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terça-feira, 3 de dezembro de 2013


Mary K Hall
Mary K Hall
Bom dia para você, minha querida um dia de amor

boa saúde, alegria e favor e muito obrigado por

aceitar meu pedido de amizade e lamento dizer, se

eu se intrometeu em sua privacidade bem eu sou

deputada Mary Salão uma viúva de 60 anos, eu tenho

uma mensagem importante para você, então eu gosto

de você para me enviar em meu endereço de e-mail

mary.k.hall @ para que eu possa

dizer-lhe sobre a mensagem que eu tenho por você

desde o senhor assim que me envie o mais rápido

possível em meu e-mail porque eu raramente

verificar minhas mensagens aqui e minha conta do

Facebook está agindo para cima. Deus os abençoe.

Ralph Dickinson
Nice to meet you dear. My email is 

Have a nice day.


hi baby
George Barry

Hi baby

Thanks for your response, you gave me your email

ID from social site..., I’m George

Barry from Bolton northern England…….. Hence I’m a

widower and have determined to choose my life

partner as soon as possible... I am 50yrs old, a

Marine Engineer working with Baltic Marine Gdynia,

a subsidiary of Baltic Shipping Company, we drill

crude oil from the sea…..Dear which country are

you from, are you married, and how old are you


I have two sons one is 7yr old and the other 11yrs

old, they are living with my mother after the

death of my wife and now I’m single. Please I will

like to have more of your photo and also chat with

you on yahoo messenger.  I have gone trough your

profile I appreciate what I saw I will like to be

in a relationship with you. Meanwhile I have added

you to my chatting messenger so we can have a chat

and know the way forward. Please I will like to

know little about you and feel free to ask any

question of your choice...

I hope to hear from you soon.....


Paul Hood

Hello? Thanks for providing me your email id, at

least you've created me the chance to tell and

know more about you. How are you today? Hopefully

everything is just fine and happening the way what

you expected them to be. You really look lovely

and nice, just what I'm looking for! How about we

get to know each other a bit better and see what

will happen. I want to tell you about my fate when

feeling are so powerful it’s as if some force

beyond my control is guiding me to someone who can

make me happy beyond my wildest dreams. To start

about myself, I am Paul Hood. 51 years old, living

and working in England. Mum is in UK, born as

British with Austria character.

I am working as an Engineer with BP one of the oil

giants here in London I have work for years. I

work as a pipe line Engineer. My section is

building and construction of oil pipe lines plants

in refineries. Being a single person, working so

much without having much time for myself most of

my time is spent on high sea and Ocean. and I just

enjoy I love my job. I love chilling out during

weekends, go to shopping mall, watch football and

once in a while I will go to my Mum’s house in

Bolton to visit her. I am a Man who is hilariously

funny, understanding, energetic and spontaneous.

I respect different religion. This is because

different religion exist in this world and they

have similar teachings which brings peace to every

Man kind. I will tell you more about me as soon as

you tell me a bit about you. I'm seeking for a

woman who has good qualities in life, honest,

understanding and mature. Inner beauty is more

important to me, I look forward to know you better

I'm serious with you and not here for any fun or

play. I pray that God will guide us in this

meeting. Find attached my photos, hope you like

them. Send me yours as well and let’s move on from

there. Take care and enjoy your day,Finally, I

will wait for your response and please do not be

in a hurry, just take your time and write me back

have a blissful day.
I Care .................. Paul

how are you doing
Benson Morgan

Dear  ,

How are you doing today?
Than you for your respond to my compliment.

Actually, it's not just a compliment though you

deserve praise for their good looks and friendly

You seems so friendly and lovely. I'm just

attracted to you by the look of your wonderful

profile and good looking image.
I wish I can be able to communicate with you and,

of course, be a good friend. My name is Morgan

Benson, I live in Manchester. UK. I'm an engineer

currently working as a contractor in the sale of

machinery and automobiles. But would prefer if you

should ask me what you want to know more about me.

 It would be nice to read  from you again and know

more about you too. If you do not mind I will like

us to be in steady communication I hope we can

continue to learn more about each other. And it

would be good to read  from e-mail as I'm not

always online and who knows, we might become great

friends to meet one day.
Micheal Spencer



David Amstrong



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  1. Obrigada ,por encontrar aqui neste site, esta foto que eu estava pesquisando , por eu ter recebido
    um email , com varias fotos deste senhor se passando por "medico" em missão na Syria"( mas com um portugues errado) mas muito inteligente e querendo casar e vir morar no Brasil comigo, logo vi que se tratava de um scammer ...Falso nome "Martins Christben " email dele para mim...""


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