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______________GOLPISTA HENRY ALFRED________________________

 O primeiro é o Henry Alfred, henry_alfred01@hotmail.co.uk, com ele falei pouco. O de blusa azul com henry_alfred01@hotmail.co.uk     TELEFONE 447045712646 Henry Alfred, henrysmiths2012@hotmail.com

O segundo ferguson_j@hotmail.co.uk
na piscina

Garry White Bale - Garry Bay, emails do golpista  garrybay@hotmail.com; garry_bay1@yahoo.co.uk, leo.theodore@hotmail.com, teodoreleo@yahoo.co.uk, 

esse Garry Bay ainda está no site amor em Cristo, vi ontém, tem a foto dele só e com uma bebê, com penso que sejam fotos usadas de outras pessoas.
Recievers name: Henry Asemota
Recievers address: 29 Gana Street, Maitama
District, Abuja
Country: Nigeria
You can make your test question: Saviour
Answer: Jesus Christ
Documents Number: JBD58409AB1
Purpose of transfer: Personal

Receptores de nome: Henry Asemota
Receptores de endereço: 53 Eagles quadrados avenida Abuja
país: Nigéria
O montante em USD é: 140 Dólar dos Estados Unidos
Você pode fazer seu teste pergunta: Meu nome Esposo
Resposta: Bale Garry


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---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Roseline Mpele Christiana <roselinempele430@yahoo.fr>
Date: 2014-04-23
Subject: I hope hearing from you soon.

Dear Honey,

I am getting worried every day. Left for me, everything would have
completed. But I have to be patience .

Please have you heard from the lawyer? The bank lawyer assure me to
communicate to you. without delay. Contact him again and let him to
know how you will send him the request from you. In Africa here, all
this civil servants like to delay things and that is why the continent
is still under development unlike Asia, Europe and America countries.
They leave the work for which they are paid and be doing their
personal business. This is very bad. My future is never guaranteed
here and I have to leave here for good as soon as you can be able to
conclude the transfer of my heritage with the bank so that i can spend
all my life with you

Please tell me a little more about your country. I am much anxious to
know. The people, the language, religion, culture and other things. I
hope there is no racism there and the standard of education is good.
Sorry to disturb you but I want to know so that I can not be surprise
of anything when I come.

I hope hearing from you soon.
God bless you.

rom: Susan Helms <susanhelms49@yahoo.com>
Date: 2014-04-23 17:18 GMT+02:00
Subject: Susan FAULTFINDER


How is your day and the weather condition over there? as i told you I
am united state army general but presently here in Libya for peace
keeping mission, my dear yes i really want to establish a long term
relationship with you, maybe we can start as friend or go into
business partner, as i want to invest in your country. So please tell
me how economic of your country is and what type of market that really
moves there, so that i will know the area to invest on.

I am General Susan Helms from New Jersey, working with the America
Army , as a coordinator to Libya for peace keeping which i suppose it
is not new to you. How is the situation of things over there regarding
to the economic standard and security? Life is precious and i think
nations economy grows as a result of good government and understanding
of the people , What do you think???

I lost my husband since 5 years ago, but i have 2 kids, a boy and a
girl and both of them are married and settled , What do you do for a
living to overcome economical expenses and to sustain your family?
There is a saying that it is difficult to find a prominent personnel
of high principles which are responsible online regards to good
friendship and  business productivity, tell me your opinion over this?

Well I will appreciate us being good friends in sincerity , honesty
and trust although we just knew each other, we can share ideas and
discuss about more issues as we talk more about ourselves, and as time
goes on there may be something great for us in the future  although we
just met, with the step of trust, love and willingness to begin this

I assure you that we will be of friends that people will envy you and
I, all we need to do is to be sincere in our communication as good
friends okay, I am looking for a trustworthy and reliable man to do
business with, because soon i will retire from my job and i will like
to go into business investment, i find it interesting to invest in
your country, and if we start the relationship, i think with time it
may lead to good business, as it is one of the reason i search for
you,  What are your hobbies, Interest, Life style, Religious believe,
and Plans for life?  For me my Hobbies are Reading, music, and All
sports, including running, snow skiing, sailing, and basketball. I
also played the guitar in a rock and roll band, Religious a Catholic
christian, my plans for my future is to invest in your country and
settled down with a profitable business after my retirement from the
Army . My brother let me hear from you so that we can continue, God
bless you for me and take good care of yourself.

Yours Faithfully
Susan Helms.

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