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_________________________SCAMMER ANNA SIDOROVA_____________

Sexta-feira, 8 de Julho de 2011 8:32
Assunto: Hello
Very nice to meet you.
My name is Anna.
I got your address BE2.
I try to meet an intelligent and decent man.
hope we could know each other better.
I am 27 years old.
I hope I'll see your answer.
Have a nice day.

Sábado, 16 de Julho de 2011 5:37
Assunto: Hello
I am very pleased that you responded to my short letter to you. )))
I sincerely hope that this will be the beginning of our acquaintance with you! And the continuation of communication!
I understand perfectly. With my past letter you brought a lot of questions! And you even surprised that you wrote to a young girl!
But I hope that our continued dialogue with you to help us get to know each other better!
Today I will try to explain the true purpose of my acquaintance with you! And to answer your concerns!!
From the first letters! I sincerely with you! And I hope that you will answer me in return! I believe that only sincere dialogue to help people get closer to each other!
What do you think?? Do you agree with me??
I got your address from their familiar friends Elona, ??she accidentally found your address when looking for its love on the Internet. And she wanted to write to you, but in her life
 changes occurred, which stopped it in writing you a letter. She met her only beloved man, once traveling to another country.
Now, when she was not interested in new friends she gave me your email and told me that you can try your luck in the new acquaintance with a man who as well as
and you're looking for her only. But she told me she bought your email for a long time, and that it is possible for this long you have already built strong relationships with
girl. I would like to ask you, you do not really need a serious relationship with a girl from another country? ..... You have already with women!
Ah!!!! Sorry! Just spoke and forgot the main thing. Tell about yourself. After all, in my last letter I and not what you do not say that!! And now I want to
This fix my mistake! I hope that you will be interesting!! And in your next letter I will be able to learn more about you!
My name Anna. I am 27 years old. born August 17, 1983. By zodiac sign I lev.Rost 172 cm
I live in Russia. My city Podolsk.Navernoe you have a picture of my town? I would like to know from you what you are interested in hearing about my city?? I
would be able to tell you everything that interest you. Ask not be shy. I will answer thee.
I really want to, we did not stop to correspond. Because for me the correspondence on the internet is the only way to keep in touch with you. I
I can not use your home phone. Since the house I live in recently built and it has not conducted a telephone connection. And my cell phone I have no idea.
Because I live alone and I do not have many friends. I have no one to call up. If I want it I'll Elona will always find in the walls of my house:)! I hope
not a problem for you to continue communicating with the email???
I hope you tell us about yourself is not much about your city where you live, so I could learn more about you. By this letter I attach the photos, I hope they
You will enjoy and you can send me your photo ?!...
Today I say goodbye to you. I wish you good sleep and good morning;). Hoping to read your letter again. Your new friend from Russia!

Quinta-feira, 21 de Julho de 2011 5:30
Assunto: Hello
Good afternoon, xx. !!
I waited your letter with great excitement. I was wondering you answer me or not! Now I have calmed down, because there is no reason to worry. I received a reply from you again. And for me it is really very important and nice that you decide to continue our acquaintance, not paying attention to the great distance between us at this moment. Perhaps this is the first and most important step in building our relationship with you further. I believe that life is not random and has a specific meaning. And as you look at life? ...
You talk about what that robot .. I do not understand what you're ...))))) I just recently started using the Internet ... Therefore, all that is connected to the Internet and even with computers, for me it's a new ......
I really have something to tell you about. I hope that you are not going away and just tell me about yourself and your family. I have long live an independent life in solitude. My parents died when I was absolutely tiny. I transferred to an orphanage because I have relatives was not needed. There I grew up and soon left the orphanage when she became an adult. I soon became an adult and can fend for themselves in any situation. Today - it's an obstacle that is difficult for me to handle alone. I tried to build relationships with men in their country. But soon I realized that I do not want to stay in the country, which was depriving myself of the main love of his parents. Today I am an adult who is aware of the importance of living together with a man, not alone. And I would like to build a real love story with a man. And I'll tell you more, I'm ready to build the story now. Tell you honestly that important to me in a man. I would hope that you come under my description of the ideal man in my understanding.
1) The man should be the source of love and affection.
2) The man should be able to see a girl not only sexual satisfaction but also a source of vitality.
3) The man should be constant. It should not be (seven Fridays in one week) - I think you understand - this expression?
Perhaps you do not understand why you, a man who is older than me! With older men can be assured of one thing. What they will not be changeable as a tree in the wind and it will not swing from side to side)))! Be confident in your man's important to me. I think for you it is just as important to be confident in his girlfriend?? I hope that my principles of fidelity to one man you will like and you'll be happy with what I can only be for a single man for life. And what are you willing to sacrifice for the sake of feelings of love ????....
I'll tell you not much about their work. I work as a cashier in a supermarket. I'm working on a schedule for two days or two. My job I like. I earn enough for me and one for himself. I hope you understand me. To live alone I do not like being single because it is difficult to give love to people. I'm very open to love people. I always communicate with their customers if there is time. I have many acquaintances with people. And many like me, only because I can listen and be attentive to their problems. But their problems when I did not say who is not. My only problem at the moment my life is a TOTAL SOLITUDE. People offer me options for men who are just as lonely and I'm ready to build a relationship with me to raise a family. But I decided that I would not stay over in Russia. This is a country with more resources, but is not able to manage them. Likewise, most people in Russia are not able to manage their own feelings. I could watch it from his childhood in an orphanage. When most children adopt mostly people from other countries. The Russians did not need adoption, was a rarity when the Russian family came for the baby. I guess I had already decided for themselves that aliens much more humane, and that I would like to live surrounded by these people.
But I was not even a man with whom I was able to separate any half. I hope that you understand the sincerity of my intentions to take its second half.
We hope that you will not leave my letter without attention and give me a quick answer. I will certainly wait for a response from you. I will be glad to continue to learn about you from your letters.
Your new friend from Russia Anna!!!!

ssunto: Hello
Hello my friend xxxxx !
Thank you for your letter. Over the sincerity of your words. Honestly very pleased to receive a letter knowing that the letters from far away and wrote their man to whom I am beginning
feel sympathy. Forgive me for my openness in my thoughts and feelings, but as you know I brought up in an orphanage and taught us there to open your senses and be
transparent and open. I believe that I have brought up properly. Now I myself am waiting the moment to have children and to create around and about them, just love.
I want some of what you say. You know that most people around the world looking for its second half and when they find often happens that they
released her, and not realizing that they were released? ... If each of us was given a hint of fate, that next to us was the man whom we can
love all of her own life and not let him go. I think it would affect the history of mankind in its development. Since everything that happens in life has its beginning and
rooted in the love and connection of two hearts. I would be interested to hear your opinion (what you think about it) ........
Exactly one year ago, I had the feeling of love, and since I'm a romantic by nature, I surrendered to that feeling by 100. My beloved is to me
it seemed as I liked. But in fact he had a desire for sex by my presence. More he did not want in the relationship between us. It hurts right now about this
speak and think. He kept asking me to shoot photos at our sex and my body. I resisted, but he always scared me so that leaves me, if I'm not him
You can take yourself. I was on assignment, I thought for a harmless whim of her husband. But in effect he used the video and pictures on social networks
Internet. After I learned it, can you imagine that happening to me? ... I was crushed, and not long ago I just woke up. Me
needed help of a psychologist. I could not cope with such a mocking and heartless nature of man. He knows that sex and intimacy issues, I very modest, even with my favorite man. And when I saw your video and pictures on the internet, and I showed them Elona, ??I of course was defeated. I cried and could not believe what happened. In his defense, he said he always wanted me to be caught by them in frustration. He wanted to see me in a bad mood. He saw me as the first time, and nothing when it does not happen to see me this again because I put an end to our relationship with him.
Since a year has passed and I was able to conclude that life could not endure the betrayal and lies close to me from the man. I will not forgive the betrayal nor when.
Tell me about your failures in your life are probably just happened as I have ......
I'm ready, more in touch with you and read more of your letters, so I ask you not to stop my letters and I continue to please their answers. I will
You will be very grateful ....)
Sincerely your friend Anna !!!!!


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