quinta-feira, 3 de outubro de 2013


From: armandsz@live.com
Subject: Eu preciso de sua resposta rápida
Date: Thu,  2013 17:15:00 +0000

Olá querida esposa,

Bom dia meu amor. Sei que não há nada melhor do que acordar com você em mente, mesmo depois de ter passado a noite pensando em você. Quando eu pensar ou sonhar com você os melhores pensamentos só vêm à minha mente. Espero que hoje você acordou de bom humor, feliz e capaz de apresentá-lo ao mundo com os olhos brilhantes e sorriso lindo que sempre trazem brilho bom e beleza a este pequeno planeta do nosso.

Meu amor, esta manhã fui ao hospital eo médico confirmou que Kelvin é agora tudo bem e foi certificado para voar. Por isso, vamos certamente estar com você na segunda-feira ou na madrugada de terça-feira. O médico me deu uma fatura de US $ 2,895.00 médica, que cobre para as drogas que compraram e do montante total para o tratamento. Eu não esperava uma quantidade tão grande, e eu já gastou o dinheiro que tenho na compra de bens e entregar ao Reino Unido, e em bilhetes de avião para o seu país.
Acabei de pagar o dinheiro que me resta para eles ($ 1,520.00). Ainda assim, eles precisam de equilíbrio ($ 1,375.00 USD). Caso contrário, Kelvin não pode deixar o hospital e meu cartão de crédito não funciona aqui na África, por causa do sistema bancário pobres

Por isso, eu preciso de $ 1.375 USD para permitir-me pagar o equilíbrio para que Kelvin pode deixar o hospital. Eu reembolsará imediatamente quando eu uso o meu cartão de crédito no Brasil. Eu confirmei isso que eu vou ser capaz de usar meus cartões de crédito no Brasil. Espero sua resposta mais rápida para permitir-nos começar a preparar para sair deste país terrível. Eu tenho tentado chegar até você no telefone, mas sem sucesso.

Meu amor, sua ajuda é inevitável porque não há nenhuma outra maneira eu posso obter o equilíbrio, eu sou tímido e já sentindo menos como um homem discutindo este assunto com você. Por favor, não vejo isso como uma tensão nesta relação e don `t vê-lo como se eu estivesse fazendo você se sentir como parte dos meus problemas pessoais, isso não tem nada a ver com você ou nós, mas agora eu sou impotente porque o meu cartão de crédito não pode trabalhar aqui.

Minha esposa obrigado por seu apoio e amor.
Beijos e abraço.




Date: Wed,  Sep
 From: twalton613@yahoo.com
Subject: Re:

My Angel,

Am happy to read from you showing me how much you desire to receive me, how much you want to be with me as much as i want to be with you too but at the same time with tears in my heart replying you.
Am very sorry about the whole stress you went through and how you risked driving so fast just to hear from me, some times i ask my self, do i really deserve the care of a kind woman like you? but am getting it, darling, i promise never to give you something less no matter the situation...

My Love, Yesterday i told you that i was at the port sorting things out. Yes, its because of the changes at the port yesterday which affected our 50% Negotiation earlier. The port senior officer that i pleaded with to accept the 50% of the 1% demanded was removed yesterday due to cases reported about him to be a corrupt officer and a new person installed same yesterday. My love, at this time my hands are on my head, my blood is dried, i can't eat. Now we must have to pay the 100% of the sea port charges before we can move. Right now, i have borrowed money from all the sources that i can, now i don't have any source..you know i have invested almost all into this being a big contract that is is..and not buoyant right now. now, i have balance charges of $54,000,00. how do i get this? My buyers are beginning to give me ultimatum which i must meet up if not i loose the contract. how do i do this my love. Am crying while writing you this.

Please my love, your husband is getting into trouble, i need you to save me out of this with whatever you can do for us. i have already taken loan before coming to Malaysia, please my love, if you can get a loan from your bank, mortgage anything you can, i will pay you back. Darling, the worse part right now is that, am paying for the delaying of the ship..i really need to do this fast. i can't come online now because am traveling with my business adviser here to his state to get loan in his name from his bank. i will be back very late. its about 5 hours to and from. please reply to me with what you can do to help your husband please.

Darling, please do not cry..i know its difficult to hold back your tears in this situation cos i too can not but you are the only one that i have right now, if you are not strong for me, then i have no one..i know its trial time for us and with God, with both of us strong for each other, we both of us for each other, we can happily get through this. my tears drop more if i think of how much we desire to be together, if remember all we have planned for this weekend....i missed you Leila, why i can not be with you now?..crying....Be strong for me dear..i really need you now..

i will stop here for now and hope to come online when am back. i have really stressed my love. i have not eaten lunch because i can not eat..i had shower only for once today. i stink my love...i promise you one thing, don't give up cos i never do. no matter what it may cost, i will be with you soon. the time we have to be together is not far compare to the time we have both spent alone. please stay strong for me..I Love You Leila. I Love you so very much

..Your Husband, Thomas


Date: Fri,  Sep 2013
From: twalton613@yahoo.com

Hello Angel, how are you? how are my  kids XXXX,

XXX and my XXXXX too? is everyone still waiting

for me? well, here i come..and i promise am going

to make it up to all of you..knee on your feet,

look straight in your eyes and say am sorry for

all the stress i caused you..hope you will accept

my apology?

Darling, am happy to tell you that, today i

finally met with my contact buyers after my trip

to this place on Thursday and guess what? we have

renewed the contract and right now as am writing

you this mail, a cash Deposit of  $ 530,000.00 is

waiting me in Malaysia..hahaha..am so happy my

love..i just finished my dinner and i want to eat

another one, i want to eat and eat again but not

alone, i want to dine with you tonight, i want to

sleep on same bed with you tonight..i can't

express the level of my joy and happiness that am

finally meeting you..

Darling, i will be flying back to Malaysia first

thing tomorrow morning thought my flight is 11am

but i think i can't wait for that time to come

just as i can not wait to get to Malaysia and

begin the preparation on my trip to Brazil..Dear

so this is what i want to do, the money i need in

Malaysia for the cost to finalize the second

shipment production and the cost of shipment from

Malaysia is about $ 90, 000.00. Remember i told

you, we took a lone of $33, 000.00 from the

production managers bank? i want to pay that

also..and what do i do with the remainder?

hahaha..i want to come and get married to the

love of my life in Brazil..My love, am sending a

total sum of $ 400,000.00 to you before my

arrival...i think that will be enough for us to

do whatever expenses and use some of it to invest

in ourXXXXX business. what do you think my love?

My Love, Sometime ago, i told you that when good

thing is about to happen in the life of people,

it always has its way of up and down..i told you

that all that happened were just mare trial time

and with love, we will overcome it..though you

tried to pull out later and you later did not

believe me but i know its because you are not

into business and does not know business up and

down so am not mad at you cos now, we made it..My

love, my life, my wife and my all, i want to ask



STILL WAITING FOR ME? I still love you as i have

always loved you..Dear, i just want to share this

brief good news with you..i got my packing to do

and i hope this mail finds you a happy woman

again, i hope this mail brings our loosing love

back...i wait to read from you soon my love...i

will be on skype later..hope to see you..

Your Happy Husband, Thomas
Date: Thu, Sep 2013
From: twalton613@yahoo.com
Subject: Re:

Hello Love!
the data is not correct. I send again. send me the payment slip when you make the deposit. ok? its the account of the production manager here. its the only account that we have access to right now. thank you so much. take you time. its easy to make the transaction.

Bank Name............Standard Chartered Bank Malaysia. Account number.....873194886792 Account name.........SOH WEI KEE Swift code..............SCBLMYKL Address..................21 jalan 4/32A kepong Industrial estate kuala lumpur, 51200 Malaysia.

Yes my love its 12:am here and we are at Friday already. i can not sleep as i keep thinking of how all this will be over. i believe we should be able to cash at the break of dawn. God Bless you

I Love You

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