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 Se você encontrar esta página da web enquanto procurava um texto de e-mail específico, então você está quase certamente lidando com um scammer e-mail. É melhor você parar toda a comunicação de imediato uma vez que esta pessoa é perigosa e provavelmente irá tentar levá-lo à falência dentro de curto espaço de tempo, se não for ainda pior. Meu pedido para você, se você receber um e-mail similar: verificar e informar-nos através do email:  golpesvirtuais@gmail.com  e em seguida, excluí-lo. Se você puder, por favor bloqueie o remetente do e-mail scammer. Você vai viver muito mais seguro com isso.

Fiona Yensen - fiona.yensen@westnet.com.au
I have a profitable business transaction to share with you.

Date: Mon, 29 Apr 2013 10:14:29 -0700
From: roberthill919@yahoo.com
Subject: Re:

My dearest

Thank you very much for your message and also the pictures you sent to me and I really appreciate it and my son was happy too, you are such a beautiful angel and your daughter is beautiful too.

My son has said is telling me to fix for a date for our trip to Brazil and I told him that I will fix a date for that as soon as I am done with the contract I have at hand here in cote d’ivoire in west Africa, so as soon as I am done with the contract, then I shall fix a date for my trip to Brazil.

Meanwhile, I have sent you a friend request in my face book, so check your face book account to accept it okay.
I hope you had a wonderful working day and I do hope to hear back from you.

From your Love
Return-Path: - silviesaunie96@gmail.com

silvie saunie - silviesaunier@yahoo.fr

J'aimerais faire votre connaissance pour une amitié sincère et durable. Si vous êtes intéressé,
veuillez me répondre a mon adresse e-mail je vous répondrai dès que possible.
dans l'attente de vous lire.
Mlle Sylvie

From Denz Ventures
Paul Hendricks - clauteraj@natcom.com.ht
Dear sir/Madam,

we are  British Import firm here in London and we are very
interested to buy your Products for the UKand some Europe countries Market.

Please carefully log in with your E-mail details with which you corresponded with us to enable you view our Purchase Order and confirm if your company can produce product,
give us production/delivery time and your best price for this product.

We await your soonest response and hoping to having a good business relationship with your company.


Business associate
John Ekene Esq. - jwlker11@excite.com

Dear Friend,

I am Barrister John Ekene of EKENE CHAMBERS & CO. This mail is written
and intended to solicit your assistance to be presented as NEXT OF KIN
to my Late Client. My Deceased Client Stephen Reinhart,(Lakewood, Ohio)
He made a fixed Deposit of Funds valued at USD 10M (Ten Million United
States Dollars Only)with a Bank here in Nigerian.

Unfortunately lost his life abroad Egypt Air Flight 990, which crashed
into the Atlantic Ocean on October
31st,1999(news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/world/americas/502503.stm) and left no
clear beneficiary as Next of Kin except some vital documents related to
the Deposit which is still with me. All efforts by me to trace his Next
of Kin proved abortive because he did not make any will prior to his

The Governing Body of the BANK has contacted me on this matter and I am
yet to provide the Next of Kin to lay claims to the Funds. Under a clear
and legitimate agreement with you, I shall seek your consent to be
presented as the next of Kin so that my late client's fund will not be
confiscated by the BANK or to be misused by corrupt government
officials. I propose a sharing formula of 60% for me, 40% for you and if
you will agree to stand as the next of kin and have the funds deposited
into any account that you will provide.

Please make available to me the following information so that we can
Your Full Names.......................
Your Private telephone:...............
Your Address..........................
Your Occupation.......................
Your Age..............................
Please send your response to my private mail address: gtbcea@w.cn

Thank you very much for your anticipated co-operation.
Yours faithfully,
John Ekene Esq.

MUBADALAŽDubai-U.A.E - rozyckiderek@wi.rr.com

Structured Finance & Capital Markets
United Arab Emirates

Dear Sir/Madam

We are United Arab Emirates based investment group expanding our portfolio globally through supporting individual and private corporate projects in form of a debt-financing, short and longterm loan.

We will be glad to partner with you, in any viable project initiative within our scope of funding.

Our clear and precise terms of ROI (Return On Investment) will be provided to you as soon as we receive your project/investment presentation.

Best Regards,

Derek Rozycki
Structured Finance & Capital Markets
Mubadala Small Loan Financing,
Dubai- United Arab Emirates
Website: www.mubadala.ae

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Daniel Ebo - Daniel.Ebo@hilton.com
UN Foundation have awarded you a grant sum. contact Mr. Barry Gibson via email: bgibson5@rogers.com
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Mr.Mong Hoi - msobrado@usb.ve
I have a secured business proposal for you. email address
( mrmonghiosign1@yahoo.com.hk ) For more information.

RESPONDER PARA - bfabogados@aol.com

Choice as the benefactor

Belzuz Fernandez - bzfernandez@uibs.org

Greetings From Fernandez,

I am pleased to get across to you with a very urgent and profitable business proposal.Regarding a venture through which we both can come on a substantial amount of funds.I am Barrister Belzuz Fernandez (BELZUZ FERNANDEZ ABOGADOS,E.s.q.), a legal representative and personal Attorney to an expatriate, contractor with an Independent, Exploration & Production Company (Now deceased). Actually, i got your contact information through the public records while searching for a reliable partner to help me in claiming my late client`s estate, who was a business magnate that lived in Spain for Nineteen years. On the Thursday, 11 March, 2004, my client, his wife and their two Children  were also among the victims that died in the 2004 Madrid train bombings Unfortunately they All lost their lives in the event of the accident, Since then i have made several enquiries to locate any of my client's extended relatives, this has also proved unsuccessful. After these several unsuccessful attempts, hence i contacted you.<

Prior to my explaining further, i must first make an apology for this unsolicited mail to you.I am conscious that this is certainly not a predictable way of approach to foster a relationship of trust but because of the circumstances and urgency surrounding this claim i decided to reach you via this media to join me to put claims on this fund before it is seized or confiscated by the authorities. Before the catastrophe; He deposited the sum of $7.4M (SEVEN MILLION,FOUR HUNDRED THOUSAND US DOLLARS) with his bank.

As the Attorney/Adviser to my late client, the bank has mandated me to present a member of his family(heir/inheritor)and instructed me to forward particulars of my client's next of Kin/beneficiary, to make Claims so that he/she can be paid the outstanding $7.4M (SEVEN MILLION,FOUR HUNDRED THOUSAND US DOLLARS) or the deposited fund will be declared unserviceable and taken to the Bureau of Diplomatic Security as unclaimed fund. I was given an ultimatum to look for some relative to come for the claim or have the fund liquidated and made unserviceable in accordance with existing laws.

After preliminary efforts of search for a direct family member which came to no avail, i decided to contact you, my suggestion to you is that i will like to present you as the beneficiary to this deposited fund.I know you may not be anyway related to my late client, it is absolutely necessary for me to make it take the resemblance of an actual next of kin; this is where i need your assistance, as my duty is to provide the necessary documents to back up our claim, although i know that a transaction of this magnitude might make anyone apprehensive but i would like to assure you that i am proposing this project to you with the best of intensions, as an Attorney.

Next of Kinship is not limited to relations of the deceased, nor is it confided to the circuit of parental relationship, rather it is by choice of the benefactor as regards to whom he wish to WILL it to (Beneficiary) either formal or informal by secret information disclosure to beneficiary be him/her    business partner, relation, kinsmen, or friends or well wishers.

The modality i have in place, i can guarantee that if you follow my instructions (The rule of laws) and capitalizing of some judicial loop holes the funds will be released into your nominated bank account. Mind you that this transaction is 100% risk free; there is no atom of risk connected to this business as i have worked out all modalities to complete the operation effectively.All i require from you is your honest co-operation to enable us see this deal through.I guarantee that this transaction will be executed under a legitimate banking arrangement that will protect you from any breach of law. Upon successful conclusion of this project,Once the fund is transfer to you, we shall disbursed the content in the ratio of 45% and 55% respectively (45% for you and 55% for me) as our benefit. Each ($3,330,000 Million for you) and ($4,070,000 Million for me).

Kindly reply strictly to my personnel Email: belzuzabogados@aim.com . As above or you can equally send a fax with your personal Telephone /fax number for effective communication and oral clarification on how to proceed next.

Kindest Regards,
Belzuz Fernandez
Legal Financial Service
Consultants/Asset Security

Re: Inquiry April 2013

HSBC BANK JAPAN - office@dp.beml.co.in

I am Mr David Mosley. I work with HSBC Bank Tokyo Japan.

 My colleagues and I are conducting a standard process investigation involving my client who shares the same Last name with you, and also the circumstances surrounding the domiciled estate made with our bank. Our client as the subject matter died intestate with his only daughter and nominated no next of kin to inherit this Funds valued at USD$ 18 Million Dollars. The essence of this communication with you is that you kindly assist me on three questions:

1-Are you aware of any relative/relation having the same surname, whose great grand parents emigrated from your country a long time ago?

2-Are you aware of any investment with HSBC Bank of substantial value made by such an individual with the same last name as yours?

3-Being the account/portfolio manager to the deceased would you be able to receive this funds contrary to the above questions if we legally present you to our bank, with our official capability, providing all legal backup documentations beyond all reasonable doubt, to assume status of a heir to the deceased as a relative, based on your same last name?

It is important that you inform me of your interest on this matter that we may come to an understanding as a team to put an end to this inquiry.

Do respond with the following details,So an official of the Bank will contact you and discuss better with you. :

1. Name:.................
2. Phone Number:.............
3. Country:.......................

Mr David Mosley


joefrey01@cantv.net - joefrey01@cantv.net

Dearest One,

How are you my dear? hope all is well.
My name is (Tina Williams) (24years old) I am from (Abidjan Cote d'Ivoire) in West Africa,) 5.2ft tall,
light in complexion single and presently residing here in GHANA as a result of the crises war that was
fought in my country some years ago.
I urgently needed help from you in transferring of the total amount of $8.5 into your account as i am an orphan.
Other details will be giving to you as soon as i receieve your response.

Contact me through my direct email address;( tin1williams@yahoo.co.jp )
Thanks till i hear from you soon.

Miss Tina Joefrey Swansea Williams
Return-Path:  ubmthai@leksound.net

RESPONDER PARA - int.bbukit@null.net

Loan Application

Barclays Bank Plc -  info@mail.co.in

Dear Applicant, Infometion From Barclays Bank Plc Loan We offer Legitimate Loans such as Business loans, Personal loans, Investor loans etc without collateral at the lowest interest rate of 3% with maximum Guarantee & assurance.for more enquiry contacts us Email:int.bbukit@null.net

Mark - craig@craig.hotmail.com

Attn: Beneficiary,

I am compelled to write you in respect of your fund remittance, which transfer has remained unsuccessful. I am very sure that you must have lost hope of ever getting your fund transfer released especially after all the frustrations, endless disappointment and broken promises in the hands of some officials.

In response to our telephone conversation today I have the pleasure to pass this important information to you. During an extraordinary session of the UNITED NATION COMPENSATION AWARD COMMITTEE, and mindful of the promises made in the previous communiquй, mindful of the commitment we are endowed with by the this great organization, we took a drastic decision to start making payments directly to those that merit it which you are one of them.

I am quite sure that you must be wondering the reason behind the non-release of your long awaited fund after our Government officially granted approval for its remittance. I may also believe that you would have received countless, unconfirmed and spurious payment Advices and remittance instructions from some officials indicating that they have granted approval for the transfer of your fund.

      I would like you to note the following.

(1) Our government has granted irrevocable payment approval for your fund remittance.

(2) Official release of this fund according to the record from the office of the Accountant General of the Federation and Ministry of Finance have been duly affected and documented.

(3) Your fund is presently being held at our corresponding security company, the only authorized and approved
Security Company by the Federal Government to handle all foreign contract debts.

However for the avoidance of doubt, the reason for the non-release of your fund is due to the fact that the paying security company has not received any direct instruction about the beneficiary of the outstanding amount as the fund is still being held in the name of the original DOCUMENTS, in view of the non-provision of a proof of ownership of your fund, and you are not told the truth by the Nigeria representatives, be inform that nigeria representatives is very much aware that once the truth about your fund release is told it will put an end to their illegal extortion from you.

If you are very certain that you will not disclose this information to anyone, get back to me with your contact telephone and address with a copy of your ID, I will give you further directives on what you should do immediately.

NB: You are to stop further dealings with any office or Representatives with immediate effect, to avoid further extortion of your hard earn currency.

Yours sincerely,

Payment Department Director
Email: markallan307@yahoo.com.ph
responder para - ramata.gadjigo@ymail.com

Greetings From Ramata

ramata gadjigo - ramatagajiga951@yahoo.com

Greetings From Ramata,

How are you and how is your work? i hope that all is well with you, My
name is mis

Ramata gadjigo,i know that you maybe-surprise how i get your email,i got
your email today

when i was browsing looking for honest partner,then i feel to drop this
few line to you,

and i will like you to contact me through my email so that we can know
each other and

exchange our pictures, and we may-become partners.

Remember the distance does not matter what matters is the love we share
with each other.

i am waiting to hear from you soon.

Regards Mis Ramata
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Mes salutations

Evelyne Lauren - tamara.kaskova@alice.it

Mes salutations       
Je suis éblouie et débordée de joie à vous écrire en ce jour. Me rassurant que vous avez comme moi un grand cœur ouvert et plein d’affection, je vous répondrai si vous acceptez ma demande de correspondance malgré peut être la ou les différences qui existent entre nous. Je suis EVLYNE LAUREN âgée de 26 ans, je vie à Londres et désire correspondre avec vous pas de la race ni de religion .Mon désir ardent est de pouvoir nouer une parfaite relation avec vous afin de bien connaître mes semblables et de pouvoir joindre les deux
bouts un jour (une rencontre). Dans une idée claire et saine, sans rien vous cacher, nous pourrons échanger les variétés culturelles et autres, aussi on pourra mieux se connaître et même se rencontrer. Voila pourquoi j'aimerais correspondance avec vous, car dit-on " la connaissance a toujours un plus quelque part " En effet c'est après une longue recherche de mail sur les sites de correspondance que je suis arrivée à vous identifier parmi tant d'adresse.Très bonne réception et je serai ravie de vous lire très  prochainement. Envoi moi un message dans ma boite électronique sur mon adresse E-mail personnel si tu veux correspondre avec moi: evlyne.lauren@yahoo.ca


Zukhra Abdullaeva - susanw6@zipmail.com.br


I am Mrs. Zukhra Abdullaeva, a widow to late Muhammad Musa former owner of Petroleum & Gas Company here in Ivory Cost West Africa. I am 53 years old, suffering from long time Cancer of the breast. From all indications my condition is really deteriorating and it's quite obvious that I won't live more than 2 months according to my doctors.

This is because the cancer stage has gotten to a very bad stage. I don't want you to pity me, but I need your assistance and trust. My late husband died early last year from Heart attack, and during the period of our Marriage we couldn't produce any child. I found your e-mail address in the web directory, and I have decided to contact you, but if for any reason you find this mail offensive, please you can ignore it and please accept my apology.

Before my late husband died he deposited the sum of Four million, Three Hundred Thousand United States dollars (USD$4.3 M illion) in a Security Company some years ago, that’s all I have left now, I need you to use this funds and distribute it by yourself to the charity’s, so that when I die my soul can rest in peace. I decided to donate this fund to an Imam or any faithful Islamic brother or sister that will utilize this fund the way I am going to instruct herein. I want somebody that will use this fund according to the desire of my Late Husbands to help the orphanages, widows, and propagating the good news of Allah and to endeavour that the Mosque of Allah is maintained and to help less privileged people in our Islamic World.

Pleas for more details you can use this information to contact me:
Names: Zukhra Abdullaeva
Adress: Rue De La Yamoussoukro L/G 152 Macory
Abidjan, Cote D'Ivoire
Email: Zukhra_Abdullaeva@yahoo.fr

Mrs. Zukhra Abdullaeva.
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OFFICE UK TELL:+448719748886 YOUR MASTERCARD No:5148 6547 8940 6543  SEND US YOUR 1.Full

Name: 2.Full Address: 3.Phone Number: 4.Occupation.MODE OF PAYMENT1. BANK TO BANK TRANSFER

2.COURIER DELIVERY TO mcmimj.dept@hotmail.co.uk
Ambassador James Knight - westernunion@westernunion.com


Please I want to inform you that your fund was brought to my desk this
morning .because the director of the western union here in Benin republic
said that they will divert your fund to the government treasuries account,
just because that you refused to pay for the transfer fee of your fund
which is $99.

But I told them to wait until, I hear from you today so that I will know
the reason why you reject and abandoned such amount of money $3.5 millions
which will change your life just because of $99.
I want your urgent response as soon as you receive this email and tell me
the reason why you have abandon your fund or if you are not interested in
it again then I can change your name to another person name, so that the
government will not claim this funds

Please you get back to me with this contact information as soon as you
send the $99 if you are really interested in receiving your fund today.
Here is the infomation to send the $99 today!! Receives Name: MR ANDY
UBAH: Country : BENIN REPUBLIC : Teste Question: URGENT : Answer: NEEDED:
Send me your full contact information as required below.

Your Full name.................
Your country and city........................
Your home address...........................
Your private phone number.........................
Your age........
Scanned copy of ID card.......................
Contact me through this email address
I await your urgent response
Tele-phone: +229-66-289-330
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Hs.docx    Hs.docx

Re: Please send me a quote

Lin Jaan - linjaan@live.cn

armony(Sanhe) Stainless Steel Products Factory
Add : Huangmakeng Village, Shibei Industrial Zone, Shishan Town, Nanhai District,
Foshan City

Dear Sir,

This is Mr. Lin Jaan from sales department. Please log in to view our catalogue and let me know if you can supply us the same product.

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Give Me Your Minimum Order Quantity,

-Your Best Prices And FOB Port Of Loading.
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Best Regards
Mr. Lin Jaan
Harmony(Sanhe) Stainless Steel Products Factory
Tel:0757-81693649 81694549 Fax:0757-86797695
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Hilton International Hotels - info@london.com

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contact below mail id and send a copy of your resume to both of the
SIR.RICHARD OWEN (H.R and TRAINEE OF Hilton International Hotels Ltd
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Good afternoon,

Naomi Ngiga - naomingiga20136@zipmail.com.br

Good afternoon,
is my pleasure to contact you,
My name is Naomi, please do not be offended for my mail to you, i saw your contact today, i decide to contact you, I have purpose of contacting you,  i will attach my picture on my next mail for you to know me, I hope you accept my proposal,

waiting to hear from you,

eturn-Path: - mailme_draw@rediffmail.com

 Contact Dr. Emmanuel Martin For Your Bank Draft

Attention: Beneficiary,

In regards to the recent meeting between the United Nations and the Present United States Government to restore the dignity and Economy of the Nations. Base on the Agreement with the World Bank Assistance to help and make the world a better place for all with the sole aim of abolishing poverty.

You may not understand why this mail came to you. We have been having a meeting for the past 7 months which just ended few days ago with the secretary to the UNITED NATIONS.

This email is to all the people that have been victim in any part of the world, the UNITED NATIONS IN Affiliation with WORLD BANK have agreed to compensate you with the sum of $2,500, 000.00 Million Dollars:, for self support.This is regarding the draws he organized before he left the office to help individuals to own a self charity organization also for your to build your Personal Company/organization so as to help the less privileged in there society due to the financial crisis.

This includes every foreign contractors that may have not received their contract, inheritance & lotto sum, and people that have had an unfinished transaction or international business that failed due to Government problems etc. We found your name in the list of those who are to benefit from these compensation exercise and that is why we are contacting you, this have been agreed upon and have been signed.

You are advised to contact Dr.Emmanuel Martin of Apex Express Courier Delivery Company Benin Republic, as he is our representative in Benin, contact him immediately for your International Bank Draft of $2,500, 000.00 Million Dollars. This funds are in a Bank Draft for security purpose, so he will send it to you and you can clear it in any bank of your choice.

Make Sure you provide him with the following information as soon as you receive this Email for their immediate action .

1,Your full Name.
2,Your Address where your payment will be dispatch to you:.
3,Home telephone number/Cell Phone:.
4,A Scan Copy Of Identity Card Or Drivers License to avoid wrong delivery:
5,Your Occupation:
6:Your Age:

Contact him now and inform him that you received an email from the UNITED NATIONS,instructing you to call him for immediate release of your Bank Draft of USD$2,500, 000.00 and forward your details to Dr.Emmanuel Martin immediately for your Bank Draft at the given address below:

United Nation Dispatching Officer:
Company's Name ;Apex Express Courier Delivery Company Benin Republic.
Contact person: Dr.Emmanuel Martin .

I apologize on behalf of my organization for any delay you might have encountered in receiving your fund in the past.

Thanks and God bless you and your family.

Hoping to hear from you as soon as you cash your Bank Draft.
Making the world a better place.

Keith Armstrong.
Office Of United Nations Secretary-General
Dr.Ban Ki-Moon.
Rendons Gràce a Dieu !!!‏‏
DOMINIQUE PATROZA - cammic@tin.it

J’emboîte mes pas pour aider des personnes en situation difficile, des démunies, les enfants de la rue, et aussi des orphelins. Je suis une patiente en sous observation médical au Centre d’hôpital Elisabeth Queens sise au Grande-Bretagne. J’ai toujours privilégié le service de ma nation au détriment de ma propre santé et voilà aujourd’hui cela me rattrape, mais je suis quand même fière d’avoir pu aider des gens autour de moi et je pense pouvoir continuer à le faire à travers vous. J'y crois plus si je vais vivre encore longtemps sur cette terre, cela fait des années que je traîne le mal dont je souffre et à ce que je vois la médecine ne peut plus rien, c'est même malgré moi que je vous contact pour vous parler de mon offre. Aussi , je veux que vous m'accompagné dans vos prières et surtout par mon image vous devenez le père ou la mère des enfants en situation critique, devenir également par mon image le bâtisseur de plusieurs temples de Dieu, des Mosquées, des écoles pour l'alphabétisation des enfants qui n'ont pas la chance d'aller à l'école...
Pour mieux me connaître et de savoir plus sur ce projet de donation d'une somme de Un Million d'Euros qui me tiens beaucoup à cœur, je suis en attente de votre réponse.
Je suis Mme Dominique Florence PATROZA, née le 27 Mars 1944.Contact: 00447045758131

Je souhaite vous lire très bientôt,
My Humble Request For You Only
MRS AMANDA JOHNSON - sista_amandajohnson@yahoo.co.uk

Good day

Greetings in the name of God. My name is Mrs. Amanda .B. Johnson. I am 71 years old and was diagnosed for cancer about four years ago, immediately after the death of my husband. I have been
touched to donate from what I have inherited from my late husband for the good work rather than allow his relatives to
use my husband's hard earned fund.

As I lay on my sick bed, I want you to help me in carrying out my last wish on earth which will be very profitable to
you. I want to WILL a total sum of $10 million USD to you which I want you to distribute part of it to any charity home
for me and the rest for yourself and your family which I will inform you on how to share all.

I was married to my late husband Mr. Farooq Johnson who was a Gold Merchant in London for twenty-one years and my husband died in a fatal mining accident in November 2007 and since his death I decided not to re-marry. Now I am a dying woman who with this hard reality that has befallen me, I have decided to donate this fund to you and want you to use this gift to help charity organizations, orphanages, churches, mosques, widows, motherless baby’s home, Schools, supporting destitute aged men and women or whatever you may have in mind that will be to the benefit of the less fortunate.

Please for further information contact me ASAP.

You can contact me here: sista_amandajohnson@yahoo.co.uk


Mrs. Amanda .B. Johnson

Return-Path: - markjohnsonesq8@gmail.com
Mark Esq - mark_esq852@yahoo.fr>

Tel: +48 - 22 - 2888200
Mark Esq - mark_esq852@yahoo.fr 

Mr. Kingsley Egobia - claudia.krenauer@chello.at

 Dear Beneficiary,

There is a Cash deposit in our government accredited bank account in your favour. This fund deposit has been lying dormant in the bank for a while, it is an over invoiced fund from an executed contract totaling USD$27,000,000.00(Twenty seven million United States Dollars), so during auditing it was discovered that there have not been any claims to the fund, hence the reason for my contacting you to discuss with you on how the fund will be transferred to you.

Once you revert to me confirming your detailed information, I shall then provide you with all the privileged information relating to the fund in deposit and will also guide you on how to apply for this fund transfer to any account you may provide. This will be achieved without the breach of any law. I would respectfully request that you treat the content of this letter as urgent and confidential,respect the integrity of the information you come by as a result of this correspondence.

Contact me immediately for more information and to begin the due process of redeeming your lawful entitlement before our ministry is compelled by
law to forfeit the fund to the government for lack of claim.


Mr. Kingsley Egobia
Federal Ministry of Finance
Tel: +2348181262201


Welcome to Trade
House Taiwan Ltd.
Dear Customer ,

Thanks for the email and sorry for our late response to your message.
We saw a similar product At another company site, So please confirm to us
if you/your company can make provision of the exact product as shown
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Best regards
Mr. Lee Chien-Hui
Taiwan Trade Centre
E-mail: e-member@taitra.org.tw
responder para - alexingram30@nokiamail.com

Hello info@ww.org

HELLO Friend Top of the day. I am contacting with regards to an estate belonging to my deceased client,

who may be related to you and since you bear the same last name I decided to contact you about this unclaimed deposits as i am the sole executor to his estates.

For further correspondence,kindly re-confirm the requested details:Names in full,

marital status,direct telephone and fax numbers. I shall await your response to give you a more detailed feedback.

Best Regards,ALEX I

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Lin Brown Monica - linbrown.monica@yahoo.com.hk

Honest greeting,

Let me start by introducing my self. I am a serving US General Army and the commanding security to Iraqi Nation and also with Afghanistan as national security adviser to the countries security. I and some other high ranking Officers made some deal on oil business over there in Iraq before my exit to Afghanistan. The deal worth $25m united states dollars and after we have all share the money I later realize $17.5m which is my personal share of the deal, due to my status as a US General, I can not be able to move this huge funds to my country to avoid further interrogation or face any kind of probation by my country government.

I want you to know that I has moved this fund to one clearing house for  safe keeping. I will offer to you 30% from the whole amount and we also have to keep a low profile of communication until we achieve our aims and ultimate goals. Can you be able to help me receive this huge funds in you name? So that I will continue facilitating the process of moving the boxes to you and please note that we also have to keep this honorable deal a top secret because I do not want anyone to know about it due to my present position in the US Army.

If you know that you will work with me in one accord, then you are to send me your full names, home and office addresses including your private and office telephone numbers. You are to include your age, occupation and marital status. I look forward to your reply and co-operation, and I thank you in advance as I anticipate your co-operation.

I await your urgent response as soonest as you can

Best regards.
Lt.Monica Lin Brown.
Return-Path: - boafricabf@yahoo.fr>

Mr Saliu Ali - mr_saliu_ali@voila.fr


1) Your Full Name............
2) Your Age........................
3) Marital Status.....................
4) Your Phone Number...............
5) Your Fax Numbers...................
6) Your Country............................
7) Your Occupation........................
8) Sex............................................






FEDERAL MINISTRY OF FINANCE - ibrahimgume12@email.com.ng

Dear Sir,

I want to inform you that there are several funds being discovered recently belonging to Foreign Nationals who operated genie businesses in Nigeria, having several deposits running into Millions of United States Dollars that becomes dormant in accounts.

Many of these Foreign Nationals were deported during time when Vaswanis Brothers owners of Stallion Group hard problem with Federal Government of Nigeria because of their illicit activities (http://saharareporters.com/news-page/how-vaswanis-loot-nigeria-brothers-get-n6-trillion-waiver-presidency-connection-national-s) as you can read through the site.

Many of these Foreign Nationals who was affected during this Vaswanis Brothers problem with government of Nigeria left their genie deposited funds that runs into Millions of United States Dollars, while some of them that has handled contracts with Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation or other Ministries/Agencies left without collecting there contractual funds.

Recent verification and investigation exercise carried out on government list of unpaid contractors reveals that many Europeans, Americans and Asians citizens has not been paid contracts executed more than Twenty Years now and so many of these beneficiaries cannot be found alive or living again as several letters writing to their contact address returned undelivered.

When our President visited United States President end of last year, he was reminded of complains from unpaid contractors worldwide and our President made promised to clear out all unpaid contract funds, which was backed by action this year.

That is reason while you are being contacted for payment of your contract/inheritance overdue sum of Ten Million, Five Hundred Thousand United States Dollars Only that will be paying to you through either Direct Wire Transfer, Immunity Cash Delivery, Certified Bank Draft or Automatic Teller Machine Card system of payment within 72 banking hours you reconfirm your Full Name, Address and Telephone Numbers.

Thank you

Dr. Ibrahim Gume
Director of Payment
Your Email ID has WON

´promo Award - info@bbm.com

Dear, Email Winner,
Your Email ID has WON(1000,000.00 GBP)in the BLACKBERRY PROMO 2013 COMPANY.send your info. 1.Name.2.Add.3.Nationality.4.Age.5.Occupation.6.Phone.
To our Office: bbm.dept@hotmail.co.uk

Maggie Bausch
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[URGENTE] Prezado Cliente. Comunicado De Segurança Obrigatória.


Prezado(a) Cliente,

Protocolo de Atendimento : CEF_0175415382

Para uma maior eficácia dos serviços, informamos que não detectamos em seu computador a atualização de SEGURANÇA CAIXA Internet Banking.

A Atualização é Fundamental, prática, rápida e segura tornando mais seguras as suas consultas e transações na Caixa Econômica Federal Internet Banking.

A atualização deste dispositivo levará apenas alguns segundos.

Acesse o botão abaixo para Atualizar os dados de segurança!

Clique Aqui para Acessar a Adesão.

Caixa Econômica Federal © Copyright 2013. All Rights Reserved.


PAUL GIBBS - ifdc@mbox.mn


Internal Audit, Monitoring,Consulting And Investigations Division.

Mrs.Michelet Bartlett,

This letter is to inform you that I came to Nigeria yesterday from London,
after a series of complaints that the FBI and other security agencies from
Asia, Europe, Oceania, Antarctica, South America and the United States of
America respectively, against the Federal Government of Nigeria and the
British Government for the rate of scam activities going on in these two

I have met with President Dr. Goodluck Ebele Jonathan of Nigeria and some
other senior officials of the concerned banks here in Nigeria who claimed
that they have been trying their best to ensure you receive your fund in
your account.

Right now, as directed by our secretary general Mr.Ban Ki-Moon, We are
working closely with the Crime Commission of Nigeria Economic and
Financial Commission (EFCC) and have decided to waive away all your
clearance fees/Charges and authorize the Government of Nigeria to effect
the payment of compensation in the amount of ( $ 2.2Million USD) approved
by the British government and the UN into your account without any charge
delay.The only fee you will pay to confirm your fund in your account, is
your Notarization fee to the UN.

Get back to us with your bank details:

Full Name: .........................
Country: ...........................
Phone Number: ......................
Bank Name: .........................
Bank address: ......................
Bank Account: ......................
Routing Number: ....................
Swift Code: ........................

Honestly, you are a lucky person because I have discovered that some top
Nigerian government officials and British are interested in your fund and
they are working in collaboration with One Mrs.Jessica White U.S.A to
frustrate and then divert your funds to their personal account.

Since my stay here in Nigeria, I have been conducting a series of meetings
that makes it hard for me to answer calls, but you can call my assistant
Mr.Paul Gibbs who came to Nigeria with me at the number I just acquire in
Nigeria today: +234-7066-879-030.

I have very limited time to stay in Nigeria so I would like the urgent
response to this email so I can advise you on how best to confirm your
fund in your account within the next 72 hours.

Reply through this email address only:

Mrs.Michelet Bartlett.
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RESPONDER PARA - uyikelvin@outlook.com
Return-Path: - uno-fund_release@unhabitat.org
United Nations Human Settlements Programme. - uno-fund_release@unhabitat.org
Good Day

After much attempts to reach you on phone, I deemed it necessary and
urgent to contact you via your e-mail and to notify you finally about
your outstanding compensation payment.

During our last annual calculation of your banking activities we have
realized that you are eligible to receive a compensation payment of
£1,000,000.00 GBP.

This fund promotes the poverty reduction aims of Millennium Development
Goals and the Habitat Agenda for all of you who have suffered loss as a
result of fraud, accident or illness better sustainable and equitable
towns and cities throughout the developing world.

For claims info, contact the assigned UPS agent for the delivery of your
cashier check.

Please take note that you would be paying a shipping/handling fee to the
(UPS Agent). Thanks for your patience.

Ref: UN-Habitat023/6
High-Speed Delivery Service (HSDS)
Contact Name: Mr. UYI KELVIN
E-mail: uyikelvin@outlook.com

Programme Manager
RESPONDER PARA - christy.walton@activist.com

Update Your Google Mail Account !
Gmail Account - alerts@google-mail.com


Dear email user,

We noticed that you need to update your Gmail Account
Please upgrade immediately by clicking on this link below:

Click Here to Update Your Gmail Account

Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter.
Gmail Team.

   Yours Sincerely.     


Attention:Dear Account Holder
My Dearest Beloved,

My name is Christy Walton, a widow and business woman, an American Citizen. I have recently been diagnosed with esophageal cancer and a rare Heart Disease for 22 years, which has defiled all medical treatment. Expert diagnosis has shown that I have few months to live. I am worth $ 26.5 billion Dollars which I inherited from my late husband John T. Walton and which rates me as the second richest woman in the world.

The intention of this email is to employ the expertise of a Charity minded individual, who can identify a viable and guarantee reasonable distribution of my wealth to the needy. I cannot rely on family and closest relatives any more, as they did not show responsible behavior when I entrusted part of my wealth to them to distribute to charity organizations but instead used the money for their personal needs.

To prevent any more mishaps, my attorney will act as a check, monitoring every aspect of the Charity. My Will is with my Lawyer which my Family is fully aware about, But there is 5% of my Bank Worth which is £90,000,000.00 (Ninety Million British Pounds),about $137,052,000.00(One Hundred And Thirty Seven Million United States Dollars) which nobody is aware of except my attorney.

Please reply me back with your below details to enable us proceed further and please keep this confidential.

MOBILE NUMBER..............
MARITAL STATUS.............

God Bless You.

Mrs. Christy Walton
Hosni Maraeso - providesmtpwebmail@gmail.com

Hi Reply to my id (hosnima@ymail.com)

My name is Hosni Maraeso the only son of late Dr Buyung Maraeso who died in heart attack 05/06/12.
For your kind attention, I will be very glad if you do assist me to relocate this sum of (8 Million Euro)(Eight Million Euro) to your account for the benefit of our both families.This is a genuine business,only i cannot operate it alone without using a Foreign partner who will stand as the beneficiary to the money and 30% of the money will go to you and your family because of your good and kind hearted towards me and 5% for any expenses you made because there most be a little expenses before the bank can transfer the money to your account, that is why i decided to contact you in a good manner to assist me and also to share the benefit together with me. By indicating your interest I will send you the full details on how the business will be executed, I will attach my CV and passport also my photo's for you to know that am very serious with you and to know whom you are dealing with when i hear from you.Please be informed that your utmost confidentiality is required. If this interests you, I want to remind you of the confidentiality of this transaction at hand whatever your decision is.

I await your urgent response, Please keep this proposal as a top secret and delete if you are not interested.

Best Regards



Ahja Hanifa Jasim - alja_hanifa-jasim000@voila.fr


Compliment of the day to you.I am Ahja Hanifa Jasim, I am sending this brief
letter to solicit your partnership to transfer $18.5million US Dollars. I shall
send you more information and procedures when I
receive a positive response from you.

1. YOUR FULL NAME..........

2. NATIONALITY.............

3. YOUR AGE................

4. OCCUPATION..............

5. PHONE NUMBER.............
Best Regards,
Ahja Hanifa Jasim.


 We are interested in your products.

Trendy Princess - ack@telefonica.net

Dear Sir/Madam,

We need RFQ for very high quality of all the different types of your products, materials and other available products inventory you have.

What is the minimum order?

How soon can you supply if we pay? Can you supply on a regular basis?

What is your FOB

Waiting to hear from you.

Angla Hill


אושרת אדמה‎ - ademe7@walla.com

Dear Friend To Be,

 Please I am Mike Lawn the LOST and FOUND Controller, our office found a suit case belonging to one Mohammed Akbar Fathi of Saudi Arabia, i personal have made investigations and found out that the content of the suit case is the lost 15 million dollars which Mohammed Akbar Fathi lost at the airport which was announced over the television news when he entered Nigeria, From the internet search i did now i found your e mail, my main point of contacting you is for you to act as the brother or sister to Mohammed Akbar Fathi to claim the suit case so that we can share the money, am sure of what am telling you, this is not a joke, this email is different from other emails you may be receiving. i just want you to pretend as if you Mohammed Akbar Fathi 's relation to enable me confuse our office people and send the suit case to you.


  NOBODY KNOW ABOUT THIS THING AM TELLING YOU NOW,SO PLEASE DO NOT TELL ANYBODY SO THAT WE CAN ACHIEVE OUR AIMS. If you agree with me, you will have the 5million dollars and i will take the 10million dollars, then send me your full address and mobile numbers so that we can send the suit case through diplomatic Currier services to your country,if you are interested to facilitate the business.

  Please this is urgent and what i need is your honesty and please send me some prove to show that you will not run away with the suit case like your,


    1   International passport if any.

    2   Home addres for delivery:..................................

    3   Phone:...................................

    4   Country:..................................

 Reply to my private email if you are interested

 E-MAIL: mikelawn56@yahoo.com
 I am waiting for your responds



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