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domingo, 22 de setembro de 2013


From: Jennyweston52 To: xxxx Date: 30, Jul 05:46:04 Subject: Hi [Reply] [Delete] [Report Spam] Message: A loving,caring,down to earth and God fearing woman searching for a man that know what it means to be in love and to be loved And that is ready for a serious relationship. I really need a good man heres my email address hope to read from u soonest


ayeshaabudlu's Last photo    

ayeshaabudlu said on 11/07/13 4:26 AM

My Dear Friend, How are you and How is your family, I hope that everything goes well, I am Mrs. Ayesha Abdul, my best wishes And it is with a heart full of despair that I am writing to seek your consent to conduct humanitarian projects, because I suffer from advanced cancer that prevents me from realizing my dreams. My doctor just informed me that my days are numbered because of my health is degrading. My marital status is such that I have no husband. My husband Eng: Abdul a Benghazi-Libya citizen, of glorious and blessed memory who was an engineer consultant in the Republic of Benin for twelve years he who was shot death by Islamist-linked militia within the anti-Gaddafi forces on 28th July, 2011, and I have no children to whom I could leave my legacy . That´s why I want to Send these some of money to you(€4.200.000) Four Million Two Hundred Thousand Euro, so that you can use it to help the poor, homeless and Widows.So if you feel you can give these poor children and poor women a glimmer of hope and joy then made sure to know your opinion . This mission Is what i want you to realize that this have been my ambition and my personal dream, but for health reasons I am not capable to do it by myself, that why i contact you, whom I can have complete confidence. I count on your goodwill and especially your commitment . I want you to know that the money you are about to receive from a dying woman who is currently in Hospital , you make good use of it,by using it to bless others poor (such is my dearest wish at this time).If you are willing to help the poor children and poor woman please Kindly Reply me Back fast at ( As soon as you send a mail to me, kindly call my private doctor in his direct telephone number +229 98-91-68-50 to let him know that you sent me a mail.So that i can put you in Direct contact with my Doctor. I and will like you to send to me urgently in receipt of this message the information’s as I write below 1 Your Full Name: 2. Your complete address: 3. Your age 4.Your occupation and position 5.A scan copy of your international passport/ ID CARD 6.Your direct telephone number Ineed this information’s to draft a written letter that you will submit to the bank where I deposited the funds Thanks and God Bless you Mrs. Ayesha Abdul, University Teaching Hospital Benin Republic.

Ben Rodriguez -

Olá minha querida,

É um prazer receber seu e-mail, e eu espero que

este seja um bom começo para uma comunicação séria

e positiva, estou a sair de novo aqui no site de

namoro, um amigo meu encontrou sua alma gêmea

neste site e me introduziu aqui, bem, deixe-me

apresentar-me para você, meu nome é Ben Rodriguez,

trocamos o nosso endereço de e-mail alguns minutos

atrás e eu decidi deixar o site por você, não se

preocupe se você não encontrar o meu perfil

novamente no site, como eu prometi para mim mesmo,

fecharia meu perfil depois que eu obtive sua

resposta estou sempre ocupado e normalmente não

tenho tempo para verificar em site de namoro.

Espero que possamos nos manter em contato, pode

parecer difícil agora, devido à nossa distância,

mas podemos manter contacto uns com os outros, nós

podemos fazê-lo direito

Por favor, se mantenha em contato comigo, eu

também vou fazer o mesmo, é bom saber de você, eu

vou lhe dizer mais sobre mim em detalhes e enviar

mais de uma foto minha para você, depois de ouvir

você novamente. Se cuidado minha cara

seu Ben


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juliagbagbo said on 26/08/13 4:36 PM

Hello Dear, How are you doing hope fine as i do over here. Please there is something personal that i will like to discuss with you so try your best to contact me here through my email address so we will discuss that fast as time is not in our favor (  am looking to see your response. Thanks Mrs. Julia Gbagbo

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Dan1968 said on 09/09/13 8:31 AM

Hello Woman,how was your day,well i come across your profile and i do smile while going through it...Well with what i read about you i will like to known you more better than this if you don´t mind....Well i will like to tell you little about me..My name is Dan Waldrop,i am 49 years old,i am a widower with one son,and i am self employed.....So i believe with little about me you will able to know who i am...i will like to go further with you if you don´t mind...You can get back to me if you care to know more about

sandy4good's Last photo    

sandy4good said on 15/09/13 10:54 AM

Hello with love, how is everything with you, my name is Miracle I picked interest on you after going through your short profile at this site,I really got much interested to know you please can we be friends?remember distance,color,age dose not matter in friendship i will be very happy, If you can get back to me more through my e-mail address ( so we can get to know each other better and i will give you more of my pictures and also tell you more about me.please try to send me your email here because i am not often here on Yours true friend miracle ( true friend sandra am waiting to hear from you

Hi gorgeous
wooow .. you look so beautiful and adorable to be honest you are good are you doing? Great i hope. I guess you might be surprise to receive this Email from me, actually i just join this site few months ago and your profile came up after my registration. Believe me you have such a nice and beautiful profile that motivates me to write you, anyway my name are Kelvin Robert, i really wish to communicate with you have a good day

Kevin Robert
Nice to hear from you Simone, i hope we can be good friends and know ourselves better, my email is
Have a great weekend. cheer's ....



hi love
Heinz Perkins  -

    How are you doing?Hope fine.Well,i know Perhaps you will be astonished for receiving this mail from me.I
    know you must also be wondering why i contacted you,I like everything about you in your profile and your picture and this
    is the reason I want to find out all about you - what you like, what are your dreams and everything good and bad about you.
    And that is the reason for me contacting you.
    In a Brief introduction here is about;my name is captain heinz perkins from united states.I am 6'1 tall,hazel eyes, Brown
    hair and i weigh 72kg in weight.i don't have any kid but hope to have one in future.I have separated with my Wife last 2
    years,because she died in a fatal Car Crash.I live alone with right now.My favorite color are red and yellow.I like movies
    especially scary ones,i like bowling, dancing, and amusement parks.
    I like to make something Clear as we start in our communication. My intention should be made known early enough so that you
    could be able to know why i contacted you.The only reason I am here writing to you and ready to devote time to make all the
    necessary communication is because I like your profile and I desire to get closer to you and see if there’s chemistry to
    yoke heart together because nothing works until someone work on it.I am here to look for the real woman who can bring out
    the best from me.A woman that will share the solid foundation of relationship with me, which is, trust, love, relationship,
    companionship, compromise, understanding, friendship,who has the spirit of given.One that we will share our sorrow
    together and one that we will be there for each other in terms of good and problems.
    I also know that the two problems we are going to face is the "THE DISTANCE".I want you to know that distance has nothing
    to do with love.if you find someone who touches your heart and defines love in a perfect way you can travel a thousand
    miles to come and have has nothing to do with age,distance,personality and what you are but of who you are. My
    heart is free and open, also I will be happy, if I find the same heart and it will be mutual.
    Hope to read from you soon.
    Best Regards,heinz



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