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Hello Dear! Wow you have a beautiful smile... I've been through your profile over and over again and, I got interested after the little I read/saw on it, hence my mind permits me to ask that you be kind enough to accept my hands in friendship, as I Would like to know more about you if you don't mind; kindly feel free to send me a short note via derricklarry83@hotmail .com and then we can proceed to knowing each other better and find out what we have in common, apparently, we can start something if feelings are in same accord. Hope to read from you my lady.... Warm Regards, Derrick...


On Sun, Mar 16, 2014 at 4:13 PM, Benson George <dr.benson290@gmail.com> wrote:
Meu amor, eu tenho pensado muito e eu me pergunto por que você não escreve para mim desde agora, aqui são pequenas coisas que você precisa saber sobre mim
Em Quinta-feira, 13 de Março de 2014  Kelvin Mod Vanil <kelvinvanil@hotmail.com> escreveu:
Hello Mummy, how are you doing, i hope fine, i am glad today, i was supposed to write to you after My Exams yesterday but i did not because i was too tired but  now i am okay, i am so much happy, you are the best mummy in the world, i have never been with a mummy for about few years now, my life has been so empty and now i have you such a wonderful mum, i am glad, Daddy told me you bought the laptop for me, ,mummy i told my friends , My friend Kennedy , Mercy.Aha, and Mikavi, are all happy because of this, my sweet mummy, i love you so much.
Please send me the photos of your children, my sister and brother as daddy said to me


e: Andrew Bernard <andrewben4040@yahoo.co.uk>
Data: 2014年3月24日 15:18:47 JST
Para: "
Assunto: Fw: How Are You.
Responder A: Andrew Bernard

Email: andrewben4040@yahoo.co.uk
This is Engineer Andrew Bernard from the dating website. I contacted you on the dating website few days ago.
How are you and your family? I hope you are all doing fine. I hope all is going on fine with your work.
It was really nice talking to you on the dating website and I want to thank you for sending me your email on the website.
Please forgive me that I could not email you earlier on, I was only in the USA to check the prices of some equipment and now I am back in my country, England. I am now in England.
How is life over there and how is your family doing? I hope all is fine? Do you live together?
I am really so glad to know you and I hope you are as serious as I am in this relationship because I am not here for games. I am 51 years and I am here for a serious relationship that can lead to marriage.
May God bless you as you read this message.
Actually it is my first time on the dating website, a friend of mine found his soul mate on the same website and he is presently enjoying his marriage life with his soul mate which he found on the dating website. He advised me to join this website and I am happy that I have met someone like you and I really hope we can join our heads together and build this relationship to be successful and everlasting.
I have also heard of the success many other people have made in finding serious relationships on dating websites. I have heard that so many people have been blessed with good women from dating websites and they are living happily like my friend.
Now that I have found you on this website, I really wish for the guidance of God to lead us to a successful relationship that will last forever. I pray that God will give us his protection and also make this relationship strong so that we can also be a testimony of true love found through dating website.
Let me use this as an opportunity to introduce myself to you. My names are Engineer Andrew Bernard, and I am the only child of my parents. I was born on the 3rd of september 1962 in United Kingdom. My father is originally from Finland but married my mother who is a British Woman. My father and my mother met in Finland when my mother visited Finland as a tourist and they both went back to United Kingdom together and they got married over there in United Kingdom.My father later nationalized to a British citizen.My father was a very good man, he lived his life as a gentle man of honour, he was very active in the works of God and also helped the orphanage a lot. He was really a good man and he taught me the good way of living. He died 4 years back after suffering from Cancer.My father was a very good and gentle man and he worked as engineer which I also took after. He traveled to many places around the world but he made sure he was faithful to my mother. My father always told me that I should be nice to women and make sure that a woman is always happy and comfortable and I listened to his advise.
My mother is also a very lovely and kind mother, she also taught me to take life easy and always be nice to people. My mother is presently living here in United Kingdom with my daughter. She is a very kind mother.
My daughter, Cynthia is 12 years old now and she lives with my mother also in United Kingdom but we do not live together because of my work. She is a nice girl, she loves me so much and I always  see her and take her around all the beautiful places. I was married to her mother but we seperated 2 years ago,Since our seperation I have been living a lonely life. I have concentrated more on my work and my family but now I am ready to love again. I have put the past behind me and I am now ready to start a serious relationship that will lead to marriage and I am happy that I have found you.I want you to know that my father and mother trained me as a gentle man with integrity and I promise to display my real behaviour to you so that we can understand each other. I am a very busy man at work. I work as a Chief Officer Heavy lift,MPP carriers construction Engineer in the oil and gas sector but I promise to always write you and also find time to read your emails.I understand that this means of communication may not be enough for us to understand each other but I pray that God will guide and protect us and this relationship and make this relationship fruitful.What I need from a woman is just a good heart and I am sure you have it.Please do not be disturbed about the distance between us,I promise you that distance will not be a problem to this relationship.  Let us always pray for God's guidance and I believe that our destiny will lead us to each other. I really hope to see you soon.Please accept me in your life and I promise never to hurt you in any way.
I will stop now and get back to work. I hope you will write me back and tell me more about yourself. In this email, I am sending my pictures to you, please send me your pictures also.
Do take care and may God guide and protect you always.
Engr Bernard.


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From: Vivian Toure
Date: 2014-03-25 14:08 GMT+01:00


--- On Mon, 12/23/13, Vivian Toure wrote:

> From: Vivian Toure
> To:
> Date: Monday, December 23, 2013, 5:44 AM
> Hello my darling,
> How are you doing today over there in your country and how
> was your weekend? I hope you are doing very nice and also
> you are in good health today. Darling please are you helping
> me or are you helping my picture?, attached here is another
> of my picture for you, kindly contact the bank today and
> wait for their reply. Take good care of yourself for me and
> have a nice day.
> Yours angel Vivian

From: smithlargeyachtsolutions@outlook.com
Subject: MY LOVE
Date: Sun, 16 Mar 2014

minha esposa pode escrevê-lo muito bem o seu endereço; torná-la completa ok? Eu te amo como ninguém mais! abraços e beijos para apenas um de vocês o meu ...



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