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012/11/15 Smith, Pamela <>

Win $500,000 (Five Hundred Thousand (USD) in Coca Cola Company @UNITED KINGDOM NATIONAL LOTTERY XMAS PROMO.To qualify, Email the correct answer to the question given below to THE COCA COLA OFFICE via email: Question: Who won the Under (20) 2011 FIFA World Cup in Columbia? (A)Portugal (B)Spain (C)Francel(D)Brazil.

Denúncia de tentativa de golpe financeiro por um vulgo militar americano.
Seu msn:
IP 65.55116.83 São de Redmond, Washington
A pessoa se identifica como Capitain Raymond Brian Powel.
Diz que a esposa o traiu qdo estava na guerra do Afeganistão, conta uma história comovente, de que é separado há 4 anos e que o filho dele tem 6 anos e mora com a mãe.
E que está em missão juntamente com o exercito inglês na Libya, o filho tem asma e está sempre doente precisando de remédios.
Pede dinheiro para a mãe e o filho que se encontram em Londres voltarem para os EUA.
Dizia que quando estava nos Estados Unidos morava em Trenton, New Jersey. Só história, se contradiz toda hora e no final pede dinheiro.
Não caí na história e denunciei na Policia Federal aqui no Brasil e para o FBI - EUA.
Return-Path: <root@melo.localdomain

Em 13 de novembro de 2012 20:22, <> escreveu:
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Return-Path: <

2012/11/14 PayPal <>

Dear Client,

This is an automatic message by the system to let you know that you have to confirm your account information within 48 hours.
Your account has been frozen temporarily in order to protect it.

The account will continue to be frozen until it is approved And Validate Your Account Information.
Once you have updated your account records, your information will be confirmed and your account will start to work as normal once again.

 This will help protect you in the future. The process does not take more than 3 minutes.

To proceed to confirm your account information please click on the link below and follow the instructions that will be required.

Click Here To Verfiy Your Account info

© 2012 All rights reserved.

2012/11/14 <>
Your Email have been awarded  £1,532,720 GBP in our BBC
ONLINE Award,provide your.
1.Full Name:
2.Full Address:
5.Phone Number:

2012/11/14 Muriel Fuqua <>

012/11/15 thembelani <>

2012/11/15 Christine Lagarde <>
AB11 5EE

V vednost: navodilo, naj se spustite Zapadlo SKLAD

To je, da vas intimna z zelo pomembnih informacij, ki bo v veliko pomoč, da vas odkupil od vseh težav, s katerimi se srečujejo bili v pridobivanje vaš dolgo več zaradi plačila zaradi prevelikega povpraševanja po denar od tebe, ko sta obe podkupljivih uradnikov banke in kurirska Podjetja.

Jaz sem gospa Christine Lagarde, visok pa uradnik Mednarodnega denarnega sklada (IMF). Morda vas bo zanimalo vedeti, da so poročila dosegli svoj sedež tako veliko stičnih točk na neprijetno način, ki ga ljudje radi, se obravnavajo po različnih bankah in kurirskih podjetij / diplomat v Evropi do Afrike in Azije / London UK in smo se odločili, da stop, da, zato sem bil imenovan za ravnanje vaš posel tukaj v Londonu.

Vseh vladnih in nevladnih prostati, nevladnimi organizacijami, so finančne družbe, banke, varnost družbe in diplomat (i), ki so bili v stiku z vami poznega navodila za varnostno kopiranje iz svojega posla in ste bili, naj ne bi odzvala nanje več od IMF je sedaj neposredno odgovoren za plačilo.

Še toliko bolj, navodila, prejeta od uradov skrb je, da boste dobili delno plačilo GBP 360,000.00 {360000 Great British funtov na vaš bančni račun brez odlašanja.

Zato vam svetujemo, da naj NE odpust dodatnega plačila v vseh institucij v zvezi z vašo transakcijo, saj bo vaš sklad prenese na vas, neposredno iz našega vira. Upam, da je to jasno. Vsak ukrep, v nasprotju s tem navodilom, je na lastno odgovornost.

Za več informacij o tem, kako se bo vaš sklad dostavljeni na vaš bančni račun, ki, prosimo, pošljite naslednje informacije.

VAŠE polnimi imeni:
Kontaktni naslov:
TELEFON / MOBILNI in številkami faksa:
Priložite kopijo svojega (NRCC).

S spoštovanjem,

GOSPA. Christine Lagarde
Združeno kraljestvo. Tel: 7024952772


2012/11/15 Alfred Bruno <>
London UK
Special duties reference
**UNO/WBF LM-05-371**


We are pleased to inform you that your long withheld funds  has been approved for payment  by the International Monetary fund (IMF) the official had mandated one of the world most popular bank (HSBC) to commence the payment as to enable  every affected beneficiary to receive their payment.

A HSBC bank draft of said amount has been issued in your name. The authenticity of the aforementioned claim has been ascertained, the Bank draft was issued in accordance with National Banking Regulation Act of 1986 as amended in 1992.
For us to proceed with the delivery of the Bank draft to you, we need you to reconfirm the below requested information to this office as we do not wish to be held responsible by IMF for making wrong delivery.

1. Your Full name
2. Your delivery address
3. Your telephone and fax number

As soon as we receive the reconfirmation of the above requested information, we shall scan and attach a copy of your bank draft via email to you for your perusal and update you with the delivery schedule.
We await your immediate response.

Yours faithfully,
Alfred Bruno

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2012/11/15 <>
Last Reminder
This is to inform you that the Bank Negara Malaysia Treasury Dept been notified of a RETURNED FUNDS under the custody of HSBC BANK MALAYSIA. HSBC MALAYSIA confirmed they have a PAYMENT/TRANSFER MANDATE to release the total sum of $2,798,901.02Million,contact this e-mail: for further directive.
Sincerely yours,
Mr Ahmed Bin Razali

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2012/11/15 Goh Ching Yin <>

Dear Friend,

My name is Goh Ching Yin. am a Singaporean citizen and a seasoned Banker in Malaysia (Berhad office), I occupy the position of an accountant in this branch office, it is with good spirit of heart I opened up this great opportunity to you. A deceased client of mine, that bears the same last name as yours, died as the result of a heart-related condition on March 12th 2005. His heart condition was due to the death of all the members of his family in the tsunami disaster on the 26th December2004 in Sumatra Indonesia . for more information.

My late Client has a deposit of twenty one point three million dollars (US$21. 300, 000, 00 Million Dollars) left behind I contacted you so I can present you as my late client next of kin, so the money can be transferred to your account, and we will share it together, Please reply immediately with your information including your full name, full address and telephone number for easy communication with you.  I await your prompt response immediately,

Best Regards,

Goh Ching Yin.


2012/11/15 <>

Dear Recipient ,


A collection will be made on 16-Nov-2012 09:16 for delivery to you, via Overnight service, by Direct Logistics on behalf of 1605.

The delivery deadline time is set for 18-Nov-2012 16:00

The description is: GENERAL GOODS

If you have a query regarding this email please contact 1605 - 123456 Quoting Reference 205047 or Consignment Number 2979939 or Unique Ref: 8004z709500

You can use the following link to track this order



2012/11/15 Barr. Colin Lee. <>
I once again try to notify you as my earlier letter was returned
undelivered. You were bequeathed by my late Client Mr. James Campbell.
Do contact my office.

Barr. Colin Lee.

2012/11/15 <>


Vi skriver til dig, fordi vi vil opfordre dig til, at tilmelde din Fitness World-regning til
Betalingsservice. På den måde undgår du et månedligt faktureringsgebyr på 30 kr.

Du kan tilmelde din PBS World-regning til Betalingsservice på to måder:

1. Ved brug af nedenstående oplysninger kan du allerede nu, via din netbank, tilmelde din
PBS World-regning:

Kunde-/aftale nr: *******21067001 PBS nr: ****5627 Debitor gruppe nr.: 00001

2. Såfremt du ikke når at tilmelde dig inden d. 15 i måneden, vil du modtage et
indbetalingskort, som du kan tilmelde til Betalingsservice via din netbank eller nede i din lokale bank.

Du kan tilmelde dig pådefaulthtml

På gensyn. PBS World 2012

2012/11/14 Michael Murphy <>
Unsubscribe me from this list


China Exploration Services Limited Management wishes to offer Employment Positions for skilled
personnel/Expatriates whose Experience is hereunder listed in the stated field positions and other
Administrative Positions Stated Herein, to Enable The Company Drill and supply oil/Petroleum
Products, on New Awarded Contract to her through CHEVRON CORPORATION in Rivers State
(OGBA Kingdom) & Bayelsa State respectively, for the Onshore/Offshore Drilling Project which is
about to commence. The required position is as stated below;

Tool-pusher, Driller, Assistant Drillers, Derrick-man, Carpenter, Floor-man, HSE Safety,
Mud-man, Rough Neck, Seismic Worker, Rig-Medic (Female/Male), Logistics Officer,
Drilling Coordinator, Company-man, Industrial Relation Officer, Drilling liaison Officer,
Mechanic-Diesel & Gas Engines, Mechanic-Generator, Mechanic-General, Mechanic-
Helicopter, Mechanic-Cranes, Engineers-Petroleum, Engineers-General, Engineers-
Electrical, Geologist-Surveyor, Seismic Surveyor, Seismic Data Processing, Seismic
Interpretation, Bobcat Operator, Heavy Equipment Operator, Pilot, Truck Driver, Expert
Cook/Camp Boss, Plumber, Welder, Heavy Equipment Operator, Well Control, Insulation,
Electrician, Geologist, Expert Security Coordinator, Pipeline Welder, Algon Welder,

Personnels Interested in Administrative Positions Such As;Off-shore-Public Affairs Manager,
Off-shore-Public Relations Manager, Off-shore-Administrative Secretary, Off-shore-Personnel
Secretary, Off-shore-Community Relation Officer, Off-shore-Account Auditor, Off-shore-Accountant Etc.


We shall require to have your written application and your detailed Resume/C.V immediately
via email attachment and you are to forward your email to the Expatriate human resources managers below
Email address. We await your response in this regard, wishing you best of luck. We also intend to
finalize employment online for deployment as soon as possible.



(This Employment Exercise may contain information that is privileged, confidential and exempt from disclosure under applicable law of the Federal
Republic of Nigeria. If you are not the intended recipient, you are hereby notified that any disclosure, copying, distribution, or use of the information
contained herein (including any reliance thereon) is STRICTLY PROHIBITED, if you received this transmission in error, please immediately contact
the sender China Exploration Services Limited®.

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2012/11/15 KEMI. MARIETTE <>
Bonjour Bien Aimé
Mon nom est ROICHE Carolina âgée de 59 ans et vivant dans une maison de retraite à Manchester, de nationalité Française. Bien vrai que je ne vous connais pas, ce que je demande à DIEU, c’est de rendre votre cœur saint afin de réaliser mes projets avec ce DON. Je ne voulais pas quitter cette terre sans se rendre compte que mon argent a servis aux enfants démunis, pauvres, orphelins et autres, un grand soulagement bien aimé. Je désire léguer en espèce une somme qui s’élève à (£1 Millions d'euro (un millions d'euro) à toute personne physique ou morale intervenant dans le social ou dans l'humanitaire. Je veux que vous la gérer comme si c'était la votre dans l’intérêt de réaliser mes vœux les plus chers au monde. Pour votre avis favorable prière me contacter sur
voici mon numero: 00447011 12 74 71  faite beaucoup de prière pour que DIEU vous beni
Que la grâce du Seigneur soit avec vous. Amen

2012/11/15 Noriega Graciela <>
From:Mrs.Graciela Noriega
Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso.

Dear Friend,
Compliment of the season to you; this message might meet you in utmost surprise. However, it's just my urgent need for foreign partner that made me to contact you for this transaction I am a banker by profession from Burkina Faso in West Africa and currently holding the post of manager auditing and accounting unit of the bank. I have a business proposal of Ten Million United States Dollars which I want you to handle with me from my bank as the  beneficiary to the fund.

This fund is the balance deposit by one of our late customer from France Mr. Paul Louis Halley, he was an importer/exporter and a shareholders in telecommunication here in Burkina Faso. Firstly, you will have to open communication with our bank by applying for the claim as the (beneficiary) to the fund, I shall be directing you on process to get this fund transfer into your account after applying. All expenses incurred by you and me in this transaction will be deducted out from 5% of the total fund before the sharing of the money in ratio of 50/50.

From banking experience it will take up to fourteen (14) working days to conclude this transfer, also this fund can be transfer to you in any form of your choice. This matter should be a confidential between you and me and please delete it if you are not interested; If you are interested, please send me your full contact information as below and thereafter I will send to you TEXT OF APPLICATION FORM to apply for the fund. I will appreciate your kind gestures towards this fortune, may the Almighty God who provide for everyone bless you.

Incident site:
1. Full name:.........
2. Current Address:.........
3. Telephone N°:...........
4. Occupation:.............
5. Age:............
6. Country:........

Yours Truly
Mrs.Graciela Noriega,

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2012/11/15 The National Lottery Day 2012 <>

The National Lottery
No.366 Commissioner Street

 Dear Lucky Winner
The National Lottery Day wishes to inform you that you have won
the sum of R9,000,000.00(Nine Million South African Rand)
Equivalent to $1,100,648.15 (USD)
The National Lottery Day. draws was conducted from an  exclusive
list of 13 lucky emails of individual and corporate bodies picked by
an advanced automated random computer search. No tickets were
Batch Nr: JBSH/10/JB/SA
Ref Nr: SH/037/11/06/SA.

 1. Full Name:
 2. Address:
 3. Occupation:
 4. Nationality:
 5. Tel No:
 6. Date Of Birth:
 7. Country Of Residence:
 8. Alternative Email :

The National Lottery day and the Local Organizing Committee
(LOC) of the 2012 National Lottery day celebration hereby Agrees,
That the winning information written above are the orignal winning
information as it was selected by the computer on 15th day of
November,2012, And that the winner who these winning information
has been sent to,will be paid the winning sum of
R9,000,000.00(Nine Million South African Rand) Equivalent to
$1,100,648.15 (USD) without fail.You are required to claim your
winnings by November 30th, 2012 otherwise  it rolls over to the next
Note: Anybody under the age of 18 is automatically disqualified....

Claims Officer:
Mr .Owen Wilson
Remittance Department Personnel
Once again on behalf of all our staff CONGRATULATIONS!!!
Miss Cindy Themba
Winnings Coordinator

The information in this email is confidential and intended solely for
the addressee.The information contained in this message is
confidential and may legally protected. The information contained
in this e-mail message is intended exclusively for the
addressee.Use of this information by anyone other than the
addressee is prohibited. Disclosure, copying, distribution and / or
distribute this information to third parties is not allowed.not liable
for the proper and complete transmission of the content of a sent
email nor for any delay in its receipt.This footnote also indicates
that this email has been scanned by a current virus scanner for the
presence of computer virus.


2012/11/16 LEGAL INQUIRY <>

Dear Counsel
We need a litigation lawyer who can handle a collection case. Please let
me know if you an be of assistance to me or If not a referral could be
John Kevin.

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