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DENUNCIAS DO DIA - 30/10/2012

__SCAMMER General Peterson Sivewright _________.

de: Peterson Sivewright petersonsivewright@ymail.com
para: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
fecha: 27 de octubre de 2012 02:08
firmado por: ymail.com

My beloved  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx ,
I am a General Peterson Sivewright and work with the CANADA Army Cyber ??Command (Cyber ??Army) is a service, the Army included command support U.S. Cyber ??Command. Army Network Enterprise Technology Command / 9 Army Signal Command (NETCOM/9thSC ()) 1 Information Operations Command (country) (1st IO CMD (L)) (Parts) Army Intelligence and Security Command (INSCOM) will be under the operational control of Army Cyber ??Cyber-related events, i attended Robert Land Academy Ontario Canada.

Right now I am in service in AFGHANISTAN for a period of six months of which I had spent three months plus and I will back soon to come and meet with you to enable us meet face to face . I am totally interested in you with all my heart if you will consider my request to love you and be in love with you forever.

Here in AFGHANISTAN  I have sure access to computer but I do not have access to telephone calls because we are on field in serious offense against the Talibans. I had also been in Liberia in Africa on a Peace keeping mission just to mention a few. In Liberia I adopted a 7yrs old boy as a son in 2005 that I am having full responsibility to train after I saw with my eyes how his parents were brutally murdered by Rebels Army in a town near Monrovia , the capital. Now he is studying in nearby country also in West Africa and he is also very important to me.

Besides, I am 43yrs.   My wife died in an auto-crash in 2004 and we had no child before she died.  I have been so lonely since then but now I need a honest and sincere woman to love sincerely and honestly from the depth of my heart, whom I can show all my love again and my wealth. I think I should stop here for now until I hear back soon from you. Please do tell me more about your self the nation of your work. I wait to hear back soon from you. I truly need you as my life partner and I am very serious about this only if you will give me this opportunity and I believe it will work for us sincerely because in  two months time we must have known each other so well. I have a huge salary as soon as I am out of here to have full access to my payment and I am so sure it will take care of our widest dreams in this life.

I can always send you emails and possibly chat with you online since I can have access to computer because I need computer to do my work every day. You’re so special to me and I have my faith built in that and I hope you will sincerely come into my life as soon as possible.

I listened to the Beautiful – Mercy Me you are beautiful in his eyes and God has connect us for us to be one, I want you to listen to this song http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oYdAL5qfsSA&feature=related

General Peterson Sivewright .

Canada ARMY.

__________SCAMMER NOVELL ATLAS__________

AmGod Son
how are you doing pretty, while signing up, your
gorgeous pics appears on my account profile page, i joyfully
drop a message on your inbox because your beauty captured my
eyes and heart.
I hope to read a response from you and get
familiar with ourselves...... Much love and blessings,

AmGod Son
thanks for taking your precious time to write me to know more
about me.
Am Novell Atlas and I'm 48 years of age and i have a 6years old son who stay with me, he is my world and everything to me. I'm a sculptor by profession i base in Manchester UK were i have my gallery shop
but I'm a greek by Origin.
I hope we can become good friends, and please tell me more about your self too, are you married? how old are you? do you have kids? what do you do for a living. Please feel free to ask me anything you wish to know and i will be very glad to respond to you.
Do have a wonderful day ahead.
Novel cares

48 ano viúvo, mulher morreu de acidente, sozinho no mundo, filho de 6 anos.

 De: Novel Atlas (novelatlas@ymail.com)
Enviada: quinta-feira, 11 de outubro de 2012 12:00:39

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 Thanks for sending me your email and also for giving me this opportunity of writing you this mail. I am a very simple man and i am a sculptor by profession
whenever i am not having business outside the country my daily routine is very simple. I wake up in the morning take my bath, brush my mouth get my son ready
for school and rush to the gym for about 35 minute then get ready for my personal business. I open up the gallery around 8:30 every morning Monday - Friday
and work till noon. i leave the gallery for my assistant in the Afternoon around 12:50 pm for Lunch. Come back around 1:30 Pm and continue working. I close from there around 5 pm in the evening.
  That is how my routine is from Mondays to Friday. I either play golf on Fridays or long tennis after work with some couple of costumers who like that too.
I lost my wife, the mother of my son in a fatal motor accident about five years ago, i Remarry a year after i lost my wife but the marriage didn't work out.
I have been divorced for two years now, I don't have much friends at all rather i am a man on my own, i made this decision After what my best friend did to me by having an affair with my Ex after 2 weeks of divorce and was told they both planed the crook so they can have 50% of my entire wealth. I decided that I stay away from friends.
I don't bring them too close to me. Friends are really important but i just decided that i have to be on my own so that i can figure where my problem is really coming from.
My favorite color is Blue; the Sky is Blue to be precise. My birthday is March 14th and you?

 Attached in this mail is my photo along side with my son, i do hope you will like them, hope to read back from you.
Much love and blessings, waiting to read from you and see more of your photo my adorable friend,
Novell cares.

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