segunda-feira, 5 de agosto de 2013

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kittybest said on 02/08/13 7:39 AM

hello,kitty is my name,am looking for serious soulmate.this is my first time been happy to meet such a person like you.for us to talk better add me l we be glad if l can see your reply back to me.thanks for reading my message......or facebook kitty williams.

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marygary1234 said on 30/06/13 10:26 AM

Hello ..How are you doing and How was your day ..My name is Mary 32year single never married no kids I´m from california. I like amping,Fishing Dancing,Pool,Bowling,Beaching,Swimming just indoor and outdoor, And also want you to know the kind of person I´m that I´m easy going,loving,fun,romantic,caring,honest,open and serious lady, I don´t hide anything about about me because I´m so true and just me. I don´t smoke nor drink but drink socially and occasionally I´m 5´6tall 132lbs Hazel eyes slim Indian American christian I do go to church not all the time. Well anyway I will let you know I´m seeking for a serious man who´s ready for serious relationship that would lead to marriage, Someone who will never hurt and take advantage of me but to love care for and always cherish as I will do the same to him and we spend the rest of our life with each other.. I´m just tired of living alone and facing the nights all alone that´s why I want that right man to be with. I would just like to get to know you more better and see where this will lead us too because love comes in many ways and it only depend on us how to make use of it well and better.Well I think I will stop my message here and waiting to read back from you soon, I also want you to tell me everything about you. email me here

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jenny4love212 said on 02/08/13 12:06 PM

Hello,It´s wonderful to have a bright star just like you did,.I am jenn, 32 years am from USA live in IOWA single never married with no kids am designer i work with clothing designer company I like your profile.You´re such a sweet man and i would love to know more about you.I would love you know more about your self ,what you like and dislike,and your personal views about love and life.I am romantic,loving,caring and sensitive to feelings.Like to make friends and know places.I am of the believe that love´s all about giving and sharing. I would love to meet someone interesting and has got a good sense of humor and also share the same view with me about love.I don,t like liars or cheaters.I believe in Honesty and Loyalty.So if you´ve got those,then kindly get back to me at my private e-mail me here ( ) cause i check it more often than this site. Most importantly,age is nothing but numbers to me,what i care about is the sincere feeling that we both share.write me so we´ll keep in touch............

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