segunda-feira, 30 de setembro de 2013

danil cane <>


Hello Dear,

How are you doing today? Hope you are having a great Day... Thanks for showing your interest and writing me back for further communications and I really appreciate so much .it's my first time of dating site, after a friend introduced me into this site . Sorry if you were waiting for my message too long I was really busy....

I'm so glad to know your were interested in me and wanted to know me better, from that alone I can sense that you are serious and sincere so I believe we both are the same Honestly I'm not here looking for a pretty or sexy woman, I will like to settle with you to build a strong family because woman like i said before consist of mans wealth.. so i want you to increase my wealth like serah did to abraham.if I truly become convince that you’re serious too as I don't want any woman to contact me since I will be serious with you if you’re serious with me as well..

I'm seeking for a woman who has good qualities in life, honest, understanding and mature. Inner beauty is more important to me, I look forward to know you better I'm serious with you and not here for any fun or play. I pray that God will guide us in this meeting.  Take care and enjoy your day, have a blissful week...

I Care for you,

Daniel Cane,

James McConville <>

Hi,hope you are fine?i added you to my google talk but you are yet to accept it or didn't you download google talk in your PC.if no,you can download it so we can chart on google talk since you don't have a yahoo messenger.

Neokest Whitty

Olá minha linda mulher como você está fazendo hoje? agradecer é para apreciar me anyman você tem na sua vida? você também é uma mulher bonita, eu realmente desejo que você poderia me dizer sobre você? aqui está o meu e-mail; permanecer abençoado por agora

Patrick Renard <>

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Compliment of the day and how are you doing i hope that you are fine thank you for taking your time to write back to me, well let me tell you about my self. I am Patrick Renard, I was born and live in New York. I hope you are great to day. I am Civil Engineer by profession, am single, working so much without having much time for myself. I am 5'9 height, Hazel Eyes, Dark brown hair and 169 lbs weight,. I like watching football, reading Books and am a man of so much understanding. I will like to know you because am interested in getting into a friendship with you. Tell me about yourself, your likes and dislikes and what your dreams are like. I will also like to know when you registered on face book and your experience so far as i have been there not so long,I will  send you an email now with my mail exactly what am send to you now so that you will know am the one ok. I hope to hear from you soon. Patrick
Ele estava sumido...... usa filmagem, ainda não pediu dinheiro, mas o telefone não deixa mais dúvidas.... ele disse que estava na Nigéria comprando cacau....

12:31 30/9 <ding>
12:31 30/9 Hello Marilda I know you have forgotten me but I wanna tell you that no matter how far you're your love is still in my heart.....
12:32 30/9 I miss you call me on this no +44 7024 020986
12:34 30/9 I'm in Uk now

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