equally to have a new life with you. Please this is a Secret and I pleaded with you to keep it to yourself alone until everything is properly arranged and executed then I will come over to join you in your country. I have the sum of ($4,6 Million US Dollars) Four Million Six Hundred Thousand United States Dollars. As an inheritance from my late father which I will like to invest in your country with your help and this is the reason why I need your help based on the instruction my late father gave to the bank to release the fund to me when I become a graduate from the University but I can not be able to make this claim now because of my refugee status and undergraduate.

This fund is deposited in my late father's bank account in Europe and I am going to give you every details and contact regarding this fund because I have the original copy of my late father's bank Statement of Account issued to him from Scotland bank and his Death Certificate from the hospital where he died, I want the money to be transferred to your own bank account before I come over to join you in your country. I need your urgent response showing your willingness and capability to handle this successfully for me because life in this refugee camp is very hard and hell to me as I found no love and feelings anymore especially I like my studies and I would like to continue. I am really suffering in this place except for the Reverend Father John Michael who gave me access to his office computer to be checking my email once he is less busy after I explained to him my life stories, I hope with your help on me in transferring this fund in your account will win a fortune in my life and have a better life to live again. this is the telephone number of the Reverend father John Michael is (+221777369263) he is very kind to humanity please call him and tell him that you want to speak with me and he will send for me out of the camp to answer your call because I have many things to tell you as soon as you call me please kindly let me know your willingness and I promise to be nice and faithful to you. I will send to you the copy of the details as soon as I receive your positive respond but I have attached to you my refugee ID card with my pictures hoping you can send me your photos my hobbies are Movies, music, reading, cooking and sports. thanks and Allah bless you Inshallah.

Yours Sincerely
Miss Miracle Mokan.

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De: Miracle Mokan - miraclemokan@yahoo.inPara: XXXX
Enviadas: Sexta-feira, 5 de Julho de 2013 21:07
Assunto: My Love XXXXX....Please Contact This Lawyer Now!

My Lovely Husband
How are you doing this weekend ??? I know you are doing good ?? Alhamdullilláh, please I'm sorry for my delay in replying your emails because today is Friday and all the security in our camp went to pray at the mosque and the gate of the camp was closed since morning...I read your email very careful and I agreed with everything you said about my coming to Brazil soon I will like to arrive in São Paulo I hope you can wait for me ? so that you can introduce me to moqadam and then we go together to Salvador Inshallah. Please tell me what you think about this suggestion ok ?.

My Love XXXXX I was very happy to see what the bank director has replied to your email today concerning the transfer into your bank account in XXXXX, Lately today I went to meet a lawyer who is responsible for all the refugees in Senegal, I explained everything to him and he promised to help us in getting the 1 and 2 documents that are required from the bank director before transferring the money to XXXXX, The lawyer said he will get the documents ready as soon as you contacted him...please make sure you contact him immediately because he is waiting for you and he is also a Muslim man.

His contact Information is below
His contact information as follows.
Barrister (Dr) PAUL PHILIPE,
E-mail address contacts is (
Office Phone number is +221773513154
I would like you to contact him today or tomorrow morning Inshallah, so that he will start the preparation of these documents immediately because the bank director is waiting for the remaining 1 and 2 documents, before they will start the transfer to xxxxx...I can't wait to kiss you at the airport of XXXXX soon Inshallah, Now I feel like you are with me in this camp but I believe to kiss your lovely lips very soon my love I feel you all the time...Remember to contact the lawyer ok, I love you with all my heart. I wait your reply so soon. good night and dream of our marriage in Brazil.
Your Beloved wife.
Miracle Abdul. Inshallah.


De: Miracle Mokan <>
Enviadas: Quinta-feira, 4 de Julho de 2013 16:53
Assunto: My Love...Did You Contacted The Bank ??????

My Love xxxxx,
How are you doing today? I hope is great...Inshallah, These are the funeral pictures of my late father, I gave you this photos because you asked me about my relatives...."Well" my stepmother have 2 children with my late father just a boy and a girl before my father died after he return from MECCA in Saudi Arabia

But my stepmother is leaving in Ivory Cost with her children, I choose to ran to another country simply because she is very wicked and she wanted to change my name from my father's next of kin just to put her children's name in order to take away my late father's treasury out from me....But we can visit them maybe after the transfer into your bank account in Brazil, if you like to visit her ??

Please do not forget to write email to the bank director today because I have already inform them about our proposal in transferring the money to Brazil
Below is the contact of the bank as follows.

Email-Address of Royal Bank of Scotland Group.
E-mail;( or (
Contact person. (Director Mr Stephen Hester)
Tel: +44 703 18 792 56
Fax: +44 709- 150- 374
My Late Father's Account Number; (BLB745008901546/QB/91/A)
Please try to contact the bank today and inform me back as soon as you are in contact with them....because I would like to come to xxxxx as soon as the transaction is made freely into your own bank account, I would continue my studies in a good University when I come to xxxxxx...Inshallah  I hope to hear from you soon, Allah bless and protect you.
I wish you a sweet dreams tonight my love.

e: Miracle Mokan <>
Para: xxxx
Enviadas: Quarta-feira, 3 de Julho de 2013 8:24
Assunto: My Dear xxxxx..Thanks For Your Sympathy!

Hello Lovely xxxxxx,

Once Again! How are you today? I hope that you are fine?? I 'm happy to hear from you today, Please l would like you to be honest to my situation and assist me with all your heart because I was wondering what will be your action to my proposal meanwhile we have not meet each other but I believe to meet you after the transfer into your own bank account in xxxxx I promise to teach you how to read and write English word when we live together in xxxxx or Cyprus as one family "Inshallah" because I choose you to assist me because of your concern to my situation.

Meanwhile I am writing you from the office of the Rev Father John Michael, who is in charge of the camp because I have explained my situation to him so he gave me access to his office internet twice a day and he also released his telephone number in case you want to speak with me. Please try to understand that I don't have any source of income here to make call please bear with me. Below is the address where l am staying in case if needed.

My Full Name: Miracle Mokan
Camp Address United Nation
Plot 1275 Senghor lane, Female Hostel Room No 49
Our Church Name;(St Peter's Catholic Church)
Reverend Name: (Rev Father John Michael)
Country is (Senegal in West Africa)
Rev Father Telephone (+22177-73-69-263)

Please l would also like you to urgently reply me back with all your full contact details and information such as

Your full Name................Your Home & Office Address........................& Your recent Photos................................And Your Mobile Number............

In my next email I will forward to you all the contact of the bank where this money is deposited by my late father's account so that you will make contact with the bank and ask them the possibility of releasing the money into your own bank account in Brazil which I will inform them to start up the transfer as soon as I receive the above requested information's from you, Please keep this Information and documents secret to yourself only because this is the only thing I got from my late father as my own Inheritance. I am looking forward to read from you soon Inshallah Allah bless you. A kiss and Hug.

Your sincerely.
Miss Miracle Mokan.

To: xxxx
Date: Fri, 5 Jul 2013 00:54:58 -0700

 Hello My Dearest.

    Thanks for your reply, my dear I told you about my plane for an investment in your country and that i want the fund to be secured. Presently i am here in the military camp Mali for peacekeeping mission due to the crisis in Mali. Secondly i want to relocate with you to start up a good business venture that will be profit oriented.

    My lovely darling i need more prove and trust, don't be angry, because i want to handle my future to you. I appreciate your concern and your willingness so far for assisting me, the most important thing i need from you right now is your honesty and trustworthiness, I choose you in this transaction, based on my present status here as an air Force General who lead the troop. I want you to understand more about my situation here in the military camp, I can only email you from the office, as we are not allow to use mobile phone here, we make use of radio message and it is only USA soldiers and people from the USA white house, that can communicate with us through radio message.

    Now my dear due to my political situation as an army General staying in the war zone for peacekeeping mission, i need a foreigner who will stand on my behalf and receive the Trunk Box and also help me invest it in her country, that is why i decided to make this contact with you, for you to stand on my behalf and receive the Treasure Box. Everything concerning the delivery of the consignment is clear. Moreover i went into serious discussion with the United Nation Diplomat here who will deliver the consignment to you, the legal United Nation Diplomat told me that in a situations like mine, that the best solution is by soliciting for assistance of a reliable foreigner who can help me receive the consignment box in his place.

    I then decided to contact you, hoping that with your advanced knowledge we can be able to work together so that if all things works out for us, we can go into life partnership if you wish because that is one of the reason i registered the site. Though it took me time to make up my mind to contact you and offered you this proposal of mine. It is due to the trust i have in you that made me to disclosed this matter with you, believing that i am save in your hand, no body knows what i have, PLEASE i am asking you for my safety and security KEEP IT VERY PRIVATE OKAY, i know that God will see us through.

    Finally, I am suggesting that if we can go into life partnership as time goes on which means that the proceedings from the investment in your country shall be shared equally between the both of us because i do not know much about international business and i am putting my entire Fund to your care because i want you to be in total control of my fund as soon as the fund arrives in your country. Again, do attach as you reply to me your full name and full contact information's to enable me give it to the United Nation diplomat who will be delivery the consignment to you. Please i will like you to send me your full data such as.

    1: Your Full Name
    2: Home Address
    3: Direct Phone Number
    4: Your Profession
    5: Scan copy of your international passport or Identity Card.

    On reply of your mail with your above mentioned details, I will contact the diplomat who will bring the consignment to you and give him your details, so that he will start the journey to deliver the fund in your place, hand to hand (Face to Face). Looking forward to read from you. Take good care of your self and remain bless.

    Forever Yours.
    Gen. David Rodriguez.


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