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sexta-feira, 29 de novembro de 2013


    thanks for the reply, well i am 44 years old and

have a son, been married once and have been single

for 9 years now.i lost my sons mum to cancer some

9 years back, it has been hard to move on, but i

dont have a choice than to keep moving, my love

life has been stagnant, i guess you understand

what i mean.why dont we have a chat on messnger

some day, i believe all is wekll with you as you

read from me, i hope this keeps happening,like

staying in touch and working things out,hers s ma

messnger id :
Willims Scott


Tudo bem que um grande som, quantos anos tem o seu

filho? Meu nome é Willson, eu sou do estado unido,

eu sou viúvo, minha esposa faleceu há 6 anos

acidente de carro ina, eu tenho 2 filhos, um

menino e uma menina, de 14 e 10 anos de idade,

eles não livw comigo, eles estão no internato em

United Kingdon, Reino Unido, eu trabalho com o

militar, eu sou um oficial do exército dos EUA,

atualmente em Cabul Afeganistão em uma missão de

manutenção da paz, qualquer outra coisa que você

gostaria de saber que você pode me perguntar,

cuidar da sua eu, Deus te abençoe
hi5 - Don C’s Profile


 Kings Greg

Nós estamos ambos olhando para a mesma coisa e

também muito trabalho. Eu perdi minha esposa há

alguns anos e atualmente estou procurando uma

senhora madura como você que vai me amar,

respeitar e cuidar de mim e espero fazer mesmo,

porque o amor é uma recíproca. Preciso de um

relacionamento sério e eu estarei contente de

saber que você é a mulher


Luis Andrea


Anthony Lawrence

Olá querida, obrigado por entrar em contato

comigo, como eu também gosto de você e tem tomado

conta de uma relação.Espero que podemos manter

contato e conhecer um ao outro mais minha querida.
Meu email é e espero

ouvir de você logo.Eu me importo.

estherbaby313's Last photo    

estherbaby313 said on 27/11/13 9:00 PM

Hello with love, how is everything with you, I

picked interest on you after going through your

short profile at this site,I really want to have a

good friendship with you, beside i have something

very vital to disclose to you, but I found it

difficult to express myself here, since it´s a

public site i will be very happy, If you can get

back to me through my e-mail address  so we can get to know each

other better and i well give you more of my

pictures and also tell you more about me. please

try to send me your email here ( ) because i am not often

here on

han124's Last photo    

han124 said on 24/11/13 3:58 PM

My name is madam hanan abdulhaleem i want to

discussed an important issue which we can not

discussed here because this is site i need your

email so that we can talk private or you contact

me on my mail  - 

waiting for urgent reply as i said before let me

have your email or you contact me direct to my


mabelwilliams89's Last photo    

mabelwilliams89 said on 24/11/13 4:27 PM

You sound so cool and nice to me on the site. i

wish we could get to meet sometime soon,maybe

something wonderful could work out between us as

am willing to relocate for the right man. I love

being with kids and want kids at least 1 boy 1

girl ,i dont know if thats what you like or want ?

but that is not a problem or matter to me is all

about what you want ok.i am waiting here to read

back from you soon and send me your pics..... so

you get back to me
Rachely013's Last photo

 Hello my lovely wife, i thank you so much for

your nice email, I also want to thank you for your

willingness and readiness to help, to get out the

box from Afghanistan and Safe Guard until I come

to in your country soon to thank you. Honey, I

want to assure you that this box of money nothing

like risk and is not exposed to any danger. Honey

I trust you so much, and I will spend the rest of

my life with you, you are probably the only person

I can trust that will handle this of box money.

The money is safe my love, and you have really

nothing to fear. Once the money is delivered to

you, I will immediately meet with you in your

country, where we will be together and decide on

the good business development venture, the money

is for investment. Sweetheart, you're the queen of

my heart and I will love you until I die. Darling,

I want you to give me your contact information so

that as soon as you receive the box, i will meet

you in your country.

Now I want you to contact the diplomat, because I

met him today and told him that my wife is in

Brazil, the diplomat will leave tonight from

Afghanistan and be with you and hand over the box

to you as my lovely wife, he will deliver the box

to you in your country. and i told him that what

is in the box is some of your shoes, clothes, bags

and some other family members contain treasures,

and that he may not know that the box contains

money for security reasons. Contact the diplomat

at the following address:

Name - Peter Johnson
Email -

The diplomat will leave tonight from Afghanistan

and come to your country and meet you and hand

over the box to you and make sure that everything

is in order. Honey Please make sure you keep this

information secret, because no body know about

this box of money and is only me and you know

about this box.

1st Full Name
2nd Full address
3rd Your mobile number
4th your passport copy

Attached is the diplomat card and I want you to

contact him immediately, so that everything will

be in order.

I love you darling and I will not stop loving you.

You are my everything and my dream has come true.

I wish you a pleasant day and hope to hear from

you. Honey the diplomat will move tonight from

Afghanistan to in your country and hand over the

box to you as my beautiful wife. i believe in you

so much. do not fear on this box of money and i

have told you no one know about this box is even

my boys here do not know about this box. and the

diplomat do not know what is in the box is

money.only what i have told the diplomat is what

is in the box is your personal belonging.
Brian Arthur

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