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Se voce receber semelhante emails , saiba que está diante de um criminoso virtual...denuncie!!! envie para nós o email e depois delete-o
Nosso email - golpesvirtuais@gmail.com

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De: Mr Bhangu Sekhon <mr.bhangusekhon@gmail.com>
Enviadas: Quarta-feira, 17 de Outubro de 2012 16:10

Assunto: From; Mr Bhangu Sekhon

                                 (TOP SECRET)

 Hello Dear,

Cordial Greeting to you. I am Mr Bhangu Sekhon i am presently working with the Bank Of Africa, here in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso. I am sending you this brief mail just to seek your interest and honest partnership to transfer into your Bank Account the sum of Twenty Seven Million Two Hundred Thousand United States Doillars ($27,200,000), which was deposited in the Bank here by a Foreign customer before his accidental death some years ago. I will send you more details about this deal and the procedures to follow when I receive a positive response from you.

1) Your Full Name.................................?
2) Your Age.......................................... ?
3) Marital Status....................................?
4) Your Phone Number.........................?
5) Your Fax Number.............................?
6) Your Country.................................. ?
7) Your Occupation................................?
8) Sex...................................................?

Best Regards,
Yours faithfully,
Mr Bhangu Sekhon
De: Mr George Aka <mrgeorgeaka@yahoo.co.kr>
Enviadas: Quarta-feira, 17 de Outubro de 2012 21:54


Dear Sir,

I know you don't know me in person, of which bad people in this world has made people not to trust the good once again, but as for me you really need to trust me. I am a banker. My purpose of contacting you is in regards to a total sum of $3,500,000 that was deposited in our Bank by one Late Mrs. Anni Gorres. Since she dead nobody has come for the claims of the fund. In our Bank i am the only person that knows about the fund. For your assistance i am going to give you 40%.

So feel free and get back to me, i promised you i will never let you down in assisting me in this transaction, may our good Lord bless you as i look forward to read from you.

Kind Regards,

Mr. George Aka.

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De: mark ville <markvilleinvestment@gmail.com>
Data: 18 de outubro de 2012 18:32




Endereço de contato:





Estado civil:

Data de nascimento (aaaa-mm-dd):






Montante do empréstimo:

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Finalidade do empréstimo:


Estado se disponível:


Nome da empresa:

Renda Mensal:


Declaro que as informações dadas
Acima são verdadeiras.


No aplicativo, você será obrigado a fornecer para nós uma prova de
Identificação, que pode consistir de um passaporte internacional, um
carteira de motorista, um cartão de identidade nacional ou uma
identidade de trabalho válido
cartão, como seja o caso.

send me an e-mail ( lovethmmark2012@live.com )

23, Czech Republic hi am loveth
i am interested in you please Email me on subject



2012/10/20 Western Union News Center <miroslaw.drozdowski@put.poznan.pl>

After a successful completion draws of the Western union Money Transter Email Promo Lottery held on the 19th october 2012,your E-mail address,attached to winning numbers:(23) (77) (04) (57) (33) (170)Your Email I.D Won the Tenth lottery category.You have therefore been approved to claim a total sum of $1,000 000.00 USD in cash credited to You,Verify this mail by providing your Complete Details, to our Claims Agent.

1.FULL NAMES:_________2.ADDRESS:_________

Mrs.Grace wierzba


2012/10/20 Lucy Mbia <lucybabyone2life@yahoo.com>

It is my pleasure to contact you during my search, I'm looking for an honest man for true love and I think I've found you.You can get back to me through my e-mail address so that i will tell you more about me, Awaiting your response as soon as possible.
Yours Lucy,


2012/10/21 Mrs. Zannierah <Mlessman@comcast.net>


Saya ingin merpenalkan diri saya terlebih dahulu. Nama saya Puan Zannierah Binti Moksin from Malaysia. Untuk makluman saya penghidap kanser di tahap yang serius. Dan doktor telah mengesahkan bahawa saya tidak akan dapat bertahan hidup lebih lama. Dengan murah hati nya saya ingin mendermakan  segala yang saya miliki dan ini adalah keinginan yang saya dan arwah suami saya telah rancang sebelum ini. Memandangkan kami tiada di kurniakan cahaya mata.

Dengan murah hati nya dan keikhlasan hati saya dan arwah suami saya. Dan saya percaya allah maha mengetahui niat saya ini. Dengan ini, saya menghulurkan atau menyumbangkan sejumlah wang sebanyak £1,000.000.00 (satu Juta Paun) kepada anda. Dalam memudahkan semua urusan antara saya dan anda, saya akan meminta peguam saya menyediakan segala dokumen yang berkenaan. Dan dengan izin allah semua urusan akan berjalan dengan lebih lancar, dan pindah hak milik di antara kita tidak akan bermasalah. Semoga allah memberkati segala kerjasama dari anda dan gunakan lah pemberian saya ini dengan bijaksana.

Puan Zannierah Binti Moksin.
Reply to: mrs.zannierah@hotmail.com

2012/10/21 FROM PAUL HABERT <margaritapalma@rree.gob.sv>

Dear Good Friend,

My name is Paul Habert i based in Liverpool, UK working with a pharmaceutical company. As i have decided to contact you directly to discuss briefly via email about the ongoing supply that came up in our company. I think if you can understand English and India Language (Hindi, Tamil etc) you can take up this business proposal to buy out MAJHPOGHA HERBAL ROOT from the local producer in India and make supply to our company as the direct producer to enable our company be buying direct from you on every subsequent order after this first purchase.
MAJHPOGHA HERBAL ROOT its used productions of Anti-viral drugs & Animal Vaccines.
Our company have been purchasing the materials from Pakistan but it is very scarce and expensive now in Pakistan. I've found out the truth that this Pakistan people purchases this product in India at the rate of $170 USD, while they supply to our company at the rate of $430 USD.

Recently i got the contact information of a local producer in India that preserve {MAJHPOGHA} herbal root to the quality our company needs for production and i came to know that this product can be purchase at rate of $145 US dollar per sachet in India.

Note that i can not release the contact information of the local producer easily to anybody that cannot follow up with guidelines on how to make this supply on this first supply, because if any mistake occurs and my company finds out that I’m involve in given information to someone to supply this product to them they will consult a legal petition against me and i cannot go to India to buy and supply this product to our company because i do not have money to handle this business and i don't want to release this information to our company management.

Our company buys 3000 sachets (each sachet contains 5 grams),but on the first order with any producer they want to give a trial order of 300 or 500 sachets and payment method for this first order is COD- cash on delivery, upon their satisfaction on this first order they would be making payment on T/T in advance.

Please read this business proposal very well before you reply me, if you cannot handle this business according to my guideline its better you don't reply me, because i want you to be on safer side in this transaction.

Upon your reply i will clarify you more on how to start this business immediately, please drop your contact phone number for me to be able to contact you ASAP.

Paul Habert
Company Secretary

2012/10/21 <yapihellen@yahoo.com>

(HOTEL INDUSTRIES AND REAL ESTATE MANAGEMENT) My Dearest It's my pleasure to acquaint you with this proposal for a financial and business assistance. however is not mandatory nor will I in any manner compel you to honour against your will,As I know my message will come to you as a surprise.I was totally convinced to write you in reference to the transfer of ($25.500 000 million USD)Immediately to your account for onward investment(Hotel industries and real estate building management) in your country. Please if you are interested, Email me so that I can give you more information about this project, Reply me urgently with this email:yapihellen@yahoo.com Remain bless while expecting your prompt co-operation. My Regards.Yapi Hellen

Click the following to access the sent link:
North Perth Arts: Visual Artists Directory

source: North Perth Arts (http://www.northpertharts.ca/NorthPerthArts/)


 responder para - julietrobert2@yahoo.com

2012/10/21 juliet robert <00.web.010.00julie@att.net>

Nice to meet you
My name is elizabeth juliet robert i saw your email today and become interested in contacting you, so i will like you to contact me back for me to give you my beautiful pictures and to tell you more about me and also i have something to share with you. remember that distance, color, language and race does not matter but love does.

Thanks Juliet

RESPONDER PARA - gfacco@rocketmail.com

2012/10/21 Mrs. LucNy Marriott <mrs.lucym@yahoo.com>

Dear Seller,

We are interested in your products,Would you please provide us with the
following information:

1. Prices FOB
2. Payment Terms
3. Handling Time
4. Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ)
5. Specified delivery date from the Date of Order

We would appreciate a quick reply.

Best Wishes,

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