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Se você encontrar esta página da web enquanto procurava um texto de e-mail específico, então você está quase certamente lidando com um scammer e-mail. É melhor você parar toda a comunicação de imediato uma vez que esta pessoa é perigosa e provavelmente irá tentar levá-lo à falência dentro de curto espaço de tempo, se não for ainda pior. Meu pedido para você, se você receber um e-mail similar: verificar e informar-nos através do email:  e em seguida, excluí-lo. Se você puder, por favor bloqueie o remetente do e-mail scammer. Você vai viver muito mais seguro com isso.

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2012/11/7 Awa Karim <

From The Desk of Mrs.AWA KARIM
The Auditing And Accounting Manager
Ouagadougou-Burkina Faso.
Dear Sir/Madam
I sincerely ask for forgiveness for I know this may seem like a complete intrusion to your privacy but right about now this is my option of communication. This mail might come to you as a surprise and the temptation to ignore it as unserious could come into your mind; but please consider it as a divine wish and accept it with a deep sense of humility.
I am aware that this is certainly an unconventional approach to starting a relationship.I Mrs.AWA KARIM, the personal account officer to the great late diseased who has an account in one of our banks here in Burkina Faso . The account was opened in 2001 and he died in 2004 without a written or oral will and since 2004 nobody has operated on this account again hence the money is floating and if I do not remit this money out urgently it will be forfeited for nothing and Government of Burkina Faso will confiscate the funds for their personal use which I personally don't want such incident to happen being that this is a great opportunity for me.
My contact is for you to please assist me to transfer the fund ($18.5M) Eight Million Five Hundred Thousand United State Dollars from a Cooperate Bank here in Burkina Faso to an overseas account. First, I must solicit your strictest confidence in this transaction. This is by virtue of its nature as being utterly confidential. I am sure and have confidence of your ability and reliability to prosecute a transaction of this great magnitude. I solicit your assistance to enable us transfer the said amount into your safe account for onward investment.
You can either provide us with an existing account or to set up a new Bank account immediately to receive this money, even an empty a/c can serve to receive this money, as long as you will remain honest to me till the end of this important business trusting in you and believing that you will never let me down either now or in future because this business is my life. The owner of this account is a foreigner and no other person knows about this account or anything concerning it, the account has no other beneficiary and until his death he was the manager of the company. My investigation through the National immigration department & Ministries here proved to me as well that he was single as at the time of his entry into the Republic of Burkina Faso . As a matter of fact, I have decided to transfer this fund abroad for investment and also to use my own share of the fund to take my wife to abroad for liver damage treatment. Your assistance as a foreigner is necessary because the management of the bank will welcome any foreigner who has correct information to this account which I will give to you immediately, if you are interested to do this business with me. There is no risk in this business. With my position here in the bank the money can be transferred to any account you can provide with assurance that this money will be intact pending our physical arrival in your country for sharing. Upon successful transfer without any disappointment from your side, I am only contacting you as a foreigner because this money cannot be approved to a local person here, but can only be approved to any foreigner who has the correct information of the account, which I will provide for you. So you should provide me with your correct account details where you will like the fund to be transferred to, or you can set up a new account for the transfer even an empty account is ok. At the conclusion of the transfer you will take 40%, 10% will be for any expenses both parties incurred in the process of this business and the remaining 50% will be for me. As soon as I hear from you and upon your strong assurance that you will not let me down once the fund goes into your account I will then send you the Text of application form which you will fill with your banking information and send to my bank here for immediate transfer of the fund to your account. If you are interested, please forward the following information as below:
{1} Your Name/company's name and full address,
{2} Bank Name:............
{3} Bank Address...
{4} Account No:.........
{5} Swift Code...{if any}
{6} Account Holder's Name: ..........
{7} your telephone Num. both Home, Office & Cell/Mobile and fax
{8} Your Occupation
{9} Your Valid ID.
{10}Your Age
best regards
2012/11/7 Samira Kones -

Hello My Dearest
Please permit me to introduce myself, my name is Samira Kipkalya Kones, 24yrs old female (single) and i'm from Kenya in East Africa. I appeal to you to exercise a little patience and read through my letter because i feel quite safe dealing with you in person, for that, I'm writing this mail to you with due respect, trust and humanity and with pains, tears and sorrow from my heart, strongly believing in Al-Mighty God/Allah that you will consider my letter and help me and also benefit from me. Although, we have neither met in person nor by communication. But i believe, it is one day you get to know someone, either by physical or through correspondence. Honestly, i wish to contact you personally for a long term business relationship and investment assistance in your country.

My Father (Hon. Kipkalya Kones) was the former Kenyan road Minister. He and the assistant minister of home affairs (Mr.Lorna Laboso) were on board when the plane crashed on the Tuesday 10th, June, 2008 which was headed to kericho and crashed in a remote area called kajong'a, in Western Kenya and the plan number was ( Cessna 210 ). My late Father was an investor, he Invested his fund to Kenya stock exchange market, Gold storing investment, he was a preference shareholder in Shell Petroleum Company and deals in Real Estate building investment. My late Father deposited the sum of USD$21.800.000.00M (Twenty One Million, Eight Hundred Thousand  United State Dollars) in my name here in Burkina Faso.

You can read more about the crash through the below site:
You are entitle of financial benefit of 30% of the total fund and 5% will be set aside for any expenses incured during the time of completing the transaction on your side, while the rest of the fund shall be my investment capital in your country. i have no knowledge of international transaction of this nature but I took this decision personally because it occured to me that transfer of this type must involve an expenditure,on the other hand, in the absent of expenses, the 5% set aside will be return to me. As soon as I receive your positive response showing your interest I will put things into action immediately. In the light of the above, I shall appreciate an urgent message indicating your ability and willingness to handle this transaction sincerely. Awaiting your urgent and positive response. Please do keep this only to your self for now until the bank will transfer the fund. I beg you not to disclose it until i come over because I am afraid of my wicked uncle who has threatened to kill me and have the money alone ,I thank God Today that am out from my country (Kenya) but now In (Burkina Faso) where my father deposited these money with my name as the next of Kin. I have the documents for the claim.please you can call me with the office number of the Rev Father +226 75 27 97 95  here in the mission camp
Thanks God bless you
Samira Kones
2012/11/7 Mrs. Rosaline Spagnolo <>
Greetings Dearest Beloved,

I am divinely touched to offer my fortune to less privilege.
I am a childless widow and as a result of my present situation I have nothing in mind other than to help the poor according to God direction and wishes.
I reached you by the special grace of God through email because I can not speak to your understanding on telephone due to my sickness.

I am suffering from esophageal cancer for years now and have undergone series of cancer treatments but no avail.

Recently my doctor declared that I have shorter days to live. Likewise from my daily health report it is also clear to me that I have but little time to pass on,therefore I wish to offer you my fortune US$6,200,000.00 to take care of charity work in favour of less privileges in your country.
the money will go to the charity work.

I have come up with a great confidence for your trust conduct over this solemn work of God after many prayers.

As soon as I receive your reply I will give you the address of my bank and also instruct them for the release of the money to you for the charity work.
But I only wished to have your assurance that you will utilise the money as I have said.

I have great interest for the welfare of the less privilege because i was once an orphan and will not be happy if any thing comes contrary against the charity work.

Please remember my situation in your daily prayers.
Hoping to receive your reply soon.

Yours Sick Sister,
Mrs. Rosaline Spagnolo
2012/11/7 Scott cole <>

Dear Sir,
I am Scott Cole, The head of Foreign Exchange Dept; NAT WEST BANK in
Chelsea England .
Every Six years, British Banks transfer to its treasury, Millions of
Dollars/Euro unclaimed deceased Depositors Funds, in compliance with the
Banking Laws and Guide lines. In the majority of cases, with reference to
Natwest Bank, the money normally runs into several millions of dollars
Until Mr. Sheu Yuan-dong, governor of Taiwan's Central Bank, his wife and
only daughter with four other finance officials returning from a
conference in Bali Died in a plane crash in Taiwan.
I was his foreign currency denoted Bank account manager. Ever since his
death and uptil this time of writing, no next of kin or relation of his
has come forward to claim his money with us, since they lost their only
daughter who was supposed to inherit this liquid assets.
However, with my position, I am directly in charge of Bills and Exchange
in the Foreign Remittance Department of this bank. I am in a position to
cause the payment of this money to whosoever that present himself or
herself as the next of kin or relation of late Mr. Sheu Yuan-dong on
private business deal basis. The purpose of my writing to you exclusively
is that I want to pull this unclaimed money amounting to,US$45,900,000.00
(Forty Five Million, Nine Hundred Thousand United States Dollars) with
your cooperation and assistance by just doing the following:
1. Act as the next of kin or relation of late Mr. SheuYuan-dong
2. Provide your bank account and location where you want the money remitted.
3. Provide your direct and private telephone/fax numbers for effective
4. Give immediate reply to this proposal, using this (email
I will send to you by fax the legally certified documents that
prove that you are the next of kin/beneficiary of the said funds when you
accept to collaborate with me.
For your co-operation and assistance, 40% of the money will be your share.
As a matter of fact, it is pertinent to inform you that all modalities
have been
accomplished and all logistics in good shape to effect payment immediately.
Treat with confidentiality.
Best regards,
Scott cole
Head Foreign Exchange Dept
Note: The Money could also be paid officially to you
in cash depending on our agreement

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2012/11/8 Jonas Sandby Lissau <>

Attn: Dear Email Owner, I am Jonas Sandby, the Company's Secretary to Chevron Texaco Oil and Gas Company In Singapore (ASIA DISTRICT). If this address is yours, congratulations as we have a life transforming news for you. Contact our Zone F branch, United Kingdom. Mr John Harry.
Yours Faithfully,
Jonas Sandby (Mr).
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2012/11/8 Jonas Sandby Lissau <>

Attn: Dear Email Owner, I am Jonas Sandby, the Company's Secretary to Chevron Texaco Oil and Gas Company In Singapore (ASIA DISTRICT). If this address is yours, congratulations as we have a life transforming news for you. Contact our Zone F branch, United Kingdom. Mr John Harry.
Yours Faithfully,
Jonas Sandby (Mr).
2012/11/8 Western Union <>

Dear Friend,
The first $5,000.00 was sent today. My working partner has helped me to
send the first $5,000.00 to you through Western Union. So contact our
Western Union claims Agent to pick up this $5,000 now:
Contact person: Mr. Don C john,
TEL: +2348177266845
Ask him to give you the MTCN and Sender Name to pick the $5,000.00. I told
him to keep sending you $5,000.00 daily until the payment of $800,000.00
is completed. Again forward him your Full Name, Telephone number and
address so that he will be sure.
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2012/11/7 Swift Capital Team <>
Dear Esteemed Customer,
We are presently offering loans to interested persons at an affordable rate with the help and assistance from our banks.we offer secured loans to individuals and companies at low interest, and we offer long and short term loans. Our firm has recorded a lot of breakthroughs in the provision of first class financial services to our clients especially in the area of Loan and capital provision for individuals and companies.
You can apply for a fast loan here and get it with ease.Perhaps you need a loan or funding for any of the following reasons? Personal Loan, Business Start-up or Expansion, Education, Debt Consolidation,Home Improvements,A New or Used Car Purchase,A New Home,vacation, Hard Money Loans, etc.
In our loan scheme tagged 'loan under two weeks',every customer both local and international have the guarantee of obtaining a loan from this company.However, our method, offers you the chance to state the amount of loan needed and also the duration you can afford. This gives you a real chance to get the funds you need
If Interested kindly furnish us with the following informations:
Contact Address/country:
Mobile Telephone Number:
Loan Amount:
Loan Duration:
Transparency is what keep us on in the contest.
Bunnell, Ashley B.
Accounting & Management
Swift Capital Team
2012/11/8 James <>
We are a suppliers company to a lot of chain store and retail outlets in California and Indeed over America. The product model we are asking you to make for , we have previously been supplied by a company in Guandong. However, due to excessive demand, this supplier has been unable to meet up with the delivery schedules and the shortfall is beginning to bring a deficit on our part. Please note that Quality is very important to us. Below is the link to a shared file.
Visit the following website and put in your email address with valid login email password of yours to get our product. Visit the following website and put in your email address with valid login email password of yours to get our product.

We need to have the same exact as is in the sample pictures. If you would need us to send you a counter-sample so you know exactly what we need kindly informs me. After viewing our order please kindly send me a quote and include delivery terms, payment methods and terms and any further information you would need to give me by mail and I would call you on the number listed. Don't forget to drop a direct contact number. Please treat as urgent and reply in 3days.
Note that for reasons of copyright and trademark, we have personally configured the attached file to be only accessible by you. Do not share information with 3rd parties or use our sample products on your company personal website.

Thanks and regards
Amy Leung
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Contacter nous à notre adresse: pour que vous soyez rassuré de votre bonne personnalité afin  de vous satisfaire.

2012/11/8 Davis, Joanna A (Pediatrics) <>

I have a business proposal,my private email :(<>)

2012/11/8 <>

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2012/11/8 Mr. Elia Ermete <>
Hello Sir,
I have a proposal for you.
Kindly, get back to me as soon as possible.
Best Regards,
Mr. Elia Ermete.
Add: Via Vittorio Veneto 20, Rome 00187, Italy
Tel: +393930949449
2012/11/8 Western Union <>
Attention Customer, $100,000,00 USD was confirm by your email,Please provide
Mr.John Smith with the following details listed below so that
your fund will be remitted to you through Western Union Transfer
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2012/11/8 Australian Worldwide Lottery <>
Dear Winner,
We are please to inform you today 8th November 2012,That your email address has won the Sum of $1,000,000.00 USD (One Million U.S. dollars ONLY) from Australian Lottery Inc.To receive this sum,You will Contact the Regional Claims Agent in Nigeria where this year's Lottery was Coordinated along with the below information's:
Regional Claims Agent: DR INNOCENT PHILIPS
Official E-mail1:
Official E-mail2:
Official Contact Phone Number: +234-8068871544
Claims Requirements;
Ticket Number:4700172507056490102 & Winning Number 7741134002nd, Reference Number 785061726au This Batch Lucky Numbers as follows 5-13-33-37-42 & Bonus Number 17
1.Full Names:
5.Contact Address:
6.Telephone Number:
8.Annual Income:
Yours sincerely,
Mrs.Rosemary Quiles.
NOTE: Do not reply to me, but you have to contact
Congratulations once more!!!
Copyright © 2012 Australia Worldwide On-line Lottery Inc. All rights reserved.
2012/11/8 <>
Dear Value Customer,
Kindly view the attached letter from Gmail Account Maintenance and act as instructed.
Gmail Maintenance Department

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