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segunda-feira, 9 de dezembro de 2013


Se você receber uma mensagem de um destes emails abaixo , tenha certeza que você está diante de um golpista e criminoso virtual.
Caso voce receba emails com mensagens de amor de viuvos/divorciados carentes de sites de relacionamentos, pedido de ajuda/ parcerias para transações,de refugiados, viuvas morrendo querendo fazer doações ,premios de loterias, alguém de outro País querendo comprar imoveis, carros, notebooks etc etc , notificações bancárias, oferta de emprego em outros Países TODAS SÃO MENSAGENS DE GOLPES VIRTUAIS , por favor reencaminhe a mensagem que receberam para: que teremos o maior prazer em adicionar o endereço de email do golpista em nossa listagem diária, só assim, expondo o endereço/mensagens de emails poderemos evitar novas vítimas.Depois disto delete a mensagem recebida e, se possível, bloqueie o endereço de email deste golpista. Obrigada por sua colaboração!!!

(sem assunto)
18:50 (2 minutos atrás)


Ich habe Sie gewähren dieses Darlehen in gutem Zustand
rosaline palant
14:22 (4 horas atrás)
para Cco:mim
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Guten Abend
Ich habe Sie gewähren dieses Darlehen in gutem Zustand; und
Ich bin von $ 1000 bis $ 150.000.000.
Ich danke Ihnen schnell auf Ihre Anfrage
Mark Cunningham

email adrian gillian now
Mrs.Sophia William
13:07 (1 hora atrás)
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Dear Colleagues,

You are cordially invited to participate in the forth-coming conference / California Human Welfare Foundation (CHWF) Against Economic Crisis, Prostitution, Human Trafficking and child abuse,that is scheduled to take place from January 28th – 31th, 2014 at the Disneyland Convention Center in Disney USA Los Angeles California. and from February 03rd-07th, 2014 at Saint-Louis Conference Center Saint-Louis in Senegal,West -Africa. The California Human Welfare Foundation Against Economic Crisis, Prostitution, Human Trafficking and child abuse, conference is being Organized and sponsored by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, The William J. Clinton Foundation and other benevolent donors worldwide.

Note that all interested delegates that requires entry visa to enter the United States to attend this meeting will be assisted by the organization, in obtaining  the visa in their passport. Free air round trip tickets to attend this meeting will be provided to all participants. The Workshop welcomes paper presentation from any interested participants willing to present papers during the meeting.

For registration information you are to contact the conference secretariat via Email:

Please share the information with your colleagues.

Mrs.Sophia William
Member organizing committee
camara amadu
12:57 (1 hora atrás)
para jrayco, Cco:mim
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African Development Humanitarian Council
Is ready to purchase the listed bellow foodstuffs.


2. Beans

  3. Milk

  4. Sugar

  5. Vegetable Oil

  6. Onion

7. Cement

  As an authorised foodstuffs agent. This is 2013 foodstuffs supply
  contract project from African Development Humanitarian Council
  The foodstuffs is for the sustenance of refugees of war affected
  countries, Like Côte d'Ivoire, Somalia, Sudan, Liberia and others.

Payment has been made to be 100% full payment by Telegraphic swift
  Transfer (T/T) after signing of the contract agreement with the
  contract awarding board of directors in Mali.

If your Company can supply any of these products please reply me, then
I will help you to get the contract through my office. You will
  receive the complete payment of the contract value before shipping
  your goods. Port of destination is TOGO LOME Sea Port.

Best Regards,

Mr. Camara
Tel..........+223 71878900
Hello Dear, Please I need Your Help.
Samira Kones

Hello Dear, Please I need Your Help.

Please permit me to introduce myself, my name is samira Kipkalya Kones,
24yrs old female (single)
and i'm from Kenya in East Africa. I appeal to you to exercise a little
patience and read through my letter
because i feel quite safe dealing with you in person, with due respect,
trust and humanity
and with pains, tears and sorrow from my heart, believing that you would
consider my letter and help me
and also benefit from me.
my Dear please you can reply me this email id

However,  i inherited from my late father USD$5.800.000.00M (Five Million,
Eight Hundred Thousand  United State Dollars)
which i will like you to benefit by helping me and stand as my Trustee to
receive the fund. Although,
we have neither met in person nor by communication. But i believe, it is
one day you get to know someone, either by physical
or through correspondence. Honestly, i wished to contact you personally
for this long term business relationship
and investment assistance in your country.

You are entitle of financial benefit of 35% of the total fund while the
rest of the fund shall be my investment capital in your country.
i have no knowledge of international transaction of this nature
but my  personal decision to contact you assured me your capability of
assisting me with sincerity of mind.

My Father (Hon. Kipkalya Kones) was the former Kenyan road Minister.
He and the assistant minister of home affairs (Mrs.Lorna Laboso) were on
board when the plane crashed on the Tuesday 10th, June, 2008
which was headed to kericho and crashed in a remote area called kajong'a,
in Western Kenya and the plan number was ( Cessna 210 )

You Can Read More About The Plane Crashed Through The Cnn Documentary News:
After my father's burial, my Evil Uncle and step Mother had a plan against me
and sold my father's properties to an Italian expatriate which they used
all the fund and leave me only to suffered.

My evil Uncle and my step mother threaten to kill me because i didn't
accept them to sit on my inheritance fund will in my name.
Because they have attempted to killed me, i had to run away for my dear
life and traveled to Burkina where the fund was deposited,
i have met the bank and had a discussion with Bank Director to make some
withdrawal of the money for a better life,

so i can able to take care of myself and start a new life again, the Bank
Director whom i met in person told me that my father's instruction in his
was the fund would only be release to me when i present a Reliable Foreign
Trustee who would help me and invest the money overseas.
If you are really interested to go on with the transaction, kindly reply
me urgent.

Once I receive your reply showing your acceptance i shall provide you more
information concerning the transaction.
Reply me via:

Thanks And Be Blessed
Miss samira
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