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Unit 5, Tiger Court, Kings Drive,Kings Business Park,
Prescot, Knowsley, Liverpool, L34 1BH.

Dear Lucky Winner,

It is apparent that this notification will come to you as a

surprise but
please find time to read it carefully as we congratulate you

over your
success in the just concluded and official publication of

results of the e-
mail electronic online Sweepstakes organized by The BRITISH

LOTTERY in conjunction with the British Government and the UK

Committee held on SAT 08/17 2013 here in London.
A Draft of £1,000,000.00 (One Million, Pounds Sterling) will

be issued in
your name as one of the lucky winners as soon as you contact

our payment bank

Confirm winning:

It is important to note that your award was confirmed and

released with the
following Winning particulars attached to it.

Winning No: 15 19 27 28 35 46

Bonus No: 02

Ref No: IMP/73253CO/2013

For Validation Purpose, Forward The Following Information as

Listed Below and
Send to the Office of Royal Bank Of Scotland through (Mr.

REEDS BEN): E-mail
( )


Marion Mark (Mrs.).
Lottery Controller General
Registered in England and Wales No. 2822203.

Marion Mark (Mrs.).
Lottery Controller General
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reliably introduced

Ahmed Mohammed <>
12:26 (17 horas atrás)
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My name is Ahmed Mohammed, i am from Libya but me and my

family base in Syria but i came to Ghana last week for this

transaction, your information was reliably introduced to me, I

want to start a new life with good and honest relationship

with you and also i like to invest in your country but I don't

know anybody that will help me when I come over there that is

my reason of contacting you to know if you will be of

assistance. I have $16, Million U.S Dollars and 20 Kilograms

of Gold to invest in a profitable business in your country.

The money is my family inheritance and legal fund without

risk, is right now lodge in Ghana finance and security vault.

If you can handle it then let me know so that we shall plan

how to meet ourselves to workout moralities.
I am ready to give you 30% of the money if you assist me. I am

waiting to hear from you for further information. Please reply

me at my private email address:

Note: reply with your full contact information to proceed

further. Please I would like you to keep this transfer as a

top secret between me and you alone okay. I promise you that I

will direct you on how this transfer will go successfully if

only you can abide to my instruction.
Upon receipt of your reply I will give you full details on how

the business will be executed.
Kindly send me this information below for proper

identification to have trust in you that you would not betray


(1) Your full name...
(2) Your address...
(3) Country..
(4) Age...
(5) Occupation.......
(6) Direct Mobile telephone and fax number
(7) a copy of your international passport or your drivers’


l will send you my details of this transaction as soon as I

hear from you thanks, trusting to hear from you immediately

with your contact information.
Best Regards,
Ahmed Mohammed
Congratulations! YOU HAVE BEEN CHOSEN!
Customer Service -


MasterCard_eng_e-lottery2013.docx    MasterCard_eng_e-

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Rosemary sam -


Nice to meet you, I'm Rosemary by name, I like you and I'd

like to
meet with you. please, can we be friends anyway, I will

explain more
about me and send my pictures to you, but I want to know.

I am romantic, funny and fun to be with. I am loving, caring

and I
will love to meet a guy looking for a serious relationship, a

and loving man who knows what he wants, I really would like to
indicate my interest, so please write to my email (

Wining Notification Award Reference code: (Microsoft 568A2013)

micro soft ->

Microsoft Company Head Office
London WIJ 6BD United Kingdom.

Dear Lucky Winner Account User:.

To claim your Five hundred thousand united state dollars,

Please kindly forward your full information to your claiming

agent Dr.David Clark email id:
Fax N0: +44 7014 55 0000.
1. Your Name:
2. Country:
3. Address:
4. Mobile Number:
5. Marital Status:
6. Occupation:
7. Sex:
8. Age:
9. Lucky Email Id:
10.Valid ID card Copies

Cen Xia ->

I have a secured Proposal for you; email

( For Details


Pepsi Bottling Company Plc ->


Win £750,000.00Pounds in Pepsi Cola Company @London United

Kingdom 2013 yearly promo.To qualify,Email the correct answer

to the question given below, with your personal details (Full

Name:., Address:., Sex:., Age:., Occupation:., Country:.,

Phone No). to Mrs. Francess Dave via email:

( Question: who won the highest Gold

medals in the London 2012 Olympic?

(C)United Kingdom
(D)United State of American

Mr.Owen Williams


Ms francia richard -


Dear friend,

How are you and everything around you? i hope all things is

well with you by God's grace, i know that we have not met or

communicate but i believe that its God that always make a day

for two people coming in contact,my name is Ms francia,i

originated from france but i got married to late Nasco

Richard, an american citizen who died as a result of fatal

accident which took the life of my beloved husband and my only

daughter i had in the year  (15th may 2008).

Though my late husband did not die instantly but he was rescue

to the hospital and died after 2days of which he disclose

everything and his will to me,
right now, i want you to understand that men are different

from its kind because my late husband  was a generous man

before his death and a successfull business man but the bad

side of it is that he is not close to his family based on some

certain facts which i do understand because time will not

permit me to disclose everything to you, even the only two

sibblings i have disapointed me' right now i am in the

hospital so i have lost total trust in them,my late husband

died and left everything to me including the fund which he

kept in a bank ($8.200.000) eight million two hundred thousand

united state dollars for over five years now,in last 2years

ago the bank contacted me for the claim of the fund but i

never had anything to do with the money.

And because he left things for me, i did not bother to get

close in other to withdraw the fund from the bank because i

have my personal business which fetch me a reasonable

income,the reason why i am contacting you is because i am

diagonise of cancer for over 3years which have finally landed

me in a hospital bed and i have spent alot in other to regain

my good state of health but all have no avail, the doctor had

open up to me that i just have short time to leave on earth

because i still have the feelings of weakness inside my body.

I can not allow my fund to die in the hands of the bankers so

i want you to be my beneficiary to enable the bank transfer

the fund into your personal account which you will use for

charity work of God in your country of residence because i

have made up my mind to sow this fund to God through charity.

I want us to work with trust and sincerelity and promise me

you will not betray me as soon as this fund is release into

your personal bank account and i am asuring you that you have

nothing to worry or fear since the fund is for charity

purposes, so all you need to do is to stand as my next of kin

and  make use of the fund as i instructed you and put my life

and soul in prayer because life without charity is vanity so i

have made up my mind to will this fund under your care and

control because i do not know what will be my faith if i keep

this secrete within myself  and it happen that i die along

with this ailment then life is not accomplish for me because

the bible says 'what shall it profit a man to gain the whole

world and looses his soul.. and that is why i contacted you

for this great assistance.

I do not want to go further untill i hear from you so that i

can put you in contact with all the usefull information you

will need to claim my fund from the bank and if you really

want to assist me with the fear of God, then you must send to




me know whom i am dealing with, thank you so much for your

time in reading this glorious mail from me.

God bless you,
Ms francia Richard.

Return-Path: ->

Re: payment slip

Ahmed Nasir

Dear Sir,
Please attached is payment copy of $73,495.00 USD transferred

to your account for our order.
 Click to confirm copy receipt of payment slip for your

confirmation to us
Click here to view your payment slip

Thank you
Ahmed Nasir
Economic Exchange Center.
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Good day

haley -
21:39 (8 horas atrás)
para info
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Good day
We are Christian organization, we give out loan to those that

have given there lives to Christ, and also those that are

trust worthy, contact us via email
Alejandra Eulalio
(sem assunto)
Fangfang Xie -


@Jumbo Company has picked you for a lump sum of 3,000,000.00.

For Claims send your Details To this Email:



nora ahmed -

 My Dear One,
    It is my pleasure to contact you for a business venture

which I intend to establish in your country. Though I have not

met with you before but I believe one has to risk confidence

to succeed sometimes in life. There is this huge amount of Six

million Five Hundred Thousands U.S dollars ($6.500.000.00)

which my late Father kept with a Fiduciary Fund Holder in

Abidjan before his death. Now, I have decided to invest this

money in your country or anywhere safe enough outside Africa

for security and political reasons. I want you to assist me

claim and retrieve this fund from the Fiduciary Fund Holders

and transfer it into your personal account in your country for

investment purposes on these areas:

 1). Telecommunication
 2). Five star hotel

    If you can be of any assistance to me I will be pleased to

offer to you 25% of the total fund. I await your soonest

Respectfully yours
Invitation: Dear Friend, @ Mon Aug 19, 2013 2pm - 3pm
adams paul -

Dear Friend,
De Google Calendar
Quando    seg 19 ago 2013 2pm – 3pm (UTC)

Dear Friend,
Dear Friend,

I am Mr Adams Paul Hakim the head of file department of Bank

of Africa (B.O.A) here in Burkina Faso / Ouagadougou. In my

department we discover an abandoned sum of (US$10.5mllion US

Dollars) in an account that belongs to one of our foreign

customer who died along with his family in plane crash.

It is therefore upon this discovery that I now decided to make

this business proposal to you and release the money to you as

the next of kin or relation to the deceased for the safety and

subsequent disbursement since nobody is coming for it. I agree

that 40% of this money will be for you, while 60% would be for

me. Then after the money is been transferred into your

account, I will visit your country for an investment under

your kind control.

You have to contact my Bank directly as the real next of kin

of this deceased account with next of kin application form.

You have to send me those your information below to enable me

use it and get you next of kin application form from bank, so

that you will contact Bank for the transfer of this money into

your account.

Your Full Name....................
Your Home Address.................
Your Age..........................
Your Handset Number...............
Your Occupation...................

I am waiting for your urgent respond to enable us proceed

for the transfer, Contact me with this email
Yours faithfully,

Mr Adams Paul
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solutions, click here
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Invitation: Business Proposal / Partnership Investment?? @ Mon

Aug 19, 2013
Engr.Luis Edward>

Business Proposal / Partnership Inves...
De Google Calendar
Business Proposal / Partnership Investment??

A) INTRODUCTION:This is Engineer Luis Edward a

petrochemical/oil exploration engineer with the Syrian

Petroleum Company located in Damascus. Myself and two other

engineers Engr. B.S Babu an Indian and Engr. David Quijada

Fischer from Venezuela needs your partnership to investing

some funds in your country in viable projects on your


B) SOURCE OF THE FUNDS: The funds were raised from the sale of

crude oil from the Syrian oil field.We have secured the funds

and needs an investor who is capable and ready to invest the

funds in good projects and properties.

C) WHY YOU ARE CHOSEN: We chose you to assist us invest the

funds following the facts that we are career engineers and we

have no knowledge of commercial investments and for that

reason, we need an expert to guide us and to handle investment

directly. Also we chose you in order to invest the funds in a

good economy.


other colleagues have agreed to give 25% of the funds to you

while you will assist us invest 75% in your country only on

projects you will personally draft for us. You will be

responsible to draw investment plan as we will not be involved

following our poor knowledge on investments.

E) GENERAL REMARKS: This project is 100% risk free but needs

confidentiality. We need an investor who is

transparent,direct, serious and dedicated. we need an investor

who will represent us any where in this project. We will

change all documents of deposit in your name as soon as you

are confirmed our potential investor. If you are ready and

willing to assist us invest the funds, do contact me for more

details. Both parties must be ready to exchange identities in

order to know each other.

Your Response is expected. send your response to my private

email -

Ajuda e financiamento
Alexandra Cat <>
06:39 (9 horas atrás)
para mim
Boa noite
          Peço-lhe as minhas desculpas.
Então se eu enviei o meu e-mail ale hoje é para informá-lo
Acabei de ler seu e-mail, e deseja obter uma
               Por isso, quero informar que eu vim para o seu
ajudar a dar-lhe esse crédito em sua conta na quarta ou

sem falta, me diga.
                     Eu me apresento como tal, estou a Sra.
Catia Alexandra
Então a Sra. Estou disponível para dar-lhe mais
informações e, portanto, quero dizer que eu sou um homem de

Estou aqui para ajudar as pessoas.
       Eu tenho um capital que é usado para fazer empréstimos,
especialmente no curto e longo prazo de 5.000 para 350. 000 €

para um
pessoa séria que quer o empréstimo. juros de 2% para 3% ao

ano, dependendo
o montante a pagar, porque eu particularmente não quero
violar a lei da usura. Você pode pagar cerca de 6 a 20 anos
máxima, dependendo do montante emprestado. Pagamentos para

mensais. Peço manuscrita ou certificado e alguns
peças disponíveis.

Deus te ajude.
Obrigado e aguardando sua resposta

Eu quero dizer que a minha taxa de juros é de 3%.

 Nome :...............


 Idade :...............

Sexo :...............

 Tel :...............

Emprego :...............

Cidade :...............

  Cabo :...............

 País :...............

Endereço :...............

Assim que a transação pode ser realizada com segurança,

harmonia e
confiança, temos também os seguintes documentos juntamente:
seu bilhete de identidade ou passaporte ou carta de condução
Então a Sra. Eu gosto de notificá-lo que um fígado que lhe dá

a sua
informação, eu quero que você entenda que eu vá imediatamente

ao banco
para Publics seu empréstimo para a sua conta o que significa

que na
quarta ou quinta-feira, você vai receber o seu dinheiro Sua

Então, eu também quero te dizer que eu também complementa as
informações abaixo.

Código do banco: .....................

IBAN: .........................

N° Conta  :........................

Rib :..............................

À espera de sua confirmação

mouissa madou -

    We would like to inform you that our company has Alluvial

Gold Dust for Sale.

    We are registered with all the necessary agencies of the

government and
    are in the category of small scale mining company that

have the requisite
    authorization to mine and export Gold .

    Our Company is willing and ready to deliver to your

destination between
    50-265 kgs of Gold Dust
    for sale USD,37,000.00  per kilo, or we would like you to

use your
    international marketing capabilities to assist us in

locating a reputable
    buyer in which we will pay you an attractive negotiated

    representative commission. Agent commission is USD2,000.00

per kilo.

    Our conditions for delivery and sale are as follows:

    1) The buyer will come and examine the goods in a bank or

in our ware house.

    2) The buyer will required to take samples from the total

consignment and
    seal the boxes after taking the samples, the buyer may

place his own locks
    on the boxes after the samples.

    3) After test on the samples proves satisfactory (i.e.22

carat) then the
    payment terms will be discussed.
Return-Path: -

BG & SBLC for lease

Broker Budeldner Eric


I have an efficient PROVIDER who offers financial instrument

such as BG & SBLC for lease only and issuing bank are HSBC

BANK LONDON & BARCLAYS BANK LONDON for one (1) year one (1)

day. Leasing price are 6+2.  The instrument
can be engaged into PPP Trading, Outright Discounting,

signatory project(s) such as Aviation, Agriculture, Petroleum,

Telecommunication, construction of Dams, Bridges, Real Estate

and all kind of projects.

My Provider can close deal within five (5) days.Contact me if

you are interested.

Mr. Eric Budelnder
responder para -

11:55 (4 horas atrás)
para infooffice46
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10:11 (6 horas atrás)
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C’est pour moi un réel plaisir
d’obtenir suite à ma recherche, vos
coordonnées et j’avoue
que le profil de
votre personnalité dans votre pays, vos
expériences ainsi que votre
Cette proposition
(transaction) doit vous paraître étrange.
Plusieurs évènements m'obligent à
contacter une personne totalement étrangère
(vous) pour
cette assistance à profit mutuel
qui nécessite une coopération discrète
et sérieuse.
La proposition est la suivante:
Mon père était le major contrôleur des
mines de diamant dans mon pays (Sierra-Léone) et
grâce à cette position qu'il occupait, il
a pu constituer une immense fortune pour la
famille (
25.000.000 $ USD).
Mais pour finir, il a
été kidnapper par des groupes rebelles du
(R.U.F.) qui luttent
contre le gouvernement de la
Je veux vous notifier ici que la somme
d'argent dont je viens de vous parler a
été déposé
par mon
père en mon nom dans une société de
gardiennage et de sécurité financière
D'après mes observations,
cela fait déjà 4 ans maintenant que
l'argent est déposé dans la
société de gardiennage et de
sécurité financière.
Tous les
documents concernant ce dépôt de fonds sont en
ma possession actuellement et je
voudrais que vous me
donniez toute l'assistance nécessaire pour le
transfert de l'argent
dans votre pays vue que je
suis actuellement au lit d'hôpitale ,
hospitalisé par le
Mon souhait est
que l'argent soit investir dans de bonnes affaires et je
crois que c'est
une chance pour vous de
m'assister car vous serez mon homme de confiance dans
toutes mes
affaires une fois la transaction
terminée; je suis disposé à vous offrir
40% de toute la
somme qui représente mon
héritage en compensation pour votre effort
après le transfert de
ces fonds sur votre
Je cherche honorablement votre aide de la
manière suivantes:
(1) Fournir un compte
bancaire sur lequel transférer cet argent.
Pour servir de gardien de ces fonds puisque je suis
actuellement Hospitalisé du
Vous devez vous déplacer afin que nous puissions nous
rencontrer , discuter , et
aller au services de
gardiennage pour que je puisse vous montrez cette somme ce
qui est
tout a fait légale avant de vous
engager dans cette opération votre hébergement
votre séjour ne posera pas un
(4) Investir le reste de
l’argent soit les 60% dans un projet de votre pays qui
nous faire de bénéfice.
J'attends votre réponse.SUR MON
sem assunto)

 Are you financially depressed or need a loan to pay up

bill..Eg, personal
loan,or company loan..if i speak your mind get back to Mr rash

via  your financial help is our aim
 best regards

Details from Benjamin Aka

Benjamin Aka ->

Dear Sir/ Ma,

With due Respect, My name is Benjamin Aka, the only Son of

late Mr/Mrs Aka. My father and mother were very wealthy

farmers and cocoa merchant when they were both alive. After

the death of my mother, long ago, my father was controlling

their business until he was poisoned by his business

associates which he suffered and died. Before the death of my

father on September 2011 in a private hospital here in Abidjan

where he was admitted, He secretly called me his bed side and

disclosed to me about the sum of Ten million Five hundred

thousand US dollars. ($10.5million) he left in suspense

account in one of the bank here in Abidjan, it was the money

he intended to transfer overseas for investment before he was


He also instructed me that I should seek for a foreign partner

in any country of my choice who will assist me transfer this

money in overseas account where the money will be save and

invested wisely. Because of the current political problem here

in Ivory Coast I decided to transfer the money to abroad where

it will be save and invested. Therefore, I am crying and

seeking for your kind assistance in the following ways.
(1) To serve as a guardian of this fund since I am a boy of 18

years old.
(2) To make arrangement for me to come over to your country to

further my education and to secure a resident permit for me in

your country
(3) to provide a safe bank account into where the money will

be transferred for   investment

I have plans to do investment in your country, like real

estate and industrial production. This is my reason for

writing to you. Please if you are willing to assist me i will

offer you 20% of the total money

As soon as I receive your urgent reply indicating your

interest to assist me to successfully transfer the money into

your nominated account, Then we shall move into the transfer

process as i will be giving you the bank contact where my late

father deposited the money. For the confidentiality of this

transaction I am expecting to hear from you.

Best regards from,
Benjamin Aka
This letter might surprise you

Dear Beloved,

This letter might surprise you, Please don't ignore it this

time as I am writing this letter to you with heavy tears In my

eyes and great sorrow in my heart because i only have few

months to live according to my Doctor. Base on this

predicament, I have now decided to spread all my wealth, to

contribute mainly to the development of charity. Please i need

a reliable person who will use the Money ( $18 million

Dollars) to build orphanage home or charity organization.

Please reply me for more details:
God be with you
Seed Ahmed
Return-Path: -


Our Ref: T/U/T/BANK/IRD/CBX/011/011
Telephone:+ 447010081380


We the Management of International Bank for Reconstruction and

Development [World Bank] in Conjunction with UNDP, USAID and

British Council do hereby give this irrevocable approval Order

with Release Code: GNC/3480/02/00 in your favor as one of the

individuals scheduled for compensation.

In which United Nations Authority and International Monetary

Fund (IMF) European Cooperate Office have received all the

overdue outstanding payment owed to the following firms,

Contract, Inheritance Next of Kin and Lottery Beneficiaries

that was originated from Europe, Americans, African, Asian

Including Middle East. Among the list are Individuals and

Companies that was affected by Hurricane Sandy, And

Investigators Flooding Disaster Damage.
We are about to release your compensation payment via ATM

which is functional in any ATM Machinein the world with the

use of your pin code. This compensation is for those who are

selected from scam victim list on our database.Your name is

among of 367 Victims listed to be compensated by World

Bank/IMF via ATM CARD each valued at US$1.5 Million United

State Dollars. Send your Name, Address, mobile number for

verification to the email: [ATM Audit


Best Regards.
Dr. George Robert


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Geachte klant
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geautoriseerde locatie ip om spam te verzenden
Gelieve bescherm je account nu om schorsing van deze rekening

te vermijden
Voor meer veiligheid op uw rekening. VEILIGMIJNACCOUNT om uw

account te upgraden met ons
UPC Team
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Davis Baker -
I am an investor looking to invest in entrepreneurial teams

with big ideas and a need for seed capital to turn their ideas

into great companies. I believe every business man is

basically an entrepreneur, for we all strive to achieve

optimal goals using limited resources. In seeking out

worthwhile investment opportunities, We are always on the look

out for ventures whose principals exhibit a high level of

creativity combined with the right amount of experience in the

chosen field.
Should you be interested, kindly contact me via my email:
Regards,Davis Baker.
responder para -

Hey friend,


Hey friend,
how are you? Guess you are fine and living good. Nice having

your address with the aid of my new search device in pen pals,

my name is  sofia josh and I'm from Florida USA. Here just

looking for better friendship and pen pals both women and men

to share interest and lot more with. I love discussing all

issues and learning other people's cultures and languages.

Hope to get more good and lasting friends outside my state.

Friends are like cloths, and life is naked without one. About

me in a brief, my names are sofia josh; a native of Chicago

Illinois, working with a recruitment and resettlement agency

here in Florida;  it’s enough for now till I hear from you.

Now tell me about yourself and your country.
Expecting to hear from soon

From Mr Dida Zongo Aki With Due Respect

Dear Friend,

Good day to you, I know that my message will come to you as a

surprise, but never mind, I am Mr Dida Zongo Aki. A Manager in

Bank of Africa (BOA) in BOA Bank of Africa here in my country

Burkina-Faso west Africa, In my department here in the bank I

discover an abandon sum of $9.8Million United State Dollars,

that belong to one of our biggest customer here in this bank,

who died years ago in a plane crash with his family, I

contacted you so that you will help me see that the total sum

of $9.8Million will be transfer into your account in your


I need your urgent assistance in transferring the sum of

($9.8)millions usd into your account within banking days. This

money has been dormant for years in our Bank without claim due

to the owner of this fund died along with his entire family

and supposed next of kin in an air crash since July 31st 2000.

Pls go through the website


Upon the receipt of your reply and indication of your

capability, i will give you full details on how the business

will be executed and also note that you will have 45% of the

above mentioned sum if you agree to handle this business with

me while 50% will be for me and 5% for any expenses that may

arise on the process, Because i don't want anyone here in our

bank to know my involvement until you confirm this fund into

your account and ask me to come over for the
sharing as i indicated.
Full Name.........................
Full Address ............................
Telephone .........................
Age / sex ......................
Thanks and have a nice day.
From Mr Dida Zongo Aki
Bonjour aimé de Dieu


  Bonjour, Soyez béni dans le nom du Seigneur. Je me nomme Mme

mathilde dechin
 Je suis une veuve et âgée de 65ans . Je vous contacte en ce
moment car je désire faire un geste humanitaire à l'endroit de

les âmes sensibles. En effet, je réalise un projet qui

consiste à aider les enfants de la rue, les orphelins et des

personnes en situation difficiles par le biais de mon projet

de donation. Car En mourant nous n'emportons aucun bien

matériel avec nous. Les prières et la foi Votre destin n'est

il pas ainsi tracé par le seigneur? 

afin de te  donner de plus  l’explication sur mon projet de

  projet je vous prie de répondre a mon
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We have in stock 75kg gold dust.
mike kofi -

Dear Sir/madam

We are the Local gold Miners in republic of Ghana,

We have gold dust & gold bar for sale, we are looking for


we need an organization or individual that can help us sell

our gold
then invest with,
us, then we shall go into partnership with them as to develop

mining concession,

We will be pleased to go into partnership with you.If Only You

Understand Our
Primary Problems. We Are
Facing a lots of Problems in Our Mining concessions, Because

we Lack
Modern Mining Equipments And Machines.
We have in stock 75kg gold dust.

Purity :--------------------------- 96.5%.
Carats:----------------------- --- 22 carats Plus.
Price:------------------------ ---- 30,000 USD per kg.
Origin:----------------------- ---- Ghana.

Interested buyers are welcomed for a transparent business

Contact us for more information.

Best regards,

Mr Mike K.John
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From: Mrs.Faith Richard

From:Mrs.Faith Richard -

 From: Mrs.Faith Richard

Greetings to you and sorry if this message came to you
as a surprise. My name is Mrs.Faith Richard widow, I
found your email address through my husband internet
dater late Mr.Richard

I am presently admitted at the hospital suffering from
a blood cancer and Parkinson diseases. I have some
funds at bank inherited from my late husband account
the amount of $8,400.000. I wish to know if I can trust
you to use the funds for charity project and %10 will
go to you as compensation. Kindle get back to me so
that I will give you more details.

Yours in Christ,

Mrs.Faith Richard.

Congratulations! YOU HAVE BEEN CHOSEN!

Customer Service -

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Donation de L'Eglise de la bonté chrétienne

L'Eglise de la bonté chrétienne est une église multi-national

non confessionnel, qui se spécialise dans la diffusion de la

parole de Dieu dans les zones du monde où ce mot est un simple

murmure. Avec églises physiques et centres de culte sur les

six continents, le Church of Christian Kindness est l'un des

plus grands réseaux du culte chrétien dans le monde

Merci à la volonté de nos membres et le soutien généreux de

commanditaires corporatifs, Church of Christian Kindness est

capable d'utiliser ses ressources pour offrir aide et

réconfort aux personnes défavorisées. Même si nous appuyons

les causes à travers le monde, notre principal objectif est le

continent de l'Afrique, où notre programme de Mission

africaine a dépensé plus de 132,5 millions de dollars depuis

1997, la construction des églises, des orphelinats, cliniques

et en apportant un soutien financier direct aux particuliers

et aux églises dans la détresse.
La clé de notre succès grâce à ces aides, en travaillant

directement avec des gens qui connaissent la situation et sont

familiers avec ce qui est le plus nécessaire. Après contact

intial, généralement par e-mail, nous traitons directement

avec un fonctionnaire ou un ministre local et organisons tous

les fonds qui seront distribués à travers eux.
Cher Membre de Dieu, nous vous informons que notre église est

prés a venir a votre aide pour la construction des églises,

des orphelinats, cliniques .
S'il vous plaît contactez-nous rapidement sur notre adresse

émail :  pour recevoir vos fonds à

1.025.000 dollars.


Dear sir,

we are an British Import firm here in London and we are very
interested to buy your Products for the UK Market.

check attached, our purchasing order and Please send us some

Informations and maybe a Price list.

We will await your response with details, prize and quantity

that can
be made available asap.

Gundran Ventures
Sales Rep
Import Export LLC
United Kingdom
purchase order list.html    purchase order list.html
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