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Depto. Financeiro

Monday, May 06, 2013

9:48:48 PM

Dear greetings from Abigail


Dear greetings from Abigail
I send you my kindest regards and a warm kiss
I’d Dearly Love to get better Acquainted with, first as Good Friends in a
Friendship , as as we both get to know one another and see if Our
Friendship will Blossom into Some thing more than just being Friends.

Chers salutations de Abigail
Je vous envoie mes salutations distinguées et un baiser chaud
Je adorerait faire plus ample connaissance avec, d'abord comme de bons amis dans un
Amitié, tant que nous avons tous deux apprendre à connaître l'autre et voir si notre
Amitié se transformera en quelque chose de plus que d'être simplement amis.



De: Aristid Sayogou <kabre2011@gmail.com>
Assunto: Dear friend, you have to please reply swiftly.
Data: Segunda-feira, 6 de Maio de 2013, 14:39

Dear friend,

With all due respect, please kindly welcome this letter as it might
meet you in utmost surprise, please forgive my intrusion into your
privacy. My name is Mr. Aristid Sayogou, it was due to the urgency
implied and the need for a foreign partner that made me contact you
today for a business transaction.

When auditing abandoned and outstanding accounts in our bank, I
discover the secret file of one of our late customers, who died in a
plane crash with his entire family on 31 July 2008. He lodged some
money into this bank ($8.000,000.00) Eight Million United State
Dollars. Since then we have made several inquiries to locate any of
his extended relatives, but our several attempts was unsuccessful as
he neither left a Will nor any next of kin to this fund.

After these several frantic searches proved unsuccessful, I personally
decided to contact you and to seek your consent to assist me for the
fund to be transferred. I have the opportunity to transfer the fund as
I work here in the bank as the director of Audit section, all I
require is your honest co-operation to see this transaction through.
If you will give me a full assurance that you can handle this
business, then forward to me this information: your full name, age,
sex, occupation, cell phone number, and address/country.

If you agree to my business proposal and on receipt of your positive
response, further details and modalities for the transfer will be
forwarded to you.

With best regards,
Mr. Aristid Sayogou.
RESPONDER PARA - judithcoopers65@gmail.com

Mrs.Judith Coopers, - smthmary46@gmail.com

Greeting in the Name of God

I am Mrs.Judith Coopers, A widow to the Late Mr. Marcus Coopers, I am 65 yrs old, I am a new
Christian convert working as a missionary in Africa before I Was urgently transfer to my home
country here in Scotland United Kingdom, am suffering From long time cancer of the breast, from
all indication my condition is really Deteriorating and I am afraid that I won't live more than two
Months, because of the pains I am passing through and because the cancer stage has gotten to a
very bad stage. My late husband was killed during the U.S raid against terrorism in Afghanistan,
and during the period of our marriage we had a 23 yrs old son who died in an auto crash three
years ago. My late husband was very wealthy and after his death I inherited all his business and
wealth. My Doctor suggested that I will go for a surgery because I have tried so many ways for
solution but no solution, I Hate surgery but I dont have any option than to follow my doctor
instruction for the safety of my life.

The reason why I am contacting you from my sick bed is because I want to divide the part of my
husband wealth to contribute to the development of the church and Mosque in Africa, America,
and Asia And also in Europe. I prayed over it, and I am willing to donate the sum of Five Million
Great Britain pounds (5,000,000.00 GP) to the less privileged and orphanage Home through you.

My God is the one that directed me to you and I want you to use 70% this funds to work for God
and keep 30% to yourself. Please I want you to note that this fund is lying in a Bank and upon my
instruction, my Bank will proceed with their transfer Procedures once they get some vital information
from you as my next Beneficiary.

Lastly, I want you to keep everything about this transaction very private and secret because there
are so many people that are searching a way to claims My Husband fund especially my husband
relatives and friends, I hate them because they only interested on my husband Fund. I honestly pray
that this money when transferred will be used for the said purpose, because I have come to find out
that wealth with our God and Happiness is vanity upon vanity. If you are willing to help me, please
kindly get back to me with your following details which I listed below:

Your Full Name:
Contact Address:
Mobile Phone Number:

May the Grace of our God and the Fellowship of God be with you and your family.

I await your urgent reply,

Yours in Christ,

Mrs.Judith Coopers,
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DL Logistic Inc - logistics@logistic-mx.net

Dear Recipient ,


A collection was made on 03-May-2013 09:16 for delivery to you, via Overnight service, by DHL Logistics on behalf of 1605.

The delivery deadline time is set for 06-May-2013 13:32

The description is: GENERAL GOODS

If you have a query regarding this email please contact 1605 - 123456 Quoting Reference 205047 or Consignment Number 2979939 or Unique Ref:7004z514604

You can use the following link to track this order


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Problem på din sista faktura

Telia - update_client1w@telia.se


Åtkomst till ditt konto är begränsat till närmast följande :
Vi har märkt att du har betalat din faktura tva ganger på samma gång

(din fil: 53001_99)
För att bekräfta din återbetalning:
Logga in nu:

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Reply-To: fortinsandd@yahoo.fr


SANDRINE FORTIN - fortinsandd@voila.fr

e sais que cette lettre peut être une très grande surprise pour vous, je
vous donne ma confiance et je souhaite que vous me donniez en retour la
confiance que j'ai mise en vous.

Je crois que vous allez être honnête pour accomplir ma dernière volonté
avant que je meurs

Je suis Mme Sandrine Fortin, je suis âgé de 58 ans, Je suis atteinte d'un
cancer de Gorge  et de toute indication mon état est vraiment détérioré et
je ne peux plus parler, et mes médecins m’ont courageusement informé que
je ne peux pas vivre au-delà des deux prochains mois, c'est parce que le
stade du cancer a atteint un stade critique.

J'ai été élevé dans un orphelinat, et j'étais marié à mon défunt époux
pendant vingt ans sans enfant

Mon mari et moi sommes de vrais chrétiens, mais bien malheureusement, il
est décédée lors d’un accident donc je ne pouvais pas entendre le cri d'un
enfant dans ma maison depuis sa mort et j'ai décidé de ne pas me remarié
j'ai vendu tous mes biens et celui de mon mari et j'ai obtenir  la somme
de $10.200 millions (Dix millions Deux Cent Mille Dollars Américain).
Cette somme a été  déposée dans une banque.

Actuellement, les Fonds sont  toujours sous leur garde, et le gestionnaire
de la banque m'a écrit que le bénéficiaire légitime doit se présenter pour
recevoir le Dépôt après l'avoir gardé si longtemps, ou plutôt émettre une
lettre d' autorisation à quelqu'un pour le recevoir en mon nom car je ne
peux pas venir en raison de ma maladie, actuellement, je suis avec mon
ordinateur portable dans un hôpital où j'ai été sous traitement Depuis
longtemps, j'ai perdu ma capacité de parler et marcher  ou de faire
quelque chose par moi-même et mes médecins m'ont dit que je n'ai que
quelques mois à vivre. Mon seul moyen de communication est mon ordinateur

C'est mon dernier souhait de voir que ces Fonds soit  investi dans une
entreprise de votre choix et le gain réalisé chaque année ou six mois
selon le cas peut être, distribués chaque année entre l'organisation de
charité, les pauvres et les veuves

Je veux que votre bonne humanité, d'utiliser également ces Fonds  pour
financer les églises, et vous allé recevoir autour de 20% pour vos
efforts, je dois vous dire que ce fut une décision très difficile, mais
j'ai eu à prendre un pas audacieux vers cette question car je n'ai pas
autre option J'espère que vous m’aiderez à voir mes dernières volontés se
réalisées.Me répondre a mon mail privée qui est: fortinsandd@yahoo.fr

Dès que je recevrai votre réponse je vous donnerai le contact de la banque
et je vous publierai également une lettre d'autorisation, ce qui va
prouver que vous êtes le nouveau bénéficiaire de mes fonds S'il vous plaît
assurer moi que vous agirez en conséquence comme je l'ai indiqué ci après.

Espérant d'attendre plus tôt de vous


Mme Sandrine Fortin.
Date: Fri, 3 May 2013 21:34:31 +0200
From: ellinaslove9@yahoo.com
To: ellinaslove9@yahoo.com
Subject: Olá querido,

Olá querido,

Querido, o meu nome é Dominic Ellina. Eu sou uma garota à procura de uma pessoa de confiança para compartilhar a minha vida, por favor, eu não quero incomodá-lo com meus sentimentos, mas pense comigo, eu gostaria de ser seu amigo e se conhecem muito bem, por favor, se você gostaria de saber mais sobre mim, responde-me com este e-mail meu ellinaslove9@yahoo.com para que eu vou lhe dizer mais sobre mim e também enviar as minhas fotos para você. Eu vou ser feliz de ver sua resposta,
Senhorita Ellina Dominic.

Mr. Musa Ibrahim - dictoa12@mesbfa.biz

Dear friend,

My name is Mr. Musa Ibrahim. I am working with one of the prime banks here in Burkina Faso. Here in this bank existed a dormant account for many years, which belong to one of our late foreign customer.

When I discovered that there had been neither deposits nor withdrawals from this account for this long period, I decided to carry out a system investigation and discovered that none of the family member or relations of the late person are aware of this account, which means nobody will come to take it. The amount in this account stands at $13, 300, 000.00 (Thirteen Million Three Hundred Thousand USA Dollars).

I want a foreign account where the bank will transfer this fund. I will front you in the bank as the Next of Kin to the late customer and back you up with relevant information. What the bank need is proof and information about the late customer which I will assist you on. This is a genuine, risk free and legal business transaction.

All details shall be sent to you once I hear from you. The information as contained herein be accorded the necessary attention, urgency as well as the secrecy it deserves. If you are really sure of your integrity, trustworthy and confidentiality, reply back to me urgently.

Best regards,

Mr. Musa Ibrahim
Return-Path: - choicean@new.newteks.gr

WONG HUI wonghui288@rediffmail.com

Please I would like you to keep this proposal as a top secret and delete it if you are not interested and get back to me if you are interested for details as regards to the transfer of $24,500,000 to you. This money initially belongs to a Libyan client who died in the libya crisis and had no next of kin in his account-opening package in my bank here in Hong kong where I am a bank director. In other to achieve this, I shall require your full name, and telephone number to reach you.Most importantly, a confirmation of acceptance from you will be needed after which I shall furnish you with the full details of this transaction. Yours Truly, Wong Hui.



Rev Ruben Robert - tracy.carpenter@charter.net

We offer LOAN worldwide at 0.2%. Contact us for more info.{indialoanfinance@msn.com}


EURO CLEARING HOUSE - euroclearinghouse@gmail.com


I got your contact in course of my inquiry to locate relations of my Deceased Client who died in a car crash. On the 7th of August 2010 it was reported to us that my Client, his wife and their only daughter were involved in a car crash. The reason for this is to inherit a Contract Payment Deposited in an account to the tune of $11.450 million which the Deceased left in a Bank. This request emerged when the Bank/Finance institution contacted me for the attention of my Deceased Client (perhaps for one reason or the other they have tried to contact him and was unsuccessful) I announced his death and protocolsobserved.

I was mandated (as the deceased's attorney) to provide the Next of Kin to inherit the Deposits or they will freeze it as" Unclaimed Deposit" Unfortunately, and unknown to the Bank, the Next of Kin was amongst the dead in the car crash.

But rather leaving the Deposits/Account frozen hence I seek your help to claim the fund into your Account as you share same names with the Deceased and I have the required information to execute the transaction under legal process. Upon the conclusion of this transaction, I will come to your country, for the disbursement of this fund, which 40% of the total amount will be your compensation, while 60% will be my share for the investment I will need your help to establish in your country. Please contact me through this email: princegaryt@gmail.com.

Yours Faithfully,
P.G Taylor
Advocate/Legal Practitioner

Return-Path: - mailme_draw@rediffmail.com



Dear Winner,
Congratulations!!! We Are Using This Medium To Officially Notify You: Please Open This

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Salut bien aimé dans le seigneur!
Je suis AUDREY LAMARCHE de nationalité Française.
J’ai pu avoir votre adresse mail grâce a mon Robot électronique sécurisé de mon Ordinateur PC.WC.8AR. Si je vous adresse ce mail, sachiez que c'est l'œuvre de DIEU qui m'a amené à vous choisir parmi tant de mails archives sur le net pour vous confier cette grande responsabilité dont je suis convaincu que vous allez prendre comme une bénédiction et un don venu d'une femme de bonne foi. Bien vrai que je ne vous connais pas, ce que je demande à DIEU, Je voudrais que tu réalise mes projets pour moi. Je me sens si mal chaque jour car je ne sais pas si je vais survivre suite aux différentes opérations. Je n’ai pas eu d'enfant mais au moins j'ai l'affection provenant de votre part et cela me réjouit tellement que vous ayez pensé à moi en ces moments difficiles. Je ne sais comment vous remercier mais Dieu seul vous le rendra au centuple.
Mon plus grand souhait que vous pouvez m'apporter est de rester en prière avec moi car je sais que vous êtes un croyant de Dieu. Je ne voulais pas quitter cette terre sans se rendre compte que mon argent a servis aux enfants démunis, pauvres, orphelins et autres, un grand soulagement. Cette responsabilité est lourde à prendre mais je vous offre cette somme (Trois cent soixante quinze mille £ ) 375.000 € Euros pour que vous la gérer comme si c'était la votre dans l’intérêt de réaliser mes vœux les plus chers au monde. Parfois, je me demande pourquoi mon existence sur la planète terre car
j’ai vécu inutilement bien aimé. Je suis hospitalisée dans un hôpital en Angleterre. Écrivez moi directement à mon adresse mail le plus consulter
que voici ( audrey.lamarche@yahoo.fr )



Ken Cole - counter@markthomas.com>

I got your contact in course of my inquiry to locate any relative of my Deceased Client who died in a car crash on the 13th February 2010.

I have a serious transaction which would interest you,we will both benefit financially.

If you are interested contact me for further explanation and You can reach me via my E-mail, for more information. Looking forward to hearing from you soonest.

Have a nice day and God Bless You.

Yours faithfully,
Ken Cole.

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