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arielandrew said on 16/07/13 10:06 AM

am looking for marriage. my name is Prisca very humble and

respectful 28 yrs of age,im educated with high goals, morals,

and integrity. I am looking for a serious relationship that can

lead to marriage, no matter what age, age is just a number I´m

looking for a male who´s open minded to have correspondence

with.distance may be far but true love can make the far

distance a short distance and also ages have nothing to do with

love if you will please bare in mind with me.I have been single

for years and a friend introduce me to this site and i pray to

God to meet a honest.....loving and caring man here and also

someone who is i can trust and also share my dreams and sorrows

with forever...If You are interested and not here for games

then contact me on my email(priscadiane847@yahoo.com)so that i

can send you my pictures and for more communication or you my

yahoo id is this(priscadiane847) and my skype id is


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honestwoman454 said on 12/07/13 12:00 PM

Hi Angel Its a real pleasure sending you an email. You´re so

handsome that every woman would want to hold hands with you

someday. Looking into your eyes alone, shows me a beautiful

world. And i guess I´ll be the luckiest woman getting to talk

to you. If i were to present your picture in heaven, most of

the Angels would hide their faces in shame. I would like a

partner who is Intelligent, self-confident, romantic,

affectionate, kind, athletic. A man who loves himself and has

the willingness to be open. I want a person to love me for who

i am and not what i am. i like to travel travel,I´d love a man

who will join me in sensual intimacy and a real desire to be

communicative and myt private e mail address that you could be

able to contact me is Honest.ayana@yahoo.com so that we can


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maryarvin said on 19/07/13 9:23 AM

hello.How are u doing ? l just updated my profile right now and

yours was brought up to my screen and that´s why i just wanna

stop by and write you, and that´s simply cuz i love what you

wrote on your profile, you really sounded like a real man..

lol.. well i would like you go through my profile as well and

tell me what you see there, cuz I´ve went through your profile

and i really liked what you wrote on your profile, it seems we

have lots in common and also it seems we re %99 compatible and

there is only %1 missing, well u can add me on my YAHOO ID>


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abigeal33 said on 29/07/13 2:01 PM

Hello,How are you and how is your day ,i went through your

profile on here and i can see that you look so lovely and i can

see that we have things incommon and i will be very happy if we

can talk and see where leads us to.You can contact me on my

Yahoo Im if you dont mind me abigealjohnson @ ymail.com.. my

gmail is ... abigealjohnson12 @ gmail.com What is your email?

Add me now ...am Online..

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care009 said on 26/05/13 12:50 PM

How are you doing and i hope the weather is warm out there I am

alone keeping warm inside ,that why i decied to suft on my

cougar, and i came accross your profile... well I am April and

am 34 yrs ,I am presently working and hoping to meet new

friends and soulmate I can be funny and full of life when

happy... I am shy but very romantic I love the outdoor

activities never tried the bar scene because I have never seen

anything good come out of it... I do think I can find what I

seek for here if it´s God wish and judgment please drop me a

line let see if we are compatible. April .hit me up on my yaho

im cashhimforlove@yahoo.com

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