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domingo, 18 de novembro de 2012


______________SCAMMER MORRIL COLE________

On facebook 

Am so much glad to read your email of honest , my dear i want to advice you as we have met in Facebook , God has a purpose of making us to know each other no matter what your friend do to you , i am working and doing business in Northern Ireland ,i have one daughter , her age is 15yrs and i have sisters, we are three in number , my father is origin of Dubai, but He went out to London for job purpose that was how he met my mother, it's was a story told by them , but I have lost my father now since 5yrs ago, so i am the leadership in my family now , my job is Civil Engineer, my ex wife was from Russia , she only very nice in respecting a man like me and i also respect her too, i am 48yrs in age please can you kindly look on God to judge on that issue about beautiful?, it's my great pleasure to meet you as a friend i hope when God show us the way to love each other whatever that matter allot in friendship or relationship is honest, Not about wealth or riches, i am so glad too you told me your weak point and your characteristics, so i want you to keep your truth up i will also do mine since you have know where my origin come from and where i am working as of now please one thing about me is being sincerely and keep regular email asking about each other , personally value your love as one love and one mind let Allah decide for us ,, i love your pics so much thank you, Dear here is my email ( i have send you my picture in your please kindly check and reply me so far okay i am looking forward to hear from you soon

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