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domingo, 22 de setembro de 2013


 Se você receber uma mensagem de um destes emails abaixo , tenha certeza que você está diante de um golpista e criminoso virtual
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De:    Sr. James Cally ( O

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Enviada:    Sábado, 21 de setembro de 2013

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LIXO ELETRONICO e ELA Será, excluída apos 10

Espere, confiavel E!

Meu nome é Mr. James Cally O Auditor-Chefe,

Lloyds Banking Group Plc, em Londres. Eu gostaria

de saber se podemos trabalhar juntos na

transferência do total de (5,5 milhões de

dólares) aqui do meu banco para sua conta

bancária para a custódia. Certamente eu vou

compartilhar parte para você após a

transferência. Se você quiser trabalhar comigo,

por favor me escreva direto na

( SMS ou ligue para

(447.598.076.163) para mais detalhes. Obrigada.

Sr. James Cally
please get back to me
okwergereo1 <>
17:16 (17 horas atrás)
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wemblyfranck, salifabdul, bmworganisatio.,

esther_002387, morgan.927, F.Alissa,

lydell.kendrick, austinibalawch.,

agromegatradin., uhr20132013199.,

secretary.alli., cirajo112, mim, Cco:mim
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Hello Dear,

My Name is profeessor.okwergere o Esq from

Algeria Republic though in UAE via
DUBAI now undergoing some legal courses, Am an

international financial

I hope you will not find my message offensive

since we have not met
before and coupled with lots of internet scams

going on these days. A
former President of Libya second wife SOPHIA

GADAFI, has mandated me
to look for a genuine/honest person whom some of

their funds (Millions
of US dollars/some kilos of Gold and diamonds

will be entrusted to for
safekeeping due to the current situation in Libya

right now. If you
are the genuine/honest person, kindly write me

back for your interest
so I can give you further directives on how to

get hold of the funds
for the family. Thanks as i look forward to hear

from you.

Check this website to get hint on what is talking


( gadhafis-wealth-money-


news.reads&fb_action_ids= 10150380007169248%




UNpxkqRuUMKjBtGlcLoWWcr5zypK6s 6ZjjQwiS-
uoNnohw464uj31p5SqsdY90pAXhq- y2c7UZwtYYz#_=_)

(http://www. east-12527685)

Honorably Yours,

professor. okwergere o Esq
Subject: Salut
Date: Thu, 19 Sep 2013

Je suis très ravis et contente de vous écrire en

ce jour. Me rassurant que vous ayez avec moi un

cœur ouvert, je vous répondrai si vous acceptez

ma demande de correspondance malgré la différence

qui existe entre nous. Je suis âgée de 27 ans de

nationalité Canadienne mais actuellement a

Londres (ANGLETERRE) et je suis femme

célibataire. Je suis à LONDRE pour une mission

pour une compagnie appelé ACPD . Je veux bien

correspondre avec vous dans une idée claire et

saine, et ne rien vous cacher.J'aime la culture,

le voyage et le cinéma.
Ci-dessous mon adresse personnel ou tu pourrais

m'écrire J'ai eu ton

contacte grâ
+447012978138 ,+447544730774
hello honey, i receive all your message i have

been very busy and i only have to come online

every morning to chat with you before i go to

work and thats why i have not replied you since

yesterday am really sorry, honey i promise you

love am not joking am very serious about our

relationship i dont care what you look like or

not but all i have for you is love and i want to

marry you and live with you forever am happy and

i feel blessed by God for sending you to me i

want to marry you i want us to be happy together,

i think about you all the time too and i wish we

can be together forever and dont worry i have

sent you my photo did you not receive? please

honey lets go slow and build a life long

relationship and help and trust each other
honey i want to come after all our plans and i

want to transfer the money before i come to meet

youe au grand répertoire des contactes e-mail et

Alors au plaisir de te lire.
Reply Mr Adrian & Gillian Bayford‏‎
Haselhuhn, Jason J ->
06:37 (4 horas atrás)
Donation To You, Contact Mr.Pedro On for more info
Harkins, Ruth A <>
20 de set
Le Chargée des programmes (ACPD)
Organisation ACPD <>
11:41 (54 minutos atrás)
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phishing. Ela deve ter conteúdo perigoso.  Saiba

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Le Chargée des programmes (ACPD)                 

 Bonjour très cher(e)
A l'issue de la 13 ème édition de l'Action

Canadienne pour la Population et le développement

(ACPD) organisé au CANADA. Le coordonnateur des

programmes ACPD à le vif plaisir de vous annoncer

que votre participation est vivement solliciter

pour des projets de développement établi pour les

localités régionales de votre pays. Donc si vous

êtes intéressé, veuillez envoyer votre demande de

participation à notre bureau administratif au

Canada. L’initiative a été conçus par le PNUD /

Rapport humain 2008, soutenue par L’ONU, la

Banque Mondial (B M) le Fonds Monétaire

International (FMI) et le Centre International du

Crédit Mutuel (CICM). Les ONG, Associations,

Médecins, Délégués médicaux, collectifs des

agents de santé et tous ceux qui ont envie d'y

participer a cette conférence sont prier de se

rendre sur notre site web. Chaque participant

invités et présent lors de la conférence

bénéficieront d’une Subvention évaluée à $ 60.000

US sur étude de projets originaux qu'ils auront à

soumettre au staff de ACPD à la fin de cet forum.
Pour recevoir notre formulaire d'inscription, qui

nous permettra de vous enregistrer et vous

envoyer votre lettre d'invitation officiel suivie

de votre billet d'avion Aller-Retour, écrivez-

nous à notre adresse E-mail ci-dessous
Bureau Administratif ACPD Email: Tel: (+1519)371-5268

/ Fax:(+1519)989-5398 Québec - CANADA 
Envoyer votre demande de participation à notre

adresse mail:
Nous serons très heureux de vous compter parmi

nos futures participantes à cette 13 ème édition

de conférence internationale ACPD.

   Le Directeur ACPD Canada
hello dear
11:28 (1 hora atrás)
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It's my pleasure to have contact with you, based

on the critical condition I find myself, though

it's not financial problem, but my health, you

might have know that cancer is not what to talk

home about, though I don't know you, and my

contact with you  was not by mistake, but by

divine favor of God.

I am married to Mr. Robert Farah who worked with

Tunisia embassy in Ghana for nine years before he

died in the year 2008.We were married for eleven

years without a child. He died after a brief

illness that lasted for five days.

Since his death I decided not to remarry, When my

late husband was alive he deposited the sum of

US$ 10.5m(Ten million Five hundred thousand

dollars)in a bank in Accra-Ghana, West-Africa the

capital city of Ghana-Accra in west Africa

Presently this money is still in bank. He made

this money available for exportation of Gold from

Ghana mining. Recently, My Doctor told me that I

don't have much time to live because of the

cancer problem,

Having known my condition I decided to hand you

over this money to take care of the less-

privileged people, you will utilize this money

the way I am going to instruct herein. I want you

to take 30 Percent of the total money for your

personal use While 70% of the money will go to

charity" people and helping the orphanage.

 I don't want my husband's efforts to be used by

the Government. I grew up as an Orphan and I

don't have anybody as my family member, just to

Endeavor that the name of God is maintained. Am

doing this so that God will forgive my sins and

accept my soul because this sickness has suffered

me so much.

As soon as I receive your reply I shall give you

the contact of the bank in Accra-Ghana and I will

send authority letter that will prove you the

present beneficiary of the money in the bank that

is, if you assure me that you will act

accordingly as I Stated herein. Hoping to receive

you r reply.

Mrs.Fareeda Farah
Written from Hospital.
(sem assunto)
Mr Mark Brandon <>

Hello, Good day to you,
       If you are in any way looking for a loan

to start up your
business and many other thins please contact the

following E-maul

You Have Been Awarded ($1,000,000.00) USD
Qatar Foundation <>

This is to inform you that you were among the

lucky beneficiary selected to receive this award

sum of $1,000,000.00 USD, as charity

donations/aid from the Qatar Foundation held in

Doha, Qatar, 21st of September 2013, to promote

your business and personal Interest. Reply back

for claims:

On behalf of the foundation, we say

congratulations to you.

Yours Sincerely,
Dr. Mohammad Fathy Saoud.
Reply To:


    x por

Th Coca Cola Bottling promotions in Conjunction

  Organizing Committee [TM] for the 2013 COCA-

  Conjunction with the British American Tobacco

Present the
  Online Active E-mail Promotions held in united

                 TEL:     +448719746084
                  PHONE:    +448719746035    

Dear Winners

 We are happy to inform you of the result of the

just concluded promotion
 program. We would likely to use this wonderful

opportunity to congratulate you by Coca cola

bottling Company in conjunction with the British

American tobacco worldwide promotion,
Your email was among the (10 Lucky winners) who

won £500,000.00 GBP each on the Coca-cola Company

promotion, and your email was attached to ticket

number (7PWZ4012) and ballot number

(BT:0150120130) the online draw was conducted by

a random selection of email addresses from an

exclusive list of (29,031) email addresses of

individuals and corporate bodies picked by an

advanced automated random computer search from

the internet.

This promo is approved by the British Gaming

Board and also licensed by the international

Association of Gaming Regulators (LAGR.)This

promotion is the 10 email its kind and we intend

to sensitize the public in other to claim your

£500,000.00 POUNDS prize winning, which has been

deposited with a registered UK bank.
you are advice to fill the form below and send it

immediately to our promotion manager  Coca-Cola

Company  for  verification and then you will be

directed to the UK bank where a Cash of

£500,000.00 GREAT BRITISH POUNDS has already been

deposited in your favor.

Promo Manager
Mr. Mathew Williams
Tel: +448719746084
1, Names: in full...............
2,Country of Residence:...................
4,Residential Address:....................
5,Date of Birth/Age:.....................
6,Marital Status/Sex:......................
7, Mobile No......................
8, Occupation:...................
9, Company Name:..................
10,Amount Won:..............
11,personal scan passport:.............

You are to keep all your winning information away

from the General public especially your ticket

This is important as a case of double claims will

not be entertained)
Coca-cola Company award draw and the British

American Tobacco are not to partake in this

promotion accept our heart.              
Congratulation Once again!

Mrs. Helen Wilson

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read and reply
Monitores UdeA -

Dear Friend,

i need your kind attention. I will be very glad

if  you do assist me to
relocate this sum of ( US$15.Million dollars.) to

your bank account for the
benefit of our both families.

only i cannot operate it alone without using a

Foreigner who will stand as a
beneficiary to the money, that is why i decided

to contact you in a good
manner to assist me and also to share the benefit

together with me.

for the sharing of the fund 50/50 base on the

fact that it is two man business
note that you are not taking any risk because

there will be a legal back up
document as well which will back the money up

into your bank account there in
your country.

all i need from you now is to indicating your

interest and I will send you the
full details on how the business will be


Thanks & Best Regards,

Dr Lahman

Suleman Abubaker por

Greetings Dear Friend.

I am Mr Suleman Abubaker, Staff of Bank Of Africa

in Burkina Faso. I would like you to indicate

your interest to receive the transfer of ($20.5

Million Dollars) I will like you to stand as the

next of kin to my late client whose account is

presently dormant for claims. if you are

interested,indicate and i will intimate you with

the method of application and how you can apply

to the bank .

But before i send to you the text of application

form,I will like you to send me the following


1.NAME IN FULL:................................









Now my questions are:
1) Can you handle this project?
2) Can I give you this trust?

so i will like you to send to me those

informations for easy and effective

communication.Upon receipt of your reply, I will

send to you by fax or email the text of the

application form.I will not fail to bring to your

notice that this transaction is hitch-free and

that you should not entertain any atom of fear as

all required arrangements have been made for the

transfer. You should contact me immediately as

soon as you receive this letter,if only you are

intrested and ready to help. Trusting to hear

from you immediately.
Do keep this a top secret for security reasons.

Best Regards
Mr Suleman Abubaker.
Dr. Ethan Morgan <>
13 de set (9 dias atrás)
para mim
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phishing. Ela deve ter conteúdo perigoso.  Saiba

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$70, 000. 000.000


Dear Lucky Winner,

We are Pleased to inform you that your email

address was selected

among the winning numbers of the recently Lotto

conducted from the

United States Lottery Company and we shall be

glad if you claim your


please respond to this mail within 72 hours

otherwise we will assume

that you are not interested.The lotto was

conducted using Lotto as

part of our tax relief program set up by the

United States Of America

International Lottery Board and Power-Ball, on

this note we

congratulate you and wish you best of luck as you

claim the prize

attached to this Lotto.


These are your identification numbers.

Ticket number.....................085-12876077-09
Serial number.......................51390-0
Lucky number...................18-21-46-54-56

Ref number...................N.EGS/3662367114/13

You are to send the complete verification form

below to the

coordinator whose email address is given below

for more advis on what

to do to get your prize money. Congratulations

once more!!

1.FULL NAME...............................
2.COUNTRY OF ORIGIN.......................
3.PRESENT ADDRESS:........................
5.DATE OF BIRTH:..........................
8.TELEPHONE NUMBER........................
9.FAX NUMBER(IF ANY)......................
10.MARITAL STATUS.........................

Remember, all prize money must be claimed not

later than 30 days of

receiving this notification. Any claim not made

by this date will be


TREASURY. And also be

informed that 10% of your lottery winning belongs


COMPANY). Because they are the company that

bought your ticket and

played the lottery in your favor by your email.

Note also that this 10% will be remitted after

you have received your

winnings prize, because the money is insured in

your name already.

Winners Directorate Office



Best Regards,

Mr. Ethan Morgan
From: USA-Powerball Online Lottery
 Caro amigo,

Agradeço a resposta e interesse. No entanto a

minha comunicação com você é sobre um

investimento, envolvendo Mr.Labeeb Ali Khatir,

Empreiteiro, que fez um depósito fixo no meu

banco. Ele tinha uma carteira financeira de EUA $

36,200,000.00 milhões e isso eu ajudar entregues

na compra de títulos nos mercados de capitais.

Eu era o conselheiro do banco auxiliando-o na

gestão de seus recursos, e sendo dado previamente

as instruções para liquidar o investimento, do

deputado Labeeb, depois de algum tempo para

permitir-lhe buscar algum outro investimento que

exige pagamento em dinheiro na Europa. Fiz

esforço para contactar o Sr. Labeeb no

cumprimento do dever para algumas instruções

finais, apenas para descobrir que ele havia sido

morto a tiros em casa com sua família em Auja,

leste de Tikrit em 13 - 14, Fevereiro de 2008.

Então, a minha proposta para você é isso, uma vez

que o proprietário original morreu junto com sua

família viver sem parente mais próximo, eu quero

colocá-lo nessa posição para instruir o meu banco

para liberar o depósito para você como o mais

próximo sobrevivendo relação / ou seu negócio

associados. Porque se ninguém vem para a

afirmação depois de seis anos, os fundos serão

re-verso para a conta do Tesouro do Governo, de

acordo com as leis deste país, e eu não quero que

isso aconteça se você aceitar e dispostos a fazer

isso comigo, Você receberá 40% do valor total.

A fim de iniciar o processo de transferência, eu

quero que você me o seu nome completo, endereço e

um número de telefone privado e-mail. Para que eu

possa atualizar os meus registros bancários e meu

advogado pode começar nos documentos de backup

que vai colocá-lo como o benfeitor falecido Sr.

Labeeb. Vou usar a minha posição para influenciar

o movimento dos fundos para a conta bancária que

será fornecido por você, depois de ter sido feito

o parente mais próximo

Não há nenhum risco envolvido nesses processos,

como vamos adotar um método legalizado e meu

advogado deve preparar todos os documentos

necessários a seu favor, assim que eu receber o

seu nome completo, endereço e número de telefone.

Estou muito confiante de que seremos capazes de

estabelecer a confiança que é necessário para

completar este negócio, tudo que eu preciso é a

sua vontade e compromisso, para que possamos

concluir a transação nos próximos 10 dias úteis.

Favor observar a máxima discrição em todos os

assuntos relativos a esta transação, vou discutir

mais com você assim que eu ouvir de você com as

informações solicitadas, como isso vai ser

benéfico para nós dois.

Mr. David Kwok
(Managing Director)
Shanghai Commercial Bank Ltd
Central, Hong Kong
14:18 (58 minutos atrás)
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If you are looking for loans to improve your

financial situation, you've come to the right

place. Spring Finance LTD specializes in


secured loans for any purpose - so whatever you

needs Spring Finance can help you. In the spring


Finance, we offer a range of products to

accommodate a variety of circumstances.

Spring Finance offers loans of any amount between


3,000 and £ 50,000 and the repayment period can


for anything from 5 to 25 years, with 3%, which

allows the flexibility to spread the repayments

over a period of time suitable for you.

We are authorized and regulated by the Financial

Services Authority (FSA). This means we must


to a strict standard and are responsible for the

advice they give you.

Contact us with the information below so we can



2.Loan Amount Needed:

3.Duration of the loan:

4.Phone Number:




With us, the opportunity can not stop beating.




PHONE: 89032839671
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Good Day Beneficiary,

I write to inform you that we have been given the

mandate to transfer your full compensation

payment of $1,800,000.00 USD via western union by


We tried to give you the Western Union

Instructions through phone, but we could not

locate your numbers in our database to reach you

last week even this morning.

So, I decided to email you the MTCN and Sender

Names so that you can pickup the USD5,000.00 to

enable us send another USD5,000.00 by tomorrow as

you knows we will be sending you only USD5,000.00

per day.

Please pick up this information and run to any

western union in your country to pick up the

USD5,000.00 and send us email back to send you

another payment

Manager Mrs. Anita Daniel

Call us once you picked up this USD5,000.00


Here is the western union information to pick up

the USD5,000.00,


?country=global  to verify your pick up.

Sender Name: Christopher Udumaga
MTCN: 7881645629
Question= What Color
Answer= White
Amount Sent: $5000.00

I am waiting for your email once you pick up


Mrs. Anita Daniel
Western Union Online Coordinator

TRUST YOU ?) @ Sun Sep 22, 2013 5pm - 6pm

lilia Justin Yak <>
13:48 (1 hora atrás)
para mim
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phishing. Ela deve ter conteúdo perigoso.  Saiba

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De Google Calendar
Quando    dom 22 set 2013 5pm – 6pm (UTC)
Quem    A lista de convidados não está disponível
more details »
Dear Friend,
I need your kind attention. I will be very glad

if you do assist me to
relocate this sum of ( US$30.Million dollars.) to

your bank account for the
benefit of our both families.
Only I cannot operate it alone without using a

Foreigner who will stand as a
beneficiary to the money, that is why i decided

to contact you in a good
manner to assist me and also to share the benefit

together with me.
for the sharing of the fund 50/50 base on the

fact that it is two man business
note that you are not taking any risk because

there will be a legal back up
document as well which will back the money up

into your bank account there in
your country.
All I need from you now is to indicating your

interest and I will send you the
full details on how the business will be

executed.Mail me through my direct email ( )
Thanks & Best Regards,
Mrs.Lilian Justin Yak.
"Dr wilson"
Castle End, Ruscombe,
Castle End Farm, Reading,
Berkshire, South East England, United Kingdom

RG10 9XQ.


  I am Dr. Wilson Anderson, Native of Scotland. I

work in Italy (Rome) for over Three months now,

but my family is based in London, I will love to

hire a caring male or female house keeper/manager

directly who is willing to work in my house in

London as a house keeper/Manager. I will like you

to know that I have 2 daughters 10 and 8 years

old, I can afford to be paying you &#65505;3,500

Great British Pounds Sterling's every four weeks

and up keeping money every week of &#65505;200

Great British Pounds Sterling's and this is

outside your &#65505;3,500 Great British Pounds

Sterling's, your responsibility in my house is

just to take care of the house. Kindly get back

to me if you are interested in this offer.

Interested applicant can submit his/her CV via

email (
NOTE: Do not apply if you do not have

International Passport.

Employment Status: Full time
Type of Remuneration: Salary plus incentives

Job Location: United Kingdom

Best Regards,
Dr. Wilson Anderson.
Tell: +447010091867
Our Company Urgent Need
Mr. Benedith Williams <>
16:39 (57 minutos atrás)
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remetente, não clique em links nem responda com

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Good Day,

Sorry for intruding your mailbox.

I am contacting you regarding our company urgent

need for (O'Brion Liquid) a raw
material i found in India recently.

It is the major liquid material our company has

been using for the production of
animal injections and vaccines and also for

research since 2005. Our company is
currently buying this product at the rate of

$27,000 USD per 1 gallon from a
supplier in India.

Recently, I found out that this same material is

sold by the Manufacturer at the
rate USD $13,000 per 1 gallon and i do not wish

to let anyone in our company
know about this because of my interest in the

business. I intend to present you
as a supplier in your country India(You will be a

Middleman between our company
and the local vendor in India) so that my company

will not know the main-source
of the material.
This is just a kind of buying and selling.If you

are willing to co-operate with
me, I will send you my director's contact detail

then you will send him an offer
and as soon as he indicate interest to buy, you

will let him know the stock is
ready and your are willing to supply at a reduced

price per gallon. I will also
forward you the contact detail of the company

where you will get the material in
The company selling price in India is USD $13,000

per gallon and then all
profits accrued would be shared between you and

me, after deduction of all your
expenses, etc. This would be a long term business

relationship between you and
our company.

Awaiting your reply. With best wishes

Mr. Benedith Williams

(sem assunto)
Islam <>

Peace of Allah be with you,
We are Islamic organization, we give out loan to those that are in need, to stop all your financial problem, contact us for more information via email
Ahmed Azeez
سلام الله يكون معك،
نحن منظمة إسلامية، ونحن نعطيه قرض لتلك التي هي في حاجة، لوقف كل مشكلة المالية التي تتعامل معها، الاتصال بنا للحصول على مزيد من المعلومات عبر البريد الإلكتروني
احمد العزيز


My Name is Mr. Thompson Owen, The Director of Queen Diamond Hotel in London, UK. I am currently searching for a partner, who can assist me in acquiring a parcel of land and supervise the building of my hotel branch in your country. I want to go into partnership with someone who is trustworthy and reputable person and must be able to handle projects involving huge volume of funds. If you are interested, please contact me with your personal introduction on my private email

Best regard,
Mr.Thompson Owen .
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Return-Path: -

Please I want you to patiently read this offer.
Mrs.Mari Amzongo por

Good day my good friend,

Please I want you to patiently read this offer.

 I am Mrs. Mari Amzongo Hariri the third wife of Late Mr. Rafik Hariri the former Lebanese Prime ministry. My husband was also the linkman between the Organization for the Petroleum importer transit Head Delegation to the board Africa rejoin. He was from the 'OAR' meeting in Geneva before his sudden death caused by car accident as result of assassination in our home town.  I want you to assist me put claim over this money the sum of ($12.5M) From my late lovely husband as I cannot claim it directly because he made the deposit as a Money that belong to his business associate in order not to raise eye brow because he was in sit during that time.

And the code constitution of
 Lebanon forbids him or any of his wife to acquire such amount of money personally because of his position in government sit.Therefore Sir, I am contacting you to assist me put claim over this fund,meanwhile I have procured all the needed documents to enable this claim stand firm including the deposit certificate of this said fund that will be only amend with your name as the beneficiary for the urgent release of this fund into your account. I will not fail to bring to your notice that this transaction is 100% risk free and doesn't have any negative implication so you should not entertain any fear at all.

However if you can conveniently assure me of your ability of handling this transaction with trust and honesty that you will not betray my trust then you can write me back to enable me forward you the full details and the bank contact where the fund was deposited so we can proceed ahead.

Expecting your urgent response .

Best regards,
Mrs. Mari Amzongo

Dear Applicant
Business Collective Network <>

Business Collective Network.
116 Waterside Close Thamesmead,
London SE28 0GS, United Kingdom.

Dear Applicant.

We Are Pleased To Inform You That We Can Offer You Ten Million United State Dollars For Your Business/Investment/Project/Company At One Percent Interest Rate Per

Annual. If You Can Work With Us In Re-Profiling And Investing These Funds Let US Know, But However, Before We Proceed Further We Would Like To Know More Details About

You For Our Personal Scrutiny And To Know If You Are Capable To Handle This Transaction, Please Provide Us With Below Information.

* Your Full Names:
* Your Direct Mobile Numbers:
* Your Contact Residence Address:
* Your Date of Birth:
* Your Occupation:
* A Detailed Profile About Your Business/Investment/Project/Company:
* If You Are Required To Travel How Soon Can You Make Your Self Available:
* Have You Handle Such Large Amount Of Transactions Before?

Yours Faithfully,
Mr. Mark B. Cloutier.
Telephone: +447010066641.

Invitation: Good Day My Dearest One,
Miss Allen Ibrahim por
Good Day My Dearest One,
dom 22 set 2013
7:30pm    Good Day My Dearest One,

Please permit me to introduce myself, I am Miss Allen Ibrahim Coulibaly 23 years old female from the Republic of Ivory Coast, West Africa, I'm the Daughter of Late Chief Sgt. Ibrahim Coulibaly (a.k.a General IB ). My late Father was a well known Ivory Coast military leader.He died on Thursday 28 April 2011 following a fight with the Republican Forces of Ivory Coast (FRCI).
You can read more about my father in the link below:

I am constrained to contact you because of the maltreatment which I am receiving from my step mother. She planned to take away all my late Father’s treasury and properties from me since the unexpected death of my beloved Father because my mother died during child birth and I was left alone with my step mother to take care of me. Meanwhile I wanted to travel to Europe, but she hide away my international passport and other valuable documents. Luckily she did not discover where I kept my father's File which contained important documents. Now I am presently staying in the Mission in Burkina Faso.

I am seeking for long term relationship and investment assistance. My father deposited the sum of US$ 8.5 Million in Coris Bank International here in Burkina Faso with my name as the next of kin. I have confirmed from the bank on my arrival here in Burkina Faso, I had contacted the Bank to clear the deposit but the Branch Manager told me that being place an instruction on the fund that I must present a foreign trustee who will help me in investment of the fund. However, he advised me to provide a trustee who will stand on my behalf for the
Transfer. I had wanted to inform my stepmother about this deposit but I am Afraid that she will not offer me anything after the release of the money because she threatening to kill me.
Therefore, I decide to seek for your help in transferring the money into your bank account while I will relocate to your country to complete my studies which I promise to my father. As you indicate your interest to help me I will give you the account number and the contact of the bank where my late father deposited the money with my name as the next of kin. It is my intention to compensate you with 30% of the total money for your assistance and the balance shall be my investment in any profitable venture which you will recommend to me as I have not any idea about foreign investment.

I will send you my pics and details about the fund and the bank as soon as I receive your reply.Thank you.

Yours sincerely
Miss Allen Ibrahim Coulibaly
(sem assunto)
Mr. Danny Green. <>
18:47 (1 hora atrás)
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Attn: My Dear,

I am Mr. Danny Green, I am a US citizen, 48 years Old. I reside here in New York City. My residential address is as follows. 160 Central Park South, New York United States, I am one of those that took part in the Compensation in West African countries many years ago and they refused to pay me, I had paid over $50,000 while in the US, trying to get my payment all to no avail.

So I decided to travel to WASHINGTON D.C with all my compensation documents, And I was directed by the ( F B I) Director to contact Mr. Jason Brian, who his a representative of the ( F B I ) and a member of the COMPENSATION AWARD COMMITTEE, currently in Doha, Qatar and I contacted him and he explained everything to me. He said whoever is contacting us through emails are fake.

He took me to the paying bank for the claim of my Compensation payment. Right now I am the most happiest man on earth because I have received my compensation funds of $15 Million Us Dollars Moreover, Mr. Jason Brian, showed me the full information of those that are yet to receive their payments and I saw your name as one of the beneficiaries, and your email address, that is why I decided to email you to stop dealing with those people, they are not with your fund, they are only making money out of you. I will advise you to contact Mr. Jason Brian.

You have to contact him directly on this information below.
Name : Mr. Jason Brian

You really have to stop dealing with those people that are contacting you and telling you that your fund is with them, it is not in anyway with them, they are only taking advantage of you and they will dry you up until you have nothing.

The only money I paid after I met Mr. Jason Brian was just $390 for the paper works, take note of that.

Once again stop contacting those people, I will advise you to contact Mr. Jason Brian so that he can help you to Deliver your fund instead of dealing with those liars that will be turning you around asking for different kind of money to complete your transaction.

Thank You and Be Blessed.

Mr. Danny Green
160 Central Park South, New York,
United States Of America


Business inquiry
Dr. David Rasser <>

Hello, I am contacting you regarding a business opportunity with my company. We are into the manufacturing of pharmaceutical materials.There is a raw material which the company used to send me to buy from India, but recently I was promoted to the post of a manager. Because of my promotion, the company cannot send me to India anymore; they will send a more junior staff. The director has asked for the contact of the supplier of the pharmaceutical materials in India. I need a person I will present to the company as the supplier in India. You will now buy the product from the local dealer and supply to my company. The profit would be shared between you and I. Why I don't want the company to have direct contact of the local dealer is that, I don't want the company to know the actual price I was buying the product. If you are interested kindly contact me for more details.
  Thanks and Regards,
  Dr. David Rasser
Important Message
Google Docs <>

I uploaded a file on this email for you to download

Download Here.  You may need to sign in with your email in other to access the file.

Thank you.
Caro no Senhor ,
    x <>
04:10 (15 horas atrás)
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Caro no Senhor ,

Sou a Sra. Sra. Chantal Ibrahim do Kuwait. Sou casada com o Dr. Ibrahim Kazim que trabalhou com o Kuwait embaixada na Costa do Marfim por nove anos antes de morrer , em 2008. Fomos casados ​​por onze anos sem uma criança. Ele morreu após uma breve doença , que durou apenas quatro dias.

Desde sua morte , decidi não voltar a casar ou ter um filho fora do meu domicílio conjugal . Quando meu marido era vivo ele depositou a quantia de US $ 4,5 milhões de dólares em um banco aqui em Abidjan Cote d' Ivoire. Presentemente , este dinheiro ainda está no banco.

Recentemente, o meu médico me disse que eu não iria durar para os próximos oito meses, devido ao problema do câncer . O que mais me perturba é a minha doença acidente vascular cerebral. Tendo conhecido a minha condição eu decidi doar este fundo para um indivíduo ou organização que irá utilizar esse dinheiro da maneira que eu estou indo para instr uir aqui . Eu quero uma pessoa ou organização orga que irá utilizar este fundo para orfanatos , viúvas , escolas pobres , hospitais, etc

Tomei esta decisão porque não tenho qualquer filho que herdará esse dinheiro e parentes do meu marido não são confiáveis ​​e não quero que meu marido para ser usado diabolicamente . Eu não quero uma situação onde este dinheiro será usado em um caminho ímpio. É por isso que eu estou tomando esta decisão. II não tem medo da morte, portanto, eu sei onde estou indo. Eu não preciso de qualquer comunicação telefónica a esse respeito por causa da minha saúde , portanto, a presença de parentes do meu marido sempre ao meu redor . Eu não quero que eles saibam sobre esse desenvolvimento .

Assim que eu receber a sua resposta vou dar- lhe o contacto do banco aqui em Abidjan Cote d' Ivoire. Eu também irá emitir uma carta de autoridade que vai provar que o beneficiário presente deste fundo .

Por favor, sempre em oração durante toda a sua vida. Entre em contato comigo no seguinte endereço : ( ) qualquer atraso na sua resposta vai me dar espaço em terceirização de outra pessoa ou organização para este mesmo propósito. Por favor, me assegurar de que você irá agir de acordo como afirmei aqui .

Na esperança de receber a sua resposta .

Ms. Chantal Ibrahim
Your E-mail Address Has won FREE LOTTO Jackpot.....Congratulations !!
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We are pleased to inform you of the release of the recent results of the
2013. You were entered as dependent clients with: Reference Serial
Number :F2-003-036 and Batch number FR/45-300-07. Your email address
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first category,in four parts.You have been approved for a payment of
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over 100,000
unions, associations and co-operate bodies that are listed on line.This
email promotion takes place every month. Please note that your lucky
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In view of this, your$2,000,000.00 (Two Million United State Dollars)
would be released to you by our payment office in United Kingdom.Our
Fiduciary agent will immediately commence the process to facilitate
the release of your funds as soon as you contact him. For security
you are advised to keep your winning information confidential till your
is processed and your money remitted to you.
 This is part of our precautionary measure to avoid double claiming and
unwarranted abuse of this program,Please be on the website
link below to view the photo page of some of our recent lucky winners. Free Lotto Winning Draw Results for  July 21 ,2013.
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To file for your claim, please contact your fiduciary agent immediately
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Tel:# +447062099230

Provide him with these following details with which he will begin the
processing of your winnings.
1.Name in full.
6.Phone No.
7.Mobile No.
8.Fax [optional].
9.Email address.
11.Present Country.

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