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terça-feira, 5 de fevereiro de 2013


Date: Mon, 28 Jan 2013 02:34:11 -0800
_____________SCAMMER PATRICK____________

Subject: Hello from
To: Hi ,It’s so nice to see your message and email address. I smile when I saw your email. I get this feeling that I haven't felt in a really long time when I see your email. I am so happy to finally be in communication with a real Woman. They say the good things come to those who wait. I have waited for six years for a woman.
What make me happy are the simple things of life. Waking up every day to good health, good food, I love music, movies, sports, and trying out new experiences in life.  I am an Oil and Gas consultant/ Analyst. I work from my office at home and it gives me time to take care of other things too.  I am very open to trying out new things, I am a good cook, I love sailing, Swimming, and basically anything interesting.
I am originally from England. I only moved here recently.  I have lived in London and America almost all my life. My dad is from Holland and my mum is from England. I have only been to Holland once as a kid. I spent some years growing up in Holland because my dad worked for a construction company over there. After my masters in oil and gas I went ahead to worked for an oil company in the states for ten years years before I relocated back to England. So I have a blend of various cultures and ways of living. I believe in a good relationship of love and companionship. I am looking for a soul mate. Someone I can love for the rest of my life. Live a happy life with. Wake up every day next to her. Whenever I look into her eyes I see love and affection. A woman with good virtues and value. Inner beauty is true beauty. I see these qualities in the things you talk about. I will really like to have a meet you. I can tell you and I will get along. .
Tell me more about you. tell me more about your occupation.What do you like to do in your spare time?please do send me some pic of you as I have attach some of my pic to this email,I hope you find them good looking

I will love to have a good conversation with you and will love to hear your lovely voice some day. Please take good care of yourself for me and I look forward to hearing from you.

______________SCAMMER NIGEL SVENSON____________

Date:  Jan 2013
Subject: Re: Hello

Hello ,

Thanks for taking your time to answer some questions. I'm Looking forward to hearing from you again, I will also write more about myself, but i decided to answer some questions about myself, and also attach photos of myself, and also a photo of my daughter. My mother is partly Brazilian, and she is in the UK, because she has arthritis. My daughter, Esme lives with her mother in Greenwich, Connecticut, we never got married because she wanted to abort the child when she was pregnant and i refused,then we part ways, and her parents were able to convince her to keep the pregnancy.

1). Favourite Dish/Drink.
I have a variety of them. I like Italian, and that's number one on my list, (Spaghetti Bolognese). I also like Chinese, Thai, Japanese, Mexican and Indian kebab. By the way, I cook very well, even though I hardly have time. I spent may times with my mother in the kitchen. I used to drink, but hardly in recent time, but anything from a Martini or Bacardi or red/white wine.

2). Favourite colour.
My preference for colours differs with the situation. For dressing, I like black, white, and grey, sometimes blue, I prefer dark colours for this case. Bright colours like, Yellow, Green, Orange, Turquoise, Teal, make me happy. I like having them around my surrounding.

3). Favourite Music.
I like everything, to me it's the melody and rhythm. Even though I don't understand the language, I can still relate with the song, I think music is beyond language, and it is divine, It can heal a wounded heart. ( I don't like Rap music, but I like Eminem.)

4). Favourite past time.
I love both the outdoor and indoor, depends on the mood at that particular time, but anything that isn't a dull moment will do. I love epic and medieval movies, or playing football/soccer . My favourite team is Manchester United.

5). Sport.
a. Soccer
b. Swimming
c. Tennis
d. Golf
e. Rugby
f. Surfing and skiing.
g. I love dancing too, if that will pass as an exercise.

6). Dislikes.
I dislike negativity, if they can all be categorized into that. I hate lies and deceit, selfishness too, people who hate you for no reason. Sadistic and abusive people.

7). My favourite things & things that easily make me happy.
I like to watch comedy, to me Jim Carey and Chris Rock are two of the most funniest people alive, listening to music also puts me in a better mood. Seeing an old movie than I really like. I'm a fan of Harry Porter, Twilight, The odyssey, Troy, I could watch them countless number of times. Thinking about good memories also brings me up when I'm feeling down.

8). My Mentor.
I have many people who have inspired and motivated me. My mother is the first, She is a super woman, and she's one of the main reasons I am this man today. Then public figures, Nelson Mandela, he's the definition of a living legend, Ghandi and also the Dalai Lama, even though i am a Christian, he is a wise teacher.

9). My Dream Vacation.
My dream vacation doesn't have to be in an exotic island or paradise, but I most confess I love beaches, like in St Tropez, the Caribbean, Thailand and Brazil. As long as I am there with my partner and we are both happy, that's the peak to me.

10). Travel & Adventure.
Judging from all I have said you'll know that I am a fan of both, but not to the extreme, there's time for everything.

Best Wishes,

Date:,  Jan 2013 03:XX:45 +0000
Subject: Re: Hello
Hello ,

Great that you wrote me, thanks for the email, I will compose some questions below I just wanted to ask you, maybe you could answer and I will do like wise, even though your profile has already shed some light on your personality. I'm willing to express myself to you, and I will write more about me. I am Brazilian by birth on my mothers side,, because her parents are native, I was born and raised in the Sweden my fathers native, hence my surname  and then UK and my mother is still there, because she is arthritic, and also diabetic, and her doctors are there, she has better medical services, and i have a domestic help and maid that i pay to watch over her. I was previously resident in the US, but have been living here in Brasilia, for about 7 months now, and this is on a permanent basis, I'm back to my roots, and i feel at home. I have few friends here, and only work related colleagues who are mostly foreign personnel and hardly around. I am reserved.

I am a dynamic and versatile individual. I am a Civil/Structural engineer by profession, but, I work as a freelance contractor/consultant, so i travel for work sometimes, hope this wont be a hindrance, I am honest and don't want to with-hold any information from you. Answer the questions below, and we can start off from there. Also I wanted to know what your experience on any dating website has been like? have you met any one, been on any dates? had a chat or discussed with any one yet, just wondering, because you're my first interaction, and i don't really know how this works, and if you are at the moment chatting with someone else, you will have to end any communication with any other party if we are to stand a chance, don't get me wrong, but i am just being honest and realistic, not possessive. I am committed to one person alone. will be expecting your answers. I knew about this site from a colleague i worked with, who advised me to try it, please keep in touch, I am serious about this, but i believe we should keep this on an email phase, and talk in due time.

1. Your favourite dish/ drink.
2. Your favourite colour
3 Your favourite kind of music
4. Your favourite past time, or leisure
5. Do you watch or participate in sport?
6. What are your dislikes
7. What are favourite things,(Things that could easily make you happy)
8. Who is your mentor and why?
9. Your dream vacation
10. Do you love travel & Adventure?

Warm thoughts,

________________SCAMMER GREG__________________

Date: Tue, 29 Jan 2013 10:39:34 +0200
Subject: Greetings,Greg from

Hello Dear,
Thanks for the reply with your email address,its more easier for us to communicate this way and also exchange pictures.
It is important that i let you know more about me regardless of what you must have read on my be2 profile  Am very new in the online dating scene like i said earlier.
My name is Greg Morgan, I'm an  Architect/Civil Engineer and i live totally on my own. I was born and grew up in the United Kingdom but my mother is originally from Poland, i am currently seeking a building contract here which will soon be granted and I also want to buy a house here,i really want to relocate from UK and start a new life in this country this is the reason i joined Be2 to meet someone special not just to show me around but also to fall in love with.
Personality: I like to classify myself as a comfortable and independent man that has a lot of good attributes that any woman would want from a man i am not saying that I am very perfect, but i do my best to make my woman happy. I am legally Divorced, I do not have any kids, I have been divorced for two years already. For a while now i have been alone concentrating mainly on work but i have come to realize that am not getting any younger and i really need a woman in my life, a woman that i would spend the rest of my life with and be happy with for eternity. I am a very hard working man, but I think it is time to find true love again, I want someone special, someone who will love and care about my feelings i might look very strong due to working out a lot at the gym but am not tough enough to defeat my feelings,emotion and falling inlove . I also have a lot of love to share with the lucky woman.
I like to read novel but could take time to finish one because of work.i like movies and I love music from all genres but a stronger preference to R&B and soft rock music.i use to play football back in school but abandoned it for my career.i also like intimate and quiet times.I don't play games with people and always try to be honest.It usually takes me a little while to open up and get to know new someone, but once I become comfortable with them, I open up a lot with them. I want someone that will feel comfortable talking with me about almost anything. I don't ever claim to know more than I do, but I enjoy learning about new things.there have been times when I have thrown caution to the wind and done things that were uncharacteristic of me. Most of those times were a lot of fun, too, but I don't do those things everyday! I think it's fun to "shake it up" , but only once in a while. For the most part, I want security and trust.I'm looking for someone who is sincere, honest, caring and easy-going. I'm looking for my best friend and soul-mate in one person,someone i can love unconditionally so i hope you and i will get along soon.
i have this important question for you,have you meet any man or have a chat with anyone from the dating site? if you have please share your past experience and tell me why the relationship didn't workout between you and the man,i will also like to know almost everything about so take your time to reply,tell me what you do for a living,what you like,the kind of man you want and let's see where faith will take us.
Do send me your reply soon with at least one or two of your picture :)
Best Regards.


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