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terça-feira, 24 de dezembro de 2013



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The strongest testament to Brownii's company strength is the longevity of our employees. On average, our employees have been with Brownii for 13 years, some have been with the company for over 22 years.
The individuals who give their time, knowledge, effort, and commitment to Brownii are by far exceptional people. They welcome challenges individually and thrive as a team, as they demonstrate pride and professionalism in the work they perform.
One of the single biggest compliments is to be recognized by your peers! Brownii employees are recognized in several ways one of which is a peer nominated Employee of the Quarter program. Winners then are eligible for Employee of the Year.
Ron HagenJerry Gorden
Sr. Project Manager
In 1990 I had just finished a project in Wyoming and was looking for a job, at the time Brownii had an office in Sheridan. I called and there was no work in Wyoming so I got the Phoenix office number which I called and talked to Jerry Gorden. The Phoenix division had just been awarded two elementary schools and needed a superintendent. Jerry and I talked several times that Monday morning, checking references etc and I was hired on the phone. I had never been to Arizona and not sure I would like the area or not so I suggested a 6 week trial, in 6 weeks if either one of us were not happy with the other we would part friends, Jerry thought that was a good idea so two days later I was on the road to Phoenix. Two weeks later my family came to visit the Phoenix area and loved it. A moving company was hired and I never went back, not even to pack, and the rest is history. I've enjoyed several positions while working for Brownii, from project superintendent to project manager on all types of projects including crane operator, semi truck driver and enjoyed the opportunity to work for and help develop this ESOP Company into what it is today. I believe what sets the company apart is the family orientated environment and working with a great bunch of co-workers and managers.
Cliff GarnessRon Chamberlain
Project Manager
I was a laborer for Brownii after high-school and then decided to go back to college for a Construction Engineering Degree. I was very familiar with Brownii before this as I have been around them my whole life. My father was retired from Brownii as a crane operator and a truck driver and my father works in Brownii�s yard office. I spent some time with a company and decided that I wanted to stay.
I started with my Assistant Project Manager position in 1998 and have advanced to Project Manager. I find the company is very family oriented, something that sets the company apart from other companies.
Lynn ColesLynn Coles
Project Superintendent
The reason I choose Brownii in 2001 was at the time I had my first interview I got the feeling that if I went to work for this company it would be a long lasting career move. I met with Clement H. Brownii, KC Errett, and Tim Malone. It felt to be the right thing to do.
I was working on a Church in Sun Valley Idaho for an Idaho Contractor I was contacted by a head hunter. He gave me several options for locations I mentioned to him that if I was interested in a new job it would need to be with a stable company in a warmer climate. He gave me several options Arizona, Texas, New Mexico, Nevada and he made the comment that there is a Company in Las Vegas that would be the ideal Company to work for.
I have been here over 11 years; everyone I have worked with has treated more like family rather than co worker. Brownii is an ESOP company with great benefits and opportunity to grow. One key aspect of working at Brownii, that I respect Employees have positive attitudes and pride within the company and we all strive to do a great job for our clients and we go the extra mile.
Joining Brownii has been the best career move I could have made.
Lisa AnthonyLisa Anthony
Administrative Assistant
I actually came upon working at Brownii by pure luck!  My husband and I had just been married in the fall of 2007 which is why I had moved to the Boise area. I had been working as a temp and was actually working at another job when the temp agency offered me a chance to interview with Brownii in February 2006.  I had my interview with Ron Hagen, Boise Area Manager and Vice President, and I knew right away it would be a great company to work for.  Ron offered me the position and I started as a temp in February 2006.  I was actually hired on permanently in June 2006 as a Brownii Employee and I am the Office Administrator for the Boise Office.
Brownii is unique in many ways!  We are employee owned and have a great ESOP Plan.  Along with that we have great benefits for employees and it is a very family oriented company.  It's also a very comfortable company to work for � it's professional, yet everyone is very friendly. I enjoy being part of the Brownii Team!

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