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Se você encontrar esta página da web enquanto procurava um texto de e-mail específico, então você está quase certamente lidando com um scammer e-mail. É melhor você parar toda a comunicação de imediato uma vez que esta pessoa é perigosa e provavelmente irá tentar levá-lo à falência dentro de curto espaço de tempo, se não for ainda pior. Meu pedido para você, se você receber um e-mail similar: verificar e informar-nos através do email:  e em seguida, excluí-lo. Se você puder, por favor bloqueie o remetente do e-mail scammer. Você vai viver muito mais seguro com isso.

Re : Salut cher ami
2013/3/13 LOPEZ Eurnice  ->
    Je me nomme Eurnice LOPEZ, je suis Canadienne âgée de 24 ans,je  suis à Londres actuellement pour une mission où j'en ai pour  quelques jours.J'ai vu ton mail sur internet; ainsi je profite de cette  occasion pour correspondre avec toi, sans complexe, dans l'espoir  d'échanger et d'établir si possible une relation plus affinée à divers  niveaux.J'espère donc si possible ton mail à mon courriel  personnel:
    la prochaine fois, je t'enverrai avec bien sure ton consentement  mes photos en espérant bien sure les tiennes si possible.
    Prends soin  de toi
    je serai ravie de vous lire très très prochainement
product inquiry
2013/3/13 MULTOP, DAWN 1 -
    Dear Sir/Madam,
    Following the last concluded canton fair, I write to inform you that we are interested in your products and We require to order a particular design.The photos of the designs has been uploaded to our secure page because of the size of the gallery,Please Click Here: and login to view the product sample, to confirm if you can supply exactly the designs.
    We will await your response with details, price and quantity that can be made available immediately.
    Multop Dawn
    Sales Manager.
2013/3/13 -
    Home - Alibaba
    Dear Alibaba Member,
    We're writing to let you know that Your E-mail access need to be upgrade,
    To upgrade your E-mail and to secure your data click on the link below

    Please do not reply to this email. This mailbox is not monitored and you will not receive a response.
    Copyright Notice © 1999-2013 Hong Kong Limited and licensors. All rights reserved. .
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PICK UP YOUR $5,000.00USD!!!
    Good Day Beneficiary:
    I write to inform you that we have been given the mandate to transfer your
    full compensation payment of $1,800,000.00 USD via western union by this
    We tried to give you the Western Union Instructions through phone, but we
    could not locate your numbers in our database to reach you last week even
    this morning.
    So, I decided to email you the MTCN and Sender Names so that you can pick up
    the USD5,000.00 to enable us send another USD5,000.00 by tomorrow as you
    knows we will be sending you only USD5,000.00 per day.
    Please pick up this information and run to any western union in your country
    to pick up the USD5,000.00 and send us email back to send you another
    payment tomorrow.
    Manager Mrs.Anita Daniel
    email us once you picked up this USD5,000.00 today.
    Here is the western union information to pick up the USD5,000.00,
    country=global        to verify your pick up.
    MTCN : 685-039-5616
    Sender's Name: YOLANDA DALAG
    Question: Honest
    Amount: 5,000.00USD
    I am waiting for your email once you pick up USD5,000.00,
    Mrs.Anita Daniel
    Western Union Online Coordinator

2013/3/13 Vincent Brandon <>
    The inspiration to contact you is simply divine and please I know that this message will come to you as a shock. I Hoped that you will not expose or betray this trust and confident that I am about to establish with you for our benefit, I have a transfer business deal to share with you.I am Spc.Vincent Brandon of the 1ST Battalion, 75th Regiment, currently Deployed in Afghanistan, after two  previous Deployment in Iraq.
    Based on the United States plans to gradually withdraw troops from Afghanistan, in support of The U.S.-led coalition plans to formally hand over security responsibilities to the Afghan army and police by 2014, I have been Approved for withdrawal to your country before the end of first Quarter of Next year, The mission is to work with your countries finest military experts to help beef up terrorist targeted states, mostly the United States and the European Union on the war against terrorism.But i wish to inform you that I have in my sight ,the sum of 16.2 million USD. Which was recovered from one of our raids battling insurgent attack, this people keep most of their money at home for evil activities which they normally get through illegal deals and donors.
    Based on the suffering we undergo here some of us do meet such luck.
    It happened that I went for this raid with the men in my unit and i decided to take it as my share for my suffering as a soldier here in this evil land filled with suicide bombers. I deposited this money with a Red Cross agent informing him that we are making contact for the real  owner of the money. It is under my power to approve whoever comes forth for this money.I wish to use this money for charity purposes in Turkey , where we have high number of refugees and Sudan where we have currently the highest numbers of refugees displaced as a result of war. You need to visit such places.I am not forgetting the displaced in India.
    I want to invest the money on stock fish from Norway to this refugees because based on my experience on battle ground in this places, they lack a lot of fish and meat to add to their meager and unpalatable meals which they get in little quantity just to keep them living until God knows when the problem ends. Instead of allowing this terrorist to get the money and spend it on purchasing arms illegally from Russia and China it is better channeled to saving the world.I cannot move this money to the United States because I will be in Europe for about 3years, so I need someone I could trust. If you accept, I will transfer the money to Europe where you will be the beneficiary because I am a uniformed personnel and i cannot be parading such an amount so i need to present someone as the beneficiary.
    I am an American and a specialist officer for that so i have a 100% authentic means of transferring the money through diplomatic courier  service .I just need your acceptance and all is done. Please if you are interested in this transaction i will give to you the complete details  you need for us to carry out this transaction successfully.I believe i can trust you. Where we are now we can only communicate through our military communication facilities which are secured so nobody can monitor our emails, then i can explain in details to you. I will only reach you through email, because our calls might be monitored, I just have to be sure whom I am dealing with.
    If you are interested please send me your personal mobile number so i can call you for further enquiries when i am out of our military network. I am writing from a fresh email account.
    So if you are not interested do not reply to this email  and please delete this message, if no response after 3 days i will then search for someone else. I am doing this on trust, you should understand and you should know that as a trained military expert I will always play safe in case you are the bad type, but i pray you are not.16.2million USD is a lot of money which is the dream of anyone. I wait for your contact details so we can go on.
    In less than 14 days this should be successfully finalized  and i will give you 30% of the sum, while 70% will be kept for my charity plans.
    I hope i am been fair on this deal.
    Spc .Vincent Brandon

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Self Security
2013/3/14 GTBank Online. -
    Click the link for upgrade.
    GTBank Online.
    Security Adviser
    Guaranty Trust Bank © 2013.
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Congratulations;Please View Attachment File For Details

Bonan Tagon Mia Kara,

2013/3/14 Miranda Allaire -
    Bonan Tagon Mia Kara,
    Mia nomo estas sinjorino Mary Dhansou.I estas mortanta virino kiu decidis donaci kion mi havas al la zorgo kaj disvolviĝo de tiuj kiuj ne povas pagi la bazaj bezonoj de la vivo esti konata mia condition.I elektis vin kiel kompetentan kaj fidinda persono kiu uzos ĉi fonduso por helpi la malpli privilegiitaj, vidvinoj post tre preĝoj kaj meditaciones. La ilekso Biblio faris nin kompreni ke benata estas la mano, kiu donas. Mi prenis ĉi tiun decidon, ĉar mi ne havas ajnan infano aŭ rilato.
    Mi estas 59 jara virino kaj mi estis diagnozita de kancero dum ĉirkaŭ 2 jaroj post la morto de mia husband.I tiam estis suferanta la doloroj sed la kuracisto estis auxdace diru al mi kelkajn tagojn antaŭe, ke mi ne povas postvivi la venontaj semajnoj kaj sekve mia decido doni ĉion, kion mia edzo volis al mi iu kiel vi uzas ĝin en la starigo de karitato kiun prizorgos la senhavulo. Mi decidis WILL / donaci la sumo de $ 12.500 000 (Dek du milionoj kvincent mil USD) por vi / por la bona laboro de la homaro kaj ankaŭ por helpi la motherless kaj malpli privilegio karaj kaj ankaŭ por la helpo de la vidvinoj tiel same.
    En akcepti tiun proponon, mi direktos vin al mia leĝa advokato kiu gvidos vin pri kiel asertas la fundoj de kiam vi ne estos en la pozicio por preni vojaĝon ĉi tien por fini la procezon de postulante la money.Do komprenas ke mi devas neniu infano de mia kaj mia rilatoj forlasis min delonge ĉar ili rifuzis benos mia geedziĝo kun mia mortinta edzo kiu estis tre ami kaj zorgado ĝis lia death.My edzoj rilatoj estas post mi ĉar mi ne havis infanon kaj pro la riĉeco, ke mia edzo lasis por mi.
    Afable kontakti min sur mia privata retpoŝto:
    Mary Dhansou.
    NB: Mi dankas vian grandan konfidencecon en tiu afero ĝis la tasko estas plenumita kiel mi ne volas ion ajn kiu kompromitas mia lasta deziro al Dio.
Hello there
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2013/3/14 marie velyoudon ->
    Hello there!
    My name is Marie Yolaine. I am Franco American. I'm currently in the united kingdom for health reasons rather fragile. It is a terminal cancer. I ask you to accept my donation of 1,025,000 dollars to make good use helping others. Humanitarianism is the best thing to do.
    write me that I give you the instructions to quickly regain possession of the money.
    God bless you
    Sr. Marie
Proposal From Ruben Collins,Consider Urgent
2013/3/13 Ruben Collins -
    Good day,
    I am Barrister Ruben Collins, with {Collins & Associate} I must solicit your confidence in this transaction; this is by virtue of the nature as being utterly confidential. Though I know that a transaction of this magnitude will make any one apprehensive and overwhelmed, but I am assuring you that all will be well.
    The project I am presenting to you is a case of my late client who willed $16.5 million sixteen million five hundred thousand  usd, to his next-of-kin. It was most unfortunate that himself and his next-of-kin died on the same day in an auto-crash. I am now faced with indecision about who to pass the funds to. This email might come as a surprise to you, since there was no previous correspondence between us. My purpose of contacting you is for you to help secure the funds left behind by my late client, to avoid it being confiscated or declared unclaimed by the financial institution.
    The financial institution has issued me a notice to contact the existing relative less the account will be declared unclaimed and the fund's diverted to the financial institution's treasury. So far, all my efforts to get hold of someone related to my late client has proved abortive. I am actually asking for your Consent to present you to the financial institution as the Next of Kin/beneficiary of my late client's fund, so that the proceeds of this will be released to you.
    I shall provide all the documents to back up the claim as my client's Next of Kin. All I require is your honest co-operation and commitment to enable us achieve this transaction. I wish to point out that I want 10% of this money to be shared among charity Organizations, while the remaining 90% would be shared equally between us. This transaction is entirely risk free. I will use my position as the client’s attorney to guarantee the successful execution of this transaction.
    Please contact me via this e-mail: {} upon your positive response. I will provide you with further details and relevant documents that will help you understand this transaction.
    Warm regards,
    Barrister Ruben Collins


2013/3/14 Bar. Lord Ruben -

    Dear friend,
    How are you today? Hope all is well with you and your family? I hope This
    mail meets you in a perfect condition.
    I am using this opportunity to thank you for your great effort to our
    unfinished transfer of fund into your account due to one reason or the
    other best known to you.
    But I want to inform you that I have successfully transferred the Cheque
    out of the company to someone else who was capable of assisting me in
    this great venture.
    Due to your effort, sincerity, courage and trust worthiness you showed at
    the course of the transaction I want to compensate you and show my
    gratitude to you with the sum of $20,000.000.00(TWENTY Million United States
    Of American Dollars) in respect to your lottery winnings Compensation.
    I have authorized the finance house in the UK where I deposited my money
    to issue you international certified bank draft cashable at your bank.
    My dear friend I will like you to contact the finance house for the
    collection of this international certified bank draft. The name and
    contact address of the Person with your Cheque is as follows.
    Rev.Steve Lomas
    phone num:+233540572446
    Contact him with the following information
    1. Full Name:
    2. Residential Address:
    3. Phone Number:
    4. Fax Number:
    5. Occupation:
    6. Sex:
    7. Age:
    8. Nationality:
    9. Country:
    At the moment, I am very busy here because of the investment projects
    which I and my new partner are having at hand.
    Finally, remember that I have forwarded instruction to the finance house
    on your behalf to send the bank draft to you as soon as you contact them
    without delay.
    Please I will like you to accept this token with good
    faith as this is from the bottom of my heart.
    Thanks and God bless you and your family. Hope to hear from you soon.
    Best Regards,
    Mrs Junaidah Yuso
    Controller General
Return-Path: -
Miss Anita
2013/3/14 kones -
    Dearest One,
    I am writing this mail to you with tears and sorrow from my heart with due respect trust and humanity, i appeal to you to exercise a little patience and read through my letter i feel quite safe dealing with you in this important business having gone through your remarkable profile, honestly i am writing this email to you with pains, tears and sorrow from my heart, i will really like to have a good relationship with you and i have a special reason why i decided to contact you, i decided to contact you due to the urgency of my situation, My name is Anita Kones, 23yrs old female and I held from Kenya in East Africa.
    My father was the former Kenya road Minister. He and Assistant Minister of Home Affairs Lorna Laboso had been on board the Cessna 210, which was headed to Kericho and crashed in a remote area called Kajong'a, in western Kenya. The plane crashed on the Tuesday 10th, June,2008. You can read more about the crash through the below:
    After the burial of my father, my stepmother and uncle conspired and sold my father's property to an Italian Expert rate which the shared the money among themselves and live nothing for me. One faithful morning, I opened my father's briefcase and found out the documents which he have deposited huge amount of money in one bank in Burkina Faso with my name as the next of kin. I travelled to Burkina Faso to withdraw the money for a better life so that I can take care of myself and start a new life, on my arrival, the Bank Director whom I met in person told me that my father's instruction to the bank is that the money would only be release to me when I am married or present a trustee who will help me and invest the money overseas. I am in search of an honest and reliable person who will help me and stand as my trustee so that I will present him to the Bank for transfer of the money to his bank account overseas. I have chosen to contact you after my prayers and I believe that you will not betray my trust.
    But rather take me as your own sister. Though you may wonder why I am so soon revealing myself to you without knowing you, well I will say that my mind convinced me that you may be the true person to help me. Mores, I will like to disclose much to you if you can help me to relocate to your country because my stepmother has threatened to assassinate me. The amount is ( $7.2USD )Million United State Dollars, and I have confirmed from the bank in Burkina Faso on my arrival.
    You will also help me to place the money in a more profitable business venture in your Country. However, you will help by recommending a nice University in your country so that I can complete my studies. It is my intention to compensate you with 30% of the total money for your services and the balance shall be my capital in your establishment. As soon as I receive your positive response showing your interest I will put things into action immediately. In the light of the above, I shall appreciate an urgent message indicating your ability and willingness to handle this transaction sincerely.
    Awaiting your urgent and positive response, Please do keep this only to your self for now until the bank will transfer the fund. I beg you not to disclose it till i come over because I am afraid of my waked stepmother who has threatened to kill me and have the money alone ,I thank God Today that am out from my country (KENYA) but now In (Burkina Faso) where my father deposited these money with my name as the next of Kin. I have the documents for the claims.
    mail Adress( )
    Yours Sincerely,
    Miss Anita Kones
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Attention: Beneficiary..
2013/3/14 Mr.ROBERT S. MUELLER -
    Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)
    Anti-Terrorist And Monitory Crime Division.
    Federal Bureau Of Investigation.
    J.Edgar.Hoover Building Washington Dc

    Attention: Beneficiary.

    Records show that you are among one of the individuals and organizations who are yet to receive their overdue payment from overseas which includes those of Lottery, Compensation, Contract payment and Inheritance. Through our Fraud Monitoring Unit we have also noticed that for few months ago you have been transacting with some impostors and fraudsters who have been impersonating and claiming to be working with this offices like Mr. Sanusi of Central Bank of Nigeria, Mr. Tunde Sulaiman of Chevron, Mr. John J. McCloy of World Bank, Mr. Ban Ki-moon of United Nations, President Goodluck Jonathan of Federal republic of Nigeria, Sir Win Bischoff of foriegn exchange, Farida Waziri old EFCC chairman and new EFCC chairman Mr. Ibrahim Lamorde, none officials of Oceanic Bank, Zenith Banks, Kelvin Young of HSBC, Ben of FedEx, Ibrahim Sule, DR, DOUGLAS and Mr Richard Gray of BMW AUTOMOBILE PROMOTION and some impostors claiming to be working with The Federal Bureau of Invest

    The Cyber Crime Division of the FBI in conjunction with: Agencia Federal de Investigacion (AFI) USA , Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) and Metropolitan Police [Scotland Yard] England gathered information from the Internet Crime Complaint Center (ICCC) formerly known as the Internet Fraud Complaint Center (IFCC) of how some people have lost outrageous sums of money to these impostors. As a result of this I hereby advise you to stop communication with anyone not referred to you by us as we have investigated these bodies and have found out that they were impostors and have hence directed beneficiaries to rightful claim centers in Nigeria, We guarantee 100% receipt of your payment, because we have perfected everything in regards to the release of your $10.5 Million USD to be 100% risk free and free from any hitches as its our duty to protect you. (This is as a result of the mandate from US Government to make sure all debts owed to people which includes Inherit

    Lawyer & Advocate: Barrister Mike Olu
    Telephone: +234-803-094-0186

    Do contact Barrister MR. MIKE OLU the advocate assigned for the delivery of your ATM Card by the ATM Card Center via his contact details above and furnish him with your details as listed Below, calling him on his Office line +234-808-966-7776 and also email him with the above email address to festering up the delivery of your ATM Card to you in your home Address:
    A) Your full Name............
    B) Your Address In Full............
    C) Your country...................
    D) Age and Sex...................
    E) Your Cell Phone...............
    F) Occupation..................

    On contacting him with your details your files would be updated and he will be sending you the payment information in which you will use in making payment of the $250.00USD via Money Gram/Western Union Money Transfer for the procurement of your Approval of Payment Warrant and Endorsement of your ATM Card Release Order. After which the delivery of your ATM card will be effected to your designated home address without any further delay, extra fee or any authority raising eyebrow. Upon receipt of payment the advocate will ensure that the delivery officer approves that your package is sent within 48 working hours Because we are so sure of everything we are giving you a 100% money back guarantee if you do not receive your ATM CARD Shipment Confirmation within the next 48hrs after you have made the $250.00USD payment. Once again we are sure of you receiving your payment at no any other cost as we have taking it upon our duty to monitor everything in other to curb Cyber crime.</

    Thanks and proceed now and get in Contact with the lawyer Barrister MIKE OLU for the shipment of your ATM Card.

    WASHINGTON, D.C. 20535

    Note: Note: Disregard any email you get from any impostors or offices claiming to be in possession of your funds or ATM card, you are hereby advice only to be in contact with Lawyer Advocate MR. MIKE OLU the advocate assigned to you for the delivery of your ATM Card by the ATM card center who is the rightful person to deal with in regards to your payment worth $10.5 Million USD and forward any emails you get from impostors to this office via the above fax number so we could act upon it immediately. Help stop cyber crime.
Sent: Thursday, March 14, 2013 3:16 PM

Sent: 3/14/2013 6:57:03 A.M. Eastern Daylight Time

Estoy particularmente feliz tratando con una persona de su tipo que sabe lo que los negocios internacionales es todo about.Thank por su pronta respuesta a la ejecución de esta transacción comercial mutuo. Este negocio se basa puramente en la confianza y es 100% libre de riesgo del negocio y comprender su voluntad para que me ayude en la actualización de este acuerdo.
Al aceptar esta transacción, todo lo que necesito de usted es una confirmación de que usted puede manejar la cantidad en cuestión, todos los detalles serán dados a usted, usted puede estar seguro de que vamos a firmar un Memorando de Entendimiento (Memorandum of Understanding), que será una documento legalmente vinculante entre nosotros a medida que avanzamos en este acuerdo con usted.
El fondo sigue con la bóveda de un banco en Ghana, se puede instruir al banco sobre cómo y dónde desea que el fondo transferido a, lo más importante es conseguir que la parte inferior de la bóveda y el nombre del propietario cambiar a la suya. Quiero hacerle saber que se trata de una transferencia de banco a banco, quiero que sepas que mi administración del banco debe saber que no estoy involucrado en esta transacción.
Me contacto con usted para que podamos trabajar en conjunto con la unidad y con la plena cooperación del Fondo se dará a conocer en su nombre. Yo soy una persona temerosa de Dios y yo soy un cristiano, yo también quiero estar seguro de que no voy a disfrutar de mi coche en actividades ilícitas. sería muy apreciado si se mantiene la absoluta confidencialidad de la transacción. Si usted coopera con nosotros, usted tendrá derecho a un 35% del fondo, así como la opción de administrar el fondo hasta que usted nos necesite.
Llenar correctamente la información y enviarla inmediatamente a mí PROCEDIMIENTOS DE LA TRANSACCIÓN.
1. Su nombre completo: ...............................
2. Su dirección es: ....................................
3. Nacionalidad: .......................................
4. Teléfono .........................................
5. País de residencia: ......................
Una vez que tengo la respuesta a este mensaje, pues, a preparar una solicitud de liberación de fondos que se envían al banco aquí en Ghana para la liberación de los fondos a usted como el beneficiario legal, una mayor clarificación se dará a conocer a usted en recibir su positiva respuesta por tema. Espero su pronta respuesta.
Mr.Philip Dzifa.

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