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Em 26 de fevereiro de 2013 08:20, Alan Magill <Alan.Magill@gatesfoundation.org> escreveu:
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2013/2/25 - ppaulinawilson1@ymail.com>

    Tears, triumph and a spectacular tumble! Anne Hathaway, Daniel Day-Lewis, Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lawrence win big at Oscars
    So with the great and good of Hollywood filed into the Dolby theatre it's almost time for dreams to made... or broken.
    Full Story:
    25 February 2013
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2013/2/26 marine - marinerochetblanc@wanadoo.fr
     ----- Original Message -----
     Conocer viernes. 02/11/2012 15:04 (GMT +02:00)
     Asunto: RE: tE:-
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sem assunto
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    Dear Friend.
      I am writing this mail to you With due respect trust and humanity, I appeal to you to exercise a little patience and read through my letter I feel quite safe dealing with you in this important business, I have a business of $12.5 Million dollars to be transfer to your account for investment in your country if you are ready to assist me get back to me i will give you full details on how the money will be transfer to you.
    You must assure me that everything will be handled confidentially because we are not going to suffer again in life. It has been 10 years now that most of the greedy African Politicians used our Bank to launder money overseas through the help of their Political advisers. Most of the funds which they transferred out of the shores of Africa were gold and oil money that was supposed to have been used to develop the continent.
    Their Political advisers always inflated the amounts before transfer to foreign accounts so I also used the opportunity to divert part of the funds hence I am aware that there is no official trace of how much was transferred as all the accounts used for such transfers were being closed after transfer. I acted as the Account Officer to most of the politicians and when I discovered that they were using me to succeed in their greedy act, I also deleted some of their Banking records from the Bank files and no one cared to ask me because the money was too much for them to control.
    They laundered over $580 million Dollars during the process .As I am sending this message to you; I was able to divert ($12.5 M) to an escrow account belonging to no one in the Bank. The bank is anxious now to know who the beneficiary to the funds is because they have made a lot of profits with the funds. It is more than Eight years now and most of the politicians are no longer using our Bank to transfer funds overseas. The $12.5 Million Dollars has been laying waste but I don't want to retire from the Bank without transferring the funds to a foreign account to enable me share the proceeds with the receiver.
    This fund will be shared between us in the ratio of 50% for me and 40% for you. While 10% for any incurable expenses that will come during the transfer, there is no one coming to ask you about the funds because I secured everything if you're willing to handle this deal with me kindly get back to me with the following. Your Age and occupation, your Private telephone and fax numbers for easy communication/your personal picture to enable me know whom I’ am dealing with. Your location and full contact address. I will send to you the Test of application form which you will apply directly to the Bank.
    Note I want you to keep this business strictly confidential for security reasons as you may know that the Bank doesn’t know that I am the one who contacted you to stand for this claim.
    Best Regard.
    Abu Yaser.

    Tax Refund New Message Alert!
2013/2/26 <Message@tax.co.uk>
    HMRC 2010-2011
    LOCAL OFFICE No. 3819
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    Dear Applicant,
    The contents of this email and any attachments are confidential
    and as
    applicable, copyright in these is reserved to HM Revenue &
    Unless expressly authorised by us, any further dissemination or
    distribution of this email or its attachments is prohibited.
    If you are not the intended recipient of this email, please reply
    inform us that you have received this email in error and then
    delete it
    without retaining any copy.
    I am sending this email to announce: After the last annual
    calculation of
    your fiscal activity we have determined that you are eligible to
    receive a
    tax refund of 244.79 GBP
    You have attached the tax return form with the TAX REFUND NUMBER
    ID: 381716209,
    complete the tax return form attached to this message.
    After completing the form, please submit the form by clicking the
    button on form and allow us 5-9 business days in order to process
    Our head office address can be found on our web site at HM
    Revenue & Customs: http://www.hmrc.gov.uk
    Lisa Frank
    HMRC Tax Credit Office
    TAX REFUND ID: UK381716209-HMRC
    © Copyright 2013, HM Revenue & Customs UK All rights reserved.
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(sem assunto)
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2013/2/26 - system@monitoring.net
      Visa and MasterCard SecureCode  
    Sikkerhet Notice,
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    Internett-kontoen tilgang: Suspendert
    Denne sikkerhetsoppdateringen merke til er å gi deg råd om at en mislykket Password Reset ble nylig forsøkt på Internet Banking konto. Hvis du er uvitende om disse endringene, kan du gjenopprette kontoen bruker:
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    Takk for at du bruker Nets
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