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Joseph Ferdinand
Hola estimado,
¿Cómo te va? Soy JOseph Ferdinand por nombre, I'am nuevo en este sitio, me aconsejaron a unirse al sitio por un amigo porque estaba quejando de mi soledad, estoy cansado de eso, así que decidí para darle un juicio que es la razón por la que me uní al site.I estoy en este sitio para encontrar la mujer de mis sueños, alguien me encantaría y amados, pero como yo estaba navegando en la web hoy en día se encontró con el perfil, que era muy agradable la lectura de su página, así que me decidí a enviarle un correo electrónico para hacerle saber que alguien realmente le gustaría llegar a conocerte más mejor.Sólo puede Reciba por email o agregarme a su yahoo messenger ( ese es mi correo electrónico personal dirección o también podemos charlar en mi messenger yahoo .. Yo no soy un miembro suscriptor de este sitio así que por favor me responda directamente a mi dirección de correo electrónico personal. así que tenga cuidado de ti mismo espero tener noticias de usted pronto.
Joseph Ferdinand.
Bill Mark


o skype dele é rekar.rekardo


Anthony Clifford
24/9/2013 21:40
Anthony Clifford
my name is Anthony Clifford I'm single I'm 33years never married,
I'm pretty new to this, here's a little about me. I was born in southafrica . raised in the southafrica. ........ before my parents moved down to Nigeria because their business, 6 years later I came back to Ghana. I went to school at East Legon University Accra Ghana were i run my professional course.
I like camping, hiking, snowboarding, biking, hiking, swimming, walking, beach, skating. I am a passionate and hansom man. I love to cuddle and watch movies with a that special someone. I love to make people laugh my feelings with them.
Seeking down to earth woman who knows what he wants from life. someone who is not afraid to try new things and always be there for each other ............ Honesty, caring, loving, intelligent, great sense of humor, motivation, respectful, responsible. Trustworthy and reliable.
I will in turn mean a special right.=== I'm pretty shy first warm quickly lol. My best color is blue. Favorite Food-Chinese, Pizza, Italian, Mexican, Fast food, Indian. I hope that helps you!
I am a very affectionate person and I love to cuddle, I want to show someone how I did not just say they feel ........... I love being near someone, whether it is in the bed, on the couch or wherever. Yes, I am looking for something long term, but I know that it takes time and effort to build a solid relationship.
I guess my dream would be to be happy and to have a family my goals in life I want to go into business for my self-esteem 1 day, but it will take a while from now. I think I want to work on my love life and be happy first if you found me interesting email me at []
29 de setembro
Anthony Clifford
29/9/2013 21:47
Anthony Clifford
hello beautiful how are you doing am looking for serious relationship if you find me interesting please reply immediately
Anthony Clifford
16/11/2013 01:33
Anthony Clifford
hello beautiful how are you doing, why i contacted you is because i saw your picture here and are looking
so sweet and lovely and i decided to sent you a friend request i really find you interesting i
don`t know if you find me interesting,please reply as soon as possible am really looking for real relationship
i pray and hope you find me interesting
Bryan Copeman Jnr



Bryan Copeman Jnr


Thats my email...

Este diz viver em LOndres ser separado, e esta na Africa, várias reclamações na pagina deste militar americano no facebook, ele existe o da foto e é um exclente profissional, com linda familia...

De: Raymond F Chandler <>
Enviadas: Assunto: Re: My dear (xxxx), Good day, how are you doing right there now? Hoping you are having a nice moment with the weather over there today? Well, want you to know that, I miss you. I miss you deeply! I wish we were together right now so I could fill you with kisses and tell you a bunch of silly things into those pretty little ears of yours. If only you knew how much I miss you right now, you would surely fly over to give me a sweet kiss and a hug and to reassure me again of your love for me. How can you miss someone this much? How can such an abstract thing as love absorbed the thoughts of someone as rational as me? Why is love such a powerful feeling? Why do I long to see you and to be with you this much? Am I going crazy? I´m afraid so... Anyway, to go crazy over someone as special as you is, at least, a sign of good taste; and, contrary to what I´ve said before, it is also a sign of wisdom for I´m sure very little people in the world gather the same special characteristics as you do. I can´t bear being away from you any longer. Been far from you seems to slow down, the hours become tedious and not even a good glass of wine can make me feel better. I fight loneliness against my will but I can´t wait to be with you for a very first time, face to face, and to be able to touch you and kiss you tenderly. Be sure those kisses will be very special, because you deserve them.  With love. I miss you Ray.

cant u see my pic profile? Comunicar
add me on yahoo
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yahoo only scam

email do golpista - 
ele se denomina senhor, e diz ser homem.... My name is Mr. John Trevillian , I am a male, I view your profile today, I'm interested in getting to know you more for us to build a long lasting relationship from here, I'll like you to write me back while telling more about you and know that distant or language does not matter, but kind and true love matters most

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