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About me:I'm easy-going but serious about the search for my future partner in life. He needs to like kids, be hard-working, and be active. I like a guy to be affectionate and make me feel special. He should be chivalrous (think door-opening and flowers) but respect my interests and independence. I will give my man lots of affection and encouragement, too. (Think romantic text messages and long backrubs.)
Individual time and time with friends are important, but when the time comes, our relationship and the nurturing of our family is top priority. We can explore the world and learn about each other. I'm looking forward to a fun, spiritual, and rewarding journey. I think of myself as a good person and I would like to find a man that is the same. I'm not into everything that's considered "normal" or "mainstream, " but I like to find adventure and contentment even in the smallest things. I like to be creative and my interests are all over the board. I would like someone who is nice, who doesn't have a bad temper, who is genuine, and can sometimes surprise me, in a good way

MessageLaura35Hi Handsome
Laura here, i just saw and read through your profile with very great interest, how are you doing today? would love to get to know you better if thats not too much of me to ask of you, I am an independent, self employed arts dealer and a mom of a 10yrs old son name Clarence and i have full custody of him after my divorce, I must let you know that age and distance are of no importance to me, and i must let you know that you are handsome and charming, i find you handsome, alluring and fascinating too...Would love to chat and get to know each other better sometime soon my username on yahoo messenger is laura4you101 same as my yahoo email address,Looking forward to your reply at your earliest convenience sweetie..
Take care
Laura powell
P.S I would be glad if you email me to my yahoo email address and we could go from there... ( )is the email address)

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Hello; my name is Grace am looking for love of my life. please write me at my inbox below here for more detail gracediane70/@/yahoo/.com
i have important thing to tell you and pic.


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Hello; my name is Grace am looking for love of my life. please write me at my inbox below here for more detail suzy_diane2@/yahoo/.com
i have important thing to tell you and pic.


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Hello dear,
how are you today i hope fine i saw your profile today and became interested in you,
i will love to go into a good relationship with u.
You are everything I dreamed of and to stay by your side even more.
please write direct to my mail box,so that i will send u my pictures and tell you more about me ok,thanks,yours love,rose.




24, Senegal Greeting to you, my name is Rita, i am happy to get contact with you on this site; it is my desire to know you better, below is my email address so that i can be able to sent my picture to you, Here is my email address(
Yours in love Rita



am single never married looking for solmate and you ca email me at



Country:United States
City :Columbus
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