quarta-feira, 28 de novembro de 2012




winysmith said on 26/11/12 8:12 AM
winy.smith@yahoo.de Hello dear, Glad to meet you. I was really impressed when I come across your profile , if you wouldn´t mind can we establish a sincere relationship with Love and Trust I am Miss Winy,smith by name.I hope you get in contact? Write me direct to my e-mail id ( winy.smith@yahoo.de ) I will send you my pictures and introduce myself more to you. Yours eternal, Miss Winy,smith winy.smith@yahoo.de



myhonestmind said on 26/11/12 4:37 PM
Hello how are you doing i hope is well with you my name is Laura 28yrs single lady with no kid im just new to the internet stuff, i will like to talk to you and get to know you better....You can hit me up or send me message at laura_j2208@yahoo.com , i will be looking forward to hear from you soon smile Luara


giftlove01010 said on 30/09/12 5:36 AM
hello, Good day sir its one of my upmost pleasure and priveledge to came across your profile today I, was so thrilled and it spark the spirit of confidence and truth in me and as well belief that you are a good one. I, will enjoyed you if you can contact my e-mail address {giftmabou913@yahoo.com} I, have a very important issue to disscuss with you and I, am confused you will not regret to hear it. thanks i will be waiting, my name is gift mabou .=============== remain bless amen. ___$♥$♥$♥$♥______$♥$♥$♥$♥$, _$♥________$♥__♥$.________♥$ ♥$__(▒)(▒)___$♥____________$♥ $♥_(▒)()(▒)_♥*_ ________♥$ ♥$__(▒)(▒) _______________$♥ _$♥_______(▒)(▒) ________♥$ ___♥$____(▒)()(▒) _______$♥ ______$♥__(▒)(▒)______♥$ ________♥$_________$♥ ___________$♥___♥$ _____________♥$♥


barrkelly said on 27/09/12 3:28 PM
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