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segunda-feira, 17 de fevereiro de 2014


Em Qua 05/02/14 , Allan Edward - escreveu:

    Baby i had contract i was handling in 2012 which i invested a lot on in 2013 May they where suppose to release 30% of the funds to me so that i can continue work uptil now i have not got any news from the government which i was force stop work because i took alot of loans to finance the project and same period i had a canadian company whom made supplies to me of some materials my dear do you does materials are still in the wharf uptil now.... Right now my bank won't grant me loan because i have not remitted what i owe before it worries me alot and i don't know what to do...


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Data: 13 de fevereiro de 2014

Hello dear

how are you, the work and each family member doing there , I hope everything is going well ? I was so happy when I had you, I 'm GINO ANGREA by name , 46 years old , I have a son his name is Prince , he is 5 years old , I 'm an Italian man , but I based in London , I was born in Italy , two years later I spend with my father to Dublin, Ireland where he works , I was in Dublin for 15 years , my father is a discipline man he brought me decently , I was the only child my parents , but my father did not care that my mother gave him only one child , because he said that marriage is for better or worse that he loves so much, I lost my mother when I was 20 , which brought the sorry for myself and for my father 's memory. I met my wife in Liverpool she 's from Ohio , started dating, we dated for 4 years before getting married was so painful that my mother did not see her before she died , I lost my father after a year and some months after my wedding , my father died of a heart attack because my dying mother gave him a shock , he was not himself since she died , that's how I lost my parents , I moved to Italy with my wife to start our life there, but when he arrived in Italy my father's family wealth almost took my father from me , although I sue them to court to keep most of the wealth back before my wife told me we should live Italy and go to a strange country to build our family there , so it was moved to the UK ( London) I was in London for seven years , had our first child after 5 years of marriage , I lost my wife when she was giving birth to our second son, who was my saddest day in my life , since I lost my wife I 've never been with any woman , I said I will never marry again and I want to take care of my only son alone , I regret my late wife for a year and six months to two years I have to live without a woman , but I've come to think of it I have to raise a family , and I need a woman to build a house with my son and needs a mother too, which was the reason i registered on this site , i was told that is the best site that you can have a perfect woman . I am a successful business man that I deal with art projects , I have an art house designers here in London , I sell all kinds of art projects and I work for the joy of it , I do not smoke , I drink but not always, I 'm the man who is sincere , God-fearing , hardworking , playful , always happy and love kids too , I'm Catholic , my height is 178 cm , my weight is 71 kg , I like to go the beach , the cinema to watch film and I take my son to the garden at the weekend , because the weekend is my free time , I 'm always busy during the week , I know I 'm not perfect , but I believe that when we become friends I'll do my best to make you happy i assure you that all I want is someone I can call a friend , a lover , my companion , I was starving for love long, I must say it is a pleasure to meet you , this is more about me and I want you to know you more too, you are very free to ask any question OK , thanks put your pleasure to meet you , hope to hear from you soon you can also tell me more about yourself ,



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  1. luminárias foi feito pelo despachante aduaneiro que pagar uma taxa de R $ 4.000 e eu estava apenas tendo 3,000 dólares deixaram comigo, depois de reservar o meu voo, expliquei minha situação para eles, eu disse que só tinha US $ 3.000 e não mais, pedir-lhes para aceitar o dinheiro, mas não, eu implorei, mas eles me fizeram ouvidos surdos, então eu fui para o meu país embaixada aqui para ajudar, mas a embaixada diz que não pode me ajudar, não há nada que ele pudesse fazer, eu ainda me implorou virou surdo, meu amor, a pior parte é que o meu banco e meu cartão de crédito não funciona aqui, porque este é um país local e eles não têm as facilidades para transformar meu banco ou o meu cartão de crédito e também o meu banco não é afiliado com este país meu amor, eu implorei a ajuda de todas as maneiras possíveis, mas eu não podia pedir ajuda, ele se parece muito com o mundo virou as costas para mim, meu amor, eu estou mais confuso agora amor que eu quero que você me agradar emprestar USD 1000, quando eu chegar ao Brasil )
    [18:43:34] micheal: i will pay you back love
    [18:43:35] micheal: ( (flag:pt) i você vai pagar de volta o amor )
    [18:44:16] micheal: i really want to pay the tax rate and leave this country love and come to brazil
    [18:44:20] micheal: ( (flag:pt) Eu realmente quero pagar a taxa de imposto e deixar esse amor país e vir para o Brasil )

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