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sexta-feira, 20 de julho de 2012


   _________SCAMMER - MIXON BEN  -_____                                      

Hi Beloved,
I am  Lt.Mixonben with the USA Army, I am a widower.i will like to be your friend,i am not regular in this site due to the nature of my job, feel free to contact me through personal
Thank you,

 _______________SCAMMER JOY_____________


How are you today,My name is joy, I saw your profile today and became interested in you, I will also want to know you more and if you don't mind i want you to send an email to my mailbox so I will give you my picture for you to know more about me,
Regards From
joy! THANKS. email

_____________SCAMMER WONG LIZA_____________

2012/7/18 Wong Liza <>

Hello Friend,

I am Ms. Wong Liza  the Head of Accounting Audit Department of
HONG LEONG BANK in Malaysia. I have a business proposal you
In my department, I discovered a sum of $8.5 Million
In an account that belongs to one of our foreign deceased
customers, a billionaire Business Mogul Late Mr. Moises Saba Masri, a Jew
from Mexico who was a victim of a helicopter crash since 2006 year,
resulting to his death and his family members.
You can see more information about Saba Masri Mr.Moises unfortunate end
accident on the website-link below.,7340,L-3832556,00.html
Now our bank has been waiting for any of the
relatives to come-up for the claim but nobody has done that until now. I
have been unsuccessful in locating the relatives, I seek your consent to
present you as the next of kin/Will Beneficiary to the deceased so that
they funds of this account valued at $8.5 Million
can be paid to your account.this transaction will be share 60/40 by both of
Provide me the following information, as we have 7 days to run it
through. This is very URGENT PLEASE.
1. Full Name:
2. Your: Telephone Number:
3. Your Contact Address:
4. Age:
5.Core Job/ Occupation:
Please on your confirmation of this message and indicating your interest,
i will furnish you with more information on this business transaction.
Best regards
Ms. Wong Liza

__________SCAMMER MARY KIMBAL________

Mary kimbal  publicou um comentário no perfil de xxxxx emack  atrás 47 dias
Hello My Dear,
How are you today??
My name is Miss Mary,
I like to be your friends ok;
Please send me your e-mail
to my inbox at(
i will give you my picture
have a nice day
Yours Mary

___________SCAMMER TYLER BRANDON_________

How Are you! hope fine - I must comment You're drop dead Gorgeous! .. Am a man of few wonderful words & i believe in action. Am looking for a (Serious and Real Relationship) - I like your profile it intrigued me - honestly i will like to connect with you - who knows i might be the hero and the happiness you are looking for i am widow i lost my wife last 2 years and this is my first time on dating site .. i dont come on datingsite all the time but i will be glad if you can write me your email and tell me more about yourself so that i can communicate with you and know you more better than this because i really believe in communication i wait to hear from you Have a Blessed day from Tyler

Tyler Brandon
17 jul (3 dias atrás)
para mim

   I am a man that is easy to please but must have an honest, true relationship.  I don't want to play any games and am dedicated to the one who loves me. and i am  ready to  love her and  be with her with all my  heart ..
  I am passionate, honest, loving, caring, very loyal and humble to everyone that enters my life.  I am not rushing  looking for the love of my life i want to know about her so that i will never get hurt or break my heart .  I'd prefer to find the best friend of my life first and  see where is  going to  lead us too
    I am a successful construction engineer that has been looked upon as a leader in the industry.  I have been involved in various projects from overseeing construction of commercial buildings to working on government projects local and overseas.  While I love designing, I also enjoy overseeing the people who report to me.  Because my work is so varied, it takes me all over the globe, which I totally love.
I have been to Egypt, Spain, Italy, Greece and of course, Sweden . My work has provided me many opportunities to see different parts of this beautiful world.  There are good times and some bad times.  I am at the point in my life where I want to start slowing down my work and begin enjoying time with my special woman.  I believe in working hard but also playing hard, if you know what I mean.  It's the playing part that I need attention to and want to, of course, pay attention to the love of my life. But this Time around, I am Planning to settle down fully  and start a Family, a Happy one Though..
My father is a Brazilian and my mom is an American I was born in the brazil but spent more of my growing years in america  united state   is where I spent most of my life after living with my Cousin in Madrid, Spain. All i want now is Just to Start My Own Family and Move On in Life..  I am not Getting any Younger..
    You're probably wondering if I have ever been married and the answer is Yes.  I did have a relationship which lasted a Long period of time. about 6 years.  I believe being totally honest and open. Thats Jennifers Mom, she died during Jennifer  childbirth,that was 6 years ago.. I am Looking for a Woman who is Ready to start something Serious and Real.. Be a Good Mom to Jennifer and A good Wife to me.. I am Looking for something Real and i am ready to make things work for us Only if we try...Jennifer is with me Here In Germany, I dont Think i can let her off My Sight..
    I am smart, strong, sensible, insightful and willing to share my most intimate feelings.  I want to find out all about you, what you love about life and what makes you happy.  I want to know your interests.  I catch myself day dreaming about this beautiful soul and I know she is there for me.  I think some times life takes you down a road and you must learn something from that experience.I am a one lady man, i really want you to Know you Have My Full attention.
If I may bore you with a little more detail about myself it is to say I stay active.  I work out 3-4 times a week either walking or lifting weights.  I am proud of my physical body.  I have strong arms to hold you near me and give you special back rubs.  I enjoy feeling the right woman's body.  I want her to give to me what I want to give back.  I am a romantic and I enjoy giving my special woman surprises.  Being spontaneous would be great.  I would love to spend weekends on short trips having dinner and wine over a quiet, intimate dinner.
I love dancing or sitting in front of a fire listening to mellow music.  I love cuddling and talk about life's day .  Seeing a sunset over water or laying on the beach at night kissing. Having a great cup of coffee or an ice cold beer.  It doesn't matter as long as we are together.  Now I don't want to smother you because I believe life should have its balance.  I do enjoy playing golf, biking, hiking, swimming, football, soccer and tennis.  I love to read, travel and discover new ideas and places. I don't Smoke!!!
I like to stay active and exercise regularly I am a big fan of music and sport, playing and watching. I'm not adverse to getting my culture fix and am always up for a trip to the theatre / museum, and am always looking for an excuse to get away for the weekend. Sometimes it is just as nice to curl up on the couch in front of the fire with good book or with that special someone! I love a romantic candlelight dinner for two with a bottle of wine.  I prefer hot to cold, evening to morning, giving to receiving.
As far as movies, I enjoy romantic comedies, off-beat / foreign films (a little touchy freely kind) and some thrillers.  Even tempered, masculine and dependable, being creative and artistic are a few words that describe me.. Exploring excites me as well.  I feel it is important to be active intellectually as well as physically. I have many diverse interests and passions - politics, art, music, philosophy and the human condition. Some would describe me as a Liberal type - however I am closer to Libertarian.  Patience is my most obvious virtue.
This time around the next woman I would love in my life would be open-minded.  Someone who would allow me to spoil her and maybe spoil me too.  I would like for us to get to know each other first and lets see where it takes us.  I am willing to be patient to find out more about you now and lets share how much common interests we have. I just know by reading your profile that we could have a lot to share.
Would you be willing to take a chance in getting to know me even more ? You're a beautiful woman, otherwise I would not be writing to you.  I would not have spent all of this time talking about myself if I didn't have an interest in you.  I love what I see and I want to find out more about who you are, if you will let me.
Exploring each other with emails and IM would be my preferred way to begin.  I am at your speed.  We can take it slow and discover our thoughts and feelings.  Perhaps our words can touch each other in a way that we captivate our emotions.   I believe in looking into the window of our souls and seeing the beauty we have.  I guess you could say I am a man that is in touch with his feelings.
I like to express how I feel and I enjoy making her feel an important part of my life. If you feel this is a daydream, let me assure you its not.  It's just that I want to begin this time in the right direction by finding someone who is close to what I have been looking for.  I am a man that is confident and goes after what he is interested when he sees potential.  Why let an opportunity fade when I can take a step forward and let you know I am wanting to meet you.
PS: To be happy is the choice I wish to make in spite of the circumstances that are strewn in my path

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