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quarta-feira, 5 de dezembro de 2012


________SCAMMER ALBERT LAWSON___________


Boa noite, gostaria de receber orientação, pois sou vítima de um scam, o nome dele é Albert Lawson, ( que mora em Londres, viajou para a Malásia, começou a pedir dinheiro e agora está na Nigéria.
Está bem caracterizado com o perfil dos golpistas nigerianos,gostaria de informações e como eu posso denunciar para as autoridades locais, sobre este golpista. Em pesquisa na internet,
encontrei o site de vocês. Tenho endereço, telefones, emails, fotos desta pessoa. Sei que posso encontrá-lo através do seu IP também. 

                                                                 foto da suposta filha

_________________________________________________________________________________________SCAMMER DESMOND ALLINGTON_________

---- Mensagem encaminhada -----
De: Desmond Allington <>
Enviadas: Segunda-feira, 19 de Novembro de 2012 
Assunto: RE: Hello!

My Beloved,
Wow...Oh!I feel so happy and relieved to receive such nice message, thanks for your sweet words to me . i want  you to know you  do have the qualities i like in a woman i am now very eager and anxious to see you soon, thanks for your friendship ,Now I am really satisfied to know about you and I am sure it would be a  pleasure to meet you in person......
Finally i shall be  sailing to-night from PORT OF DOVER in United Kingdom through North Atlantic Ocean to SYDNEY PORT in Australia in our Cargo Ship.The Port of Dover is the cross-channel port situated in Dover,south-east England.It is the nearest English port to France,at just 34 kilometers (21 miles) away,and one of Europe's largest passenger ports, with 14 million travelers..The port has been owned and operated by the Dover Harbour Board,a statutory corporation,since it was formed by Royal Charter in 1606.
However,I assure you that I will still be communicating with you via Email,Yahoo IM with my palm-top computer and my Mobile phone number (+447012992092) is programmed already to work with all Satellite networks in the sea and this make it possible for me to receive calls anywhere in the sea so you can reach me on phone... i think there is need for our constant communication and for this reason i would love to have your personal phone number for us to always communicate via phone calls and SMS / TEXT messages,this is the number you can SMS/TEXT with this number (+447544681240) promise to ensure that my best is good enough for us to keep communicating. It will take us less than 21 days to arrive finally in Australia...
As i earlier informed you that I do some trading business in the ship but at this moment I have a big offer to supply large amount of AU Metal (Gold) to an Australia businessman and I will be traveling with some amount of money to buy some AU Metal (Gold) in Port Elizabeth,in South Africa,as soon as I arrive at Bay of Bengali (Indian Ocean) we shall head straight to Port Elizabeth to deliver some cargoes and i shall buy some of this gold there...As you may have known it that South Africa is one of the largest Gold producing country in the world,you can get pure gold in a reasonable and discounted price amount in this region.
This will not take me more than 48 hours to purchase the Gold before sailing finally through the Indian Ocean to Port Sydney in Australia...I want you to pray for a safe journey trip and successful business for me.This is my very last trip to Australia, as soon as I get to  Sydney Port, Australia I shall take a transport by vehicle from the Port to the nearest hotel in the city in Sydney and after completing the sales of the gold in Australia I shall get a flight ticket from Australia to visit you in your country so that we can meet and know each other better.....
I would be pleased if you can furnish me the name of the nearest airport and hotel in your country to enable me quickly book my ticket in Australia and your current telephone number to reach you for further communications.I will always love you with all my hearts and keep on thinking and dreaming of you.
 Many Hugs and kisses for and a lovely day

---- Mensagem encaminhada -----
De: Global Pacific West <>
Enviadas: Domingo, 2 de Dezembro de 2012 19:20
Assunto: Re: Delivery Charges!



In regards to your email,Mr. Allington,only made payment for the delivery charges,he did not make payments for the Non residential Tax payment,I will advice you to get in contact with him and let him know what is going on,I will make an immediately contact with him as soon as possible because he is not here in Labuan island anymore.

The only way I can help you is by you paying 50% of the total amount for the Tax,when your consignment gets to you,you balance the rest 50% of the total amount for the Tax to our delivery agent before they can hand over your consignment to you.

Kindly get back to this office if you agree with this terms and conditions.

We anticipate your swift response.

--- Mensagem encaminhada -----
De: Desmond Allington <>
Enviadas: Domingo, 2 de Dezembro de 2012 
Assunto: Please Understand

Honey there is no need for us to argue over this, we are both one in fresh and you are my beloved. please understand me also , there is nothing i can do you because i do not have any of my document with me here, i kept all my document inside the consignment to you with some amount of money i need to use to buy some quantity of golds here. i have to send every thing to you over there because i do not want to lose them. i am only left here with $450 us dollars which can not be enough to do any thing from me end. more so there is not one to help here, my crew member's also have their consignment sent to their love once. please and please do not let me lose my document's do all you have to do to help me claims it from the security company and i will compensate you greatly with my genuine heart and sincere love for you 

Honey, please I am on my knees do not neglect me, do not leave me alone i  love and cherish you, I trust you so much and love you as well as to live and to get married to you. I have deposited all my money and only left with $450 inside my wallet after paying for the cost delivery the consignments to you I decided not to take enough money with me because of the Somali Pirates..

Please help and i need you to write Mrs Lee also to give you more time to enable you raise the money and you get a loan for pay the amount for me . Honey you will not regret this i promise you 

Your love 


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