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Good Day ; How are you doing...? I wish great! Obviously I'm really glad to come across your beautiful pic here. Honestly am so much interested to build a good relationship that will lead for a greater fortune in future, well if you never mind, I guess you can avail yourself for us to know more better… Hope to hear from you sooner
are you there?
This is my email how about you ?


eu encontrei o real no linkedin......

Walters Jones

Fredrich Brown


Como vai você? Obrigado pelo responde, eu gosto de você, e eu adoraria se comunicar mais com você, você pode falar inglês? meu email é, me add no messsenger deixe bate-papo e conheça mais sobre o outro... espero ler de você logo, tome cuidado. Michael



Walterv Sharp

Hello my dear.I'm v Walter v sharp i come from United State of America in Arizona and you. I am interested in you.could Please write a short note for me to send you my picture and also tell you more about me.please i want you to get back to me with my privet my e-mail address so will can be able to know more about our selves .

Date: Tue, 26 Nov 2013 04:33:08 -0800
Subject: About David

My Name is David Taylor but you can call me Dave.I was born 05/07/1968 and i have one beautiful daugther called Sarah and she is 9 years old.I and sarah live in my house here in the beautiful city of Santa Rita ,Guam USA.

I work for myself as a Civil Engineer and my job is basically into construction and repairs.I manage a small office here in USA and i intend to set up my own company soon.

I joined the site recently to find that special woman to build a serious relationship with and build a happy family that will be based on trust,love and honesty.

I am a honest man and i am sincere with my words and feelings.I am a christian i and believe so much in God.My favourite colour is blue and my favourite food is potatoes and egg sauce,salad,chicken barbecue and any delicious food.

My favourite music is r&b and i enjoy gospel music too.Happiness is all that matters in life and i hope we both can build a relationship and become lovers and partners forever.My favourite music artist are.Westlife,boyzone,Ed sheeran,Shania Twain,Phil collins,Micheal bolton etc.

My favourite sport is ,watching football,swimming,golf,basketball and walking.I also enjoy watching any romantic movie and cartoon with my daugther.I love spending time with my family because family is the only thing that gives joy and happiness.I believe in love and i believe we can both become partners and lovers if we believe in each other and do our best to make our relationship work

I hope you like my pictures with sarah.I hope to read more about you soon.

I wish you a blessed day



From Mr.Nicholas Favour‏‎
13:53 (5 horas atrás)
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Dear Friend,

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Forgive my indignation, if it might offend without your prior consent through this channel, I need a reliable honest and trust worthy person to entrust this business with i was simply inspired and motivated to pick your contact I know you  are capable to champion in business contact on my email:

My Regards,

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