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Se voce receber uma mensagem semelhante a uma destas abaixo, tenha a certeza que
está diante de um scammer - golpista virtual
Scammers estão espalhados por toda a internet com diferentes objetivos
Fique atento se receber mensagens que falem de: herança, de premios de loteria, de compra de carros e imóveis, de compra de animais de estimação.
de gente que se diz morrendo querendo deixar dinheiro para caridade, de refugiados querendo que voce se torne um  tutor, de namorados virtuais que querem mandar um
pacote com presentes ou dinheiro, de namorados que ficam doentes ou acontece uma tragedia e precisa de seu dinheiro, parcerias para salvar dinheiro de bancos internacionais,
de compradores de qualquer item do mercado, hospedagem em hoteis passando dinheiro a mais no cartão . Inúmeros crimes..TUDO ISSO É GOLPE
Reporte para - golpesvirtuais@gmail.com
Teremos o maior prazer em divulgar os emails alertando assim novas vítimas
Não esqueça - Quando receber uma mensagem semelhante a estas aqui, clique em responder a mensagem - se o endereço de email for diferente do que enviou, acrescente esse
endereço de email na mensagem para mim.

EMAIL DO GOLPISTA - pandywilson911@gmail.com
NÚMERO DA CONTA - 55050514
CÓDIGO SORT - 60-60-05
IBAN- GB12NWBK60600555050514





-----E-mail d'origine-----
De : Torres Sandra sandra-torres_media-tour@outlook.com
Envoyé le : Ve, 22 Déc 2017
Sujet : APPLICATION FOR EMPLOYMENT : sandra-torres_media-tour@outlook.com


I sent to you documents. You have received documents which I has sent to you APPLICATION OF EMPLOYMENT.DOC ? You wish to work in our company ? If you wish to work, you should fill in application, and send me back too. I look forward to hear from you.

2. Read ABOUT WORK (find enclosed file)

Sincerely yours,
Sandra Torres

The travel agency was founded in 2011 in Sweden. At present time we are one of ten best travel agencies of Sweden. For 7 years of hard work we have got a wide experience and we have business in Europe and Asia. Our company has been repeatedly awarded with diplomas and letters for professionalism and organizing talent. The largest tour operators are sure in our reliability and mark our high parameters in work. With the help of our company thousands people travel around the world. Dynamical development of our company allows us to strengthen strongly the positions in the market of tourist services. Annually we open new offices. More than 7 years we have been organizing individual and group tours in different countries of the world. Till 2008 we did not render the services of tourism in such countries as the  Brazil, USA, Mexico,Australia and Germany In 2008 our travel agency decided to begin representation of the services of tourism in the USA. For two years of work in the Italy we have done a great work and have got well communications. We cooperate with a plenty of business partners, and also we have own network of our agents, we work only with the reliable partners, therefore we can guarantee high quality of offered services. We carry out a constant support of tourists during all trips, we have discounts to constant clients. The only problem we have faced with is a lack of the staff on post of Tour Manager. For the further prosperity it will be necessary to have even more employees who will represent the interests of our company in the country. Having considered your resume in one of the Job sites we have decided to offer you the post of a Tour Manager.

Below we will give answers to the questions that you may have:
1)     Why do you use my service, why cannot your client send money directly to the receiver? And what does my job consist in?
* The clients of our company travel all over the world. In the majority of cases people can’t plan their expenses and here is the problem with cash. For example: the citizen of the USA or other country has a vacation in Egypt. Due to some circumstances our client needs money urgently.
*One can get money via АТМ (Cash dispenser) using one’s credit or debit card. There’s a great disadvantage because credit and debit cards usually have some limit for transaction in other countries. This sum is about $300USD- $500USD per day. These limits are set by the bank.
*One can ask a friend or a relative to send some money to Egypt.
*One can use the service of our company. We accommodate this service “Money transfer” to our clients, who travel with our agency.
With our help our clients can receive money in a couple of hours.
Our client can use on-line access to his bank account and transfer money from his account into yours. If our company appoints you to the post of Tour Manager, your job will consist in receiving our client’s money into your account. After getting money you should send it by Western Union or Money Gram to Egypt. As a result our client receives the money in the shortest possible time. Money transfer from USA to Egypt takes a lot of time and it is practically impossible. Appointment of Tour Manager is very relevant in our travel company. “Money order” is in requisition among our clients. Egypt is just an example.
2) How can your clients send their money to unknown person like me? If by any reason our client won’t receive the money, our travel agency will completely compensate it. In our turn we demand this money from insurance company. This money is insured.
If our client loses money because of your fault, the insurer will call you a criminal and will give a claim to a court. All your bank accounts will be closed and you will appear in the black list of debtors. This money will be returned, be sure. After receiving money you become responsible for it. Before we employ you, our security police will check up all the information that you give us to minimize a risk of our client’s money loss. So, when you will fill in THE APPLICATION and EMPLOYMENT AGREEMENT, you must give us the reliable information.
3) Does your company pay taxes? Should I pay taxes from deals with the client? Do you have the license which grants you the right to be engaged in tourism?
Our company pays taxes under the legislation of Sweden, because it is based in Sweden. You shouldn't pay any taxes. Our Company had received the license to be engaged in tourism in 2008.

Requirements and notes:
We specified that work isn’t constant. You will receive money transfers from our clients only when it will be needed. We will inform you by email or by cell phone if our client transfers money. In average, you will receive two - three money transfer from our clients per week. It’s not excluded that you will receive more transfers.
You will get your salary in 30 days after you complete the first transfer, BUT to get your salary you must complete at least 10 transfers from our clients a month. So you will get your salary after ten successful transactions. If you didn’t manage 10 orders per month, you would get your salary after the ten transfer only. You will get 5% from each money transfer made by the client as a bonus. You will get your salary to your bank account. Transferring money you should not pay your own money for Western Union and Money Gram service.
If you do not want to give us your personal bank account . Our company can open bank accounts
I ‘m looking forward to hearing from you.
Sincerely Yours, Sandra Torres


We are pleased to inform you that your Instagram membership has been awarded the sum of $950,000.00 USD in our recently held Instagram instameet initiative reward event. Your winning reference number: (INS/2551/A246006/43)


To receive your prize contact our reward office email below;


Include your winning references number as you contact our reward office

Congratulations once more!

Instagram Team
 Steven no Tinder e o telefone é  14692833513 






Urgent Attention, You Are Expected To Call Us

REV.Dr Richard Phillip, <"Phillip."@tempo.ocn.ne.jp>

ATM Master Card Delivering Department (UBA-BANK International Plc) Benin Republic.
United Bank For Africa,
Office line:+(202) 753-8602
Email (revdrrichard_phillip@outlook.com)
Urgent Attention, You Are Expected To Call Us

Once You Recieve These Email.
REV.Dr Richard Phillip,

from office of ATM Swift Card Department ( UBA-BANK INTERNATIONAL PLC ) We knew is very difficult for you to understand because you have been long time waiting for your ATM Card all the time yet things didn’t work out to your expectation but you have to understand that your file has not be to this office, then Beside most CARDS are being sent through African and after much investigation it was resulted that 95% of the ATM CARD was not Good which is the reason the card could not being use. To this effect, the appropriate authorities (Economic Community of West African States of African and American Government) has decided not to deliver CARD to foreign clients through African anymore due to a lot of complains that beneficiaries are not receiving their payment after fees has been paid. This office want you to understand that everything is in order, Economic Community of West African States and American Government have agreed for you to receive your fund (ATM Master Card) through our (UBA-BANKI INTERNATIONAL PLC  and you are to contact this office immediately for the release of your ATM Master Card with your full informations to enable us covers the insurance coverage and please include copy of your identity for proper reprogramming and activation of your CARD PIN Number to enable you have access of withdrawal immediately you receive your CARD. You are advised to include the followings below:

(1). Your Full Name,
(2). Your Country,
(3). Your Direct Telephone Numbers,
(4).Your Direct Office Phone Numbers,
(5).Mobile Phone Number,
(6). Your Correct Home Address,
(7). Your Office Address,
(8). Your Current Occupation,
(9).Your Weekly/Monthly Income,
(10). Your age ,
(11).Your Next Of Kin Name,
(12).Your Next Email Address,
(13).Your Next TelePhone Numbers,

This is to inform you that we have done and concluded all the necessary arrangement for your payment worth of $16.8USD (SIXteeth MILLION EIGHT HUNDRED THOUSAND UNITED STATES DOLLARS) which have to be pay to you through ( UBA-BANK INTERNATIONAL PLC ) with ATM Master Card. Finally, you are being legally contacted regarding the release of your long awaited fund. After a detailed review of your file, the United Nation Monetary Unit, World Bank and the US Homeland Security Department has been Authorized to release your ATM MASTER CARD immediately. The sum of $16.8USD has been approved in your favour via ( UBA-BANK INTERNATIONAL PLC ) desk. Quickly get back to me for more advice.

Thanks for Your Co-operation.
United Bank For Africa,
ATM Master Card Delivering Department. ( UBA-BANK INTERNATIONAL PLC ) Benin Republic.
Office line:+(202) 753-8602..
Email (revdrrichard_phillip@outlook.com)
Greetings my dearest one,


Greetings my dearest one,

My name is Bekiana kipkalya I am 24 years old Girl from Kenya. I want to have a common relationship with you, I need to tell you more things, but first I need your help to Stand for me as a trustee. My father Dr. Kipkalya Kones. Former Kenyan roads minister. He and assistant minister of home affairs Lorna Laboso had been on board the Cessna 210, which was heading to kericho and crashed in a remote area called Kajong’a, in western Kenya. The plane crashed on the Tuesday 10th, June, 2008. You can read more about the crash through the website:

Some months after the burial of my father, my uncle conspired with my stepmother and sold my father’s properties to a Chinese Expatriate. One faithful morning I opened my late father’s briefcase and found documents which my beloved father used and deposit money in a Bank in Burkina Faso, with my name as the next of kin. I traveled to Burkina Faso to withdraw the money so that I can start a better life and take care of myself. The Branch manager of the Bank whom I met in person told me that my present status does not permit me by the local law to clear money or make a transfer of money Into an account, he advised me to provide a trustee who will help me and invest the money or I should wait till when I will get married it demand by their Authority, I have chosen to contact you after my prayers and I believe that you will not betray my trust. But rather take me as your own blood sister and help me. Though you may wonder why I am so soon revealing myself to you without knowing you, I will say that my mind convinced me that you are the true person to help me. More so, I will like to disclose much to you if you can help me to relocate to your country because my uncle has threatened to assassinate me.

The amount is $5.2Million dollar and I have confirmed from the bank in Burkina Faso. You will also help me to place the money in a more profitable venture in your Country; however, you will help by recommending a nice University in your country so that I can complete my studies. It is my intention to compensate you with 50% of the total money for your services and the balance shall be my capital in your establishment. As soon as I receive your interest in helping me, I will put things into action immediately. In the light of the above I shall appreciate an urgent message indicating your ability and willingness to handle this transaction sincerely. Please do keep this only to yourself. I beg you not to disclose it till I come over because I am afraid of my uncle who has threatened to kill me.

Reply me here.  kipkalyabekiana@gmail.com

Sincerely yours

Bekiana kipkalya Kones
14 de 793

Imprimir tudo Nova janela



My Dear Beloved in Christ

Greetings to you and your family. I am Mrs. Amy Mike A widow to late Mr. Mike Riddering, of American” I am 58 years old, my late Husband was a missionary and Director with a Gold Company here in Burkina Faso before his Death in the Burkina Faso attack On 15 January 2016, http://www.bbc.com/news/world-africa-35332792 but before his death, he Deposited the Sum of¨$8 Million US dollars with one of the Bank here in Burkina Faso  with my name and i am suffering from pancreatic cancer, My condition is really bad and it is quite obvious that I won’t live more than two months according to my doctors, and i have no Child who is going to take care of this Huge amount of Money, I am willing to donate the sum of $8,Million US dollars for you to help widows and the less privileged ones in the rural and urban areas and to carry out charity works in your Country and around the World on my Behalf

Waiting for your Urgent Responds.
Remain blessed in the name of the Lord.
Yours in Christ.
Mrs. Amy Mike

Corporate Entertainment

Luke Moss - luke.moss@rcn.com


My name is Luke Moss and I am the Vice President of Industrial Rhythm, a Corporate Entertainment Company.

Our company, is dedicated to creating unique drumming & dance performances along the lines of the Off-Broadway Show STOMP.

These inlude high-energy openers, closers and general session entertainment with team building segments.

Our compnay has enjoyed working with a broad group of clients some of which include: Extra Space Storage, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Sherwin Williams, Comcast, Pepsi, 3M, Tanger Outlets, Castrol, Direct Energy, Novo Nordisk, USA Tennis, Stryker, Arris, Wolters Kluwers and Golf Digest to name a few.

If you are planning an event then we hope you will take a moment to look over some of Industrial Rhythm's work on our company website.

Our link for your convenience: www.industrialrhythm.com

Warm Regards,

Luke Moss
Vice President
Industrial Rhythm L.L.C.
46-15 30th Avenue Suite 3L
Long Island City, NY 11103
Phone 917.338.9326
Fax 718.425.8938
Los Angeles/New York/Orlando
We have registered your first payment of $5000


Congratulation Dear Estimate Customer,

We have registered your first payment of $5000 online through this
department Western Union Money Transfer. The payment is Available to
pick up by receiver but you cannot be able to pick it because is
On-hold for none Tax Insurance charges of $75.

Just confirm your first payment with below instruction.

Open this website:

As soon you open the website enter this tracking number: 4855682023

As soon you enter the tracking number click Track Transfer to
confirm by yourself.
You will pay $75 for Tax Insurance charges so that this first
payment will be release out from on-hold in order to able pick it up
by you. Go and send the Tax Insurance charges of $75 to below
information through western union office or money gram transfer
office and let us know immediately.

Receiver Name: ADJO  ATAKPAME
Country: Benin republic.
City: Cotonou
Question: When?
Answer: Now.
Amount: $75 only

Waiting to receive a copy of the payment receipt

Dr. James Welbeck
Director Clerk Agency Western Union


Mr. Timothy J. Sloan - "Wellsfargobank."@ray.ocn.ne.jp>

Wells Fargo Bank Transaction Alert [Credit: US$10.7 MILLION]
(202) 660 4874
Dear Customer;

The Wells Fargo Bank controlling department controlling of the security transfer CODE which is wfu/200/105/09, the Authentication section code of this bank concludes the verification of your file. After going through all the documents of claim received by this department with justification and verification from the global strategy America, we are completely satisfied and you have been confirmed.

The Wells Fargo Bank concerning wire transfers of your funds. Your letter has been referred to the FSA Legal Division for Funds US$10.7 Million Dollars Transferred code. WFU/200/105/09. We are satisfied using Electronic Wire Transfer or Swift Wire Transfer and the rights and liabilities of using of electronic and Swift fund transfer systems are defined by the Electronic Fund Transfer Act.. The regulation, however, which implements this statute, 12 C.F.R. Part 205, Regulation E. specifically states that its provisions are inapplicable to a situation such we must ensure your Funds Transferred to your destination Bank Account between 10 hours.

Considering the volume of your payment, it is right for us to seek for the approval of some money regulatory Boards here in United States before we can carry out the Transfer of an amount of such magnitude to anybody, otherwise any such transfer will be stopped by the Financial Service Authorities and the International Monetary Fund, since your Transfer is Electronic Transfer is almost activated with our bank and the only thing holding the final activation of your Account are Electronic wire transfer and Approval Document charges from the concerned Authorities here in United States, and for that reason, you are required to pay the Sum of $162 only The TOTAL FEE for the transfer and to obtain the necessary documents that will enable the final activation of your Funds.

Wells Fargo Bank hereby state officially that the required payment will remain the only and final monetary obligation required from You prior to the final transfer of your funds, hence any further charges will be our bank's full responsibility till final transfer of your payment is made to your bank account. In respect you are required to send the Electronic Transfer and Approval Documents fee $162 only BANK B, under section 47-4A302 of Wells Fargo Bank United States of America's law, a depository institution which wire transfers funds may not deduct any fees for handling the wire transfer from the amount of money which is to be transferred to your provided Bank Account. The fastest Wire Transfer is Electronic Transfer which only takes just 3 hours to reflect in Account, and Swift Wire transfer takes 5 hours to remit.

You are require to get back to me if you are pleased with the Banking rules to issue you information where you can the required charges for your Funds $10.7 Million Wire Transfer processing to commence as soon as possible. This law is stated according to section 35 And 36 of the banking sector interaction realm of our constitution and the outside world. Based on article of association and memorandum of association, the Chase controlling agency of USA and your happiness suits our stand and we will make sure that your fund is fully endorsed to your bank account as soon as you have comprehended with our instructions. NB: THIS TRANSACTION IS BEING MONITORED BY THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA GOVERNMENT IN ORDER TO GUARDS US FOR INTERNET IMPOSTORS. Designated bank account details for Electronic Transfer to avoid mistake or should in case you created a new account

Bank Name and Address
Account Number:
Account Name:
Routing Number:
Mobile Phone:

If at any time you have questions, concerns or comments, please contact us as we strive to ensure that you will always receive a prompt and courteous attention.
Thank you for giving us the opportunity to serve your banking needs.

Yours sincerely,
Mr. Timothy J. Sloan
Chairman, Chief Executive Officer of Wells Fargo Bank

responder para - Mr. Timothy J. Sloan - wellsfargobank907@gmail.com
Hello My Dear Friend,

Mrs.Zainab Ahmed mrs.zaina11ahmed@gmail.com por  yahoo.com

I have a business proposal in the tune of $10.2 Million USD for you to handle with me. I have opportunity to transfer this abandon fund to your bank account in your country which belongs to our client.

I am inviting you in this transaction where this money can be shared between us at ratio of 60/40% and help the needy around us don’t be afraid of anything I am with you I will instruct you what you will do to maintain this fund.

Please kindly contact me with your information's if you are interested in this transaction for more details.

Your Name:..............
Your Bank Name:.............
Your Account Number:...........
Your Telephone Number:............
Your Country And Address:............
Your Age And Sex:.......................

-----weitergeleitete Nachricht-----
Von: "Clara Florette" - floretteclara7@gmail.com
Gesendet: Do. 21.12.2017

Thank you very much for your kind reply again and your willingness to see that my last wish is accomplished. Your response to me, gives me more relief and hope to live again, to God be the glory. Please my beloved.I was transferred to federal Medical Center here in United Kingdom now, please keep it as a secret and do not tell anybody my current location.

I want to let you know that I have forwarded your personal details to the BANK with Authorization Letter, letting the BANK know about you as the person i want my money to be released to, as my new beneficiary before anything happens to me, so that they can officially proceed by attending to you for the immediate release of this money to you.

I have to be honest to tell you that i have never in my life trusted anyone like this before as i have trusted in you and in my spirit, i can feel it that i can trust you very well to be my beneficiary and receive this my money for this charity work for God before i will die.

I want you to always remember the reason why i am doing this is because of my present health condition and i am afraid as the doctor has advised me that i am not going to leave long from now on. So my beloved, in everything i am directing you to do now, do it for me as a family because you are now all i have at this time and i will not like to be disappointed or failed by you.

I want you to contact the Bank immediately and find out what will be the procedure and to get the fund transfer to your account before anything happens to me.

I will advise you to contact the Bank with their contact details below so that they will guide you on how to get the needed documents for the fund transfer to your account:

Below is the Bank's contact, contact them with deposit documents for direction:

Contact Person: Andrew Martin
Here is the email address of the bank:
Andrew Martin Tel: +221709671896


All you need to do is to contact the Bank and follow there instructions to enable them commence the transfer immediately and forward this deposit slip certificate to the bank as proofs and follow everything they will direct you to do.

Always update me about the transfer so that i can know when the money will be transferred into your account. Immediately After the transfer of the fund to your account, if i am still alive, i will invite you to come and visit me, so that we can see each other face to face before i will die.

Please all you have to do for me now is to make sure you get this money as fast as possible before anything will happen to me because my condition is getting critical more and more everyday. I am now confident so much in you with all my heart and i want you to handle everything for me as i am directing you.

Please always pray for me and keep me updated as soon as you contact the Bank for the fund transfer. May God be with you and your family.

Your beloved mother,
Mrs.Florette Clara

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